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9 Aug 2017
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14 Aug 2017
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24 Jul 2017
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Harvey decided to audition with an original song, fittingly enough called “Try.” Her story will have you cheering.
7 Aug 2017
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movie clip
19 Aug 2017
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Known for her unique soulful vocals and relatable lyrics, UK singer/songwriter Lucy-May announces the release of her new single, ‘Counting The Days’ on 11 August, the lead track to be taken from her highly anticipated follow-up second album, out this Autumn. Her debut single ‘Paper Heart’ reached Radio 2 playlist in 2013 and her debut album ‘Whirlwind’ proudly boasted the highly sought after ‘Highly Recommend’ position at HMV. Now with a complete catalogue of fresh original material in the shape of her follow-up album and a UK tour planned for the Autumn, Lucy-May is back with a sound which surpasses anything she’s ever done before. Deep, rich and deliciously soulful, ‘Counting The Days’ is the first single from Lucy-May’s forthcoming album and serves up a mouth-watering slice of chilled soul/pop heaven, written by Lucy-May and Greg Fitzgerald. A semi-biographical track about love-loss, ‘Counting The Days’ was written from the raw emotions felt when Greg’s wife died in 2016, running in tandem with Lucy-May’s relationship break down. Both faced with different reasons for love-loss, but left with the same bitter, painful scars which found them counting the days since love went from their lives. Unable to actually ‘speak’ about their pain, but knowing that their emotions were mirrored in each other, the pair poured their heart wrenching loss into song. Laying bare the rawness of that pain for all to see, Lucy-May’s stunning vocals convey a pure emotion and sentiment that’s nothing short of nerve tingling.
24 Jul 2017
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Proving, once again, that lead singers get all the chicks.
29 Jul 2017
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He was the lead singer and heart-throb of Scottish band, Rewind and became an overnight web sensation with his Sam Smith cover, now Edinburgh singer/songwriter, Jack Robertson is supporting this year’s United Nation’s International Youth Day 2017 (12 August) with his new single, ‘Enough’. Conveying an inspirational message of ‘we’ve had enough’ to support this year’s theme of ‘Youth Building Peace’, Jack represents the voice of the world’s youth who simply want a world of peace for their generation. ‘Enough’ is a love song to the world. Depicting bridges burned, inflicted pain and promises broken, it’s a metaphor of love on a war-torn world; a desperate plea that enough is enough and it’s time to let go of what’s killing us. A delicious slice of catchy pop whipping and weaving it’s way around the fabric of Jack’s rich and compelling vocals, ‘Enough’ was written to grab instant attention, with an underlying message to the world for those who have ears to listen.
5 Aug 2017
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checkout this creative music video we decided to do. find me on youtube as Arun Parmar. I'm the first person person that pops up with my picture. Sorry guys, site is not letting me post a youtube link.
24 Jul 2017
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Go4Gig acts as a portal to connect performers and organisers. Go4Gig is boundless and diverse, covering all range of performers and organisers. Go4Gig serves as a single stop for all the informtion about the performers. Performers can sign up on the website and post their Gig to perform. Organisers can serach for performaers based on the categories and can contact them.
25 Jul 2017
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26 Jul 2017
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8 Aug 2017
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