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16-year-old musician and blogger - came from Hertfordshire but now live in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. If you're interested in my videos, visit my blog via the link below
These kids are playing Simon Says with a dog, and even though there is probably a trainer giving him signals, it's still really cool.
3 Jul 2006
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Five college friends set off on vacation to have some fun and set up camp at the riverside . However they soon find themselves lost in the woods and what started out as an adventure turns into a nightmare as they find themselves being hunted down in a life and death version of the favourite children’s game ….. Simon Says .
17 Jan 2008
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This is a follow up to the famous Thatsmyshirt**** Simon Says T-Shirts video. Apparently one of the contestants does not want to cooperate at first. Watch these two sexy models take off their clothes. T-Shirts provided by *******www.thatsmyshirt****
31 Jan 2010
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'''►► ******* - ===='''Our Simon Says T-Shirts series comes to a conclusion at halftime of the Big Game on Sunday. Watch these two sexy models strip their clothing off and have fun doing it. To see the conclusion head to Thatsmyshirt**** ( *******www.thatsmyshirt**** )
11 Feb 2010
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A remix/ YTP of hitler p.laying simon says and wanting to go to lego land
13 Jul 2012
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Dog playes simon says with some kids and wins.
6 Aug 2006
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Simon Say Game - You have to see it
18 Oct 2007
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12 Nov 2007
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Simon Says v1.1 a PSP homebrew has been release to the community for PSP , This cool new updated homebrew game known as Simon Says v1.1 was made available today to the homebrew community . Feel free to download the latest version of Simon Says v1.1 by going here *******pspcustomfirmware****/psp-homebrew-games/simon-says-v1-1-psp-homebrew.htm . If you love this PSP homebrew game, Feel free to leave a comment and show the developer your support .
27 Apr 2010
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Simon Says
5 Jan 2012
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24 Sep 2007
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Surge = Increase. But McBush didn't increase anything. McBush robbed Peter to Pay Paul by shifting / diverting troops from the War on Terror in Afghanistan to Iraq. Results? Violence is down in Iraq. Meanwhile violence in Afghanistan is up: 9 Dead, 15 Wounded and an abandoned military outpost "near the Pakistani border" (our ally). So, now McBush declares Victory (again) in Iraq and "Surges" BACK to Afghanistan...
22 Nov 2009
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