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American Idol Season 8 Episode 3 Dot recaps San Francisco auditions and provides vocal tips. Highlighting left-brained Akilah Askew - more on what I liked about her and tips on my website! *******www.dotsvoicestudios**** Paul Abdul, Randy, Simon, Kara, Tatiana Del Toro Never Loved a Man annoying laugh - OMG you got Dot's Red Flag award. Nick Reed Jiayi Yu built this city on rock and roll Dean Anthony Bradford with The coat Stars by simply red Unchained Melody Jesus Valenzuela family man Sing for the kids rubix cube dude Oh Baby Baby Dalton Powell Singing falsetto James Smith Akilah Askew-Gholston , Makes Me love natural woman John Twiford Allison Iraheta Raquel Houghton Annie Murdoch Summertime Adam Landbert Bohemian Rhapsody Kai Kalama Smoke gets in your eyes Mom has seizure disorder. You were my favorite! You have the connected energy that touches another soul! Rock on my friend!
26 Feb 2009
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The clip marty driving off with wife and kid from Problem Child (1990) Look at all the stuff I brought for our trip. I got my ammo. There's guns, hand grenades and even dynamite. These are toys. What are you jerking me around for? This is kiddies' stuff! What did you do that for? Don't we need supplies? What? I'm not working with you! But I thought we were gonna be partners. I thought you liked me. I don't like no one. I work alone. Goodbye, Junior! Goodbye, Flo! Oh, I am so sad to see you go. A hundred thousand dollars? You can keep 'em! Good morning! Hello, sunshine! This was supposed to be our honeymoon! You said you loved me! You called me a little kumquat. This is our honeymoon, you moron! Moron? Moron? I went to Radcliffe! I'm not a bimbo you can tie up and do what you want with! You shut up! I will not! Let me out of here! You stupid piece of... You're gonna regret this! I'm gonna be waiting and when I'm done with you you're gonna be singing falsetto! He-e-e-ere's Daddy!
13 Nov 2011
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They pulled in just behind the bridge He lays her down, he frowns "Gee my life's a funny thing, am I still too young?" He kissed her then and there She took his ring, took his babies It took him minutes, took her nowhere Heaven knows, she'd have taken anything, but CHORUS (SHE) All night She wants the young American Young American, young American, she wants the young American All right She wants the young American Scanning life through the picture window She finds the slinky vagabond He coughs as he passes her Ford Mustang, but Heaven forbid, she'll take anything But the freak, and his type, all for nothing He misses a step and cuts his hand, but Showing nothing, he swoops like a song She cries "Where have all Papa's heroes gone?" CHORUS (SHE) All the way from Washington Her bread-winner begs off the bathroom floor "We live for just these twenty years Do we have to die for the fifty more?" CHORUS (HE) All night He wants the young American Young American, young American, he wants the young American All right He wants the young American Do you remember, your President Nixon? Do you remember, the bills you have to pay Or even yesterday? Have you have been an un-American? Just you and your idol singing falsetto 'bout Leather, leather everywhere, and Not a myth left from the ghetto Well, well, well, would you carry a razor In case, just in case of depression? Sit on your hands on a bus of survivors Blushing at all the afro-Sheilas Ain't that close to love? Well, ain't that poster love? Well, it ain't that Barbie doll Her heart's been broken just like you have CHORUS (YOU) All night You want the young American Young American, young American, you want the young American All right You want the young American You ain't a pimp and you ain't a hustler A pimp's got a Cadi and a lady got a Chrysler Black's got respect, and white's got his soul train Mama's got cramps, and look at your hands ache (I heard the news today, oh boy) I got a suite and you got defeat Ain't there a man you can say no more? And, ain't there a woman I can sock on the jaw? And, ain't there a child I can hold without judging? Ain't there a pen that will write before they die? Ain't you proud that you've still got faces? Ain't there one damn song that can make me break down and cry? CHORUS (I) (repeat 3 times) All night I want the young American Young American, young American, I want the young American All right I want the young American
7 Jul 2011
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