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Master Saleem’s first Hindi Single “Sajni” is ruling the charts. The album”Teri Sajni” has been No.1 on the charts for 6 weeks now! Recently Master Saleem was in the capital for the promotion of his album “Teri Sajni” in hotel palace height. There’s a common thread between “Maa Da Laadla” from Dostana, “Mast Kalandar” from Heyy Baby and “Tashan Mein” from Tashan – apart from them being scorching chartbusters. And that’s Master Saleem. His unique voice coupled with his impeccable command over singing technique has given these songs a new dimension – and a place in the heart of music lovers forever. With a string of Punjabi and Bollywood hits under his belt, Master Saleem has struck gold again with music lovers – this time with the Smash Indipop Hit “Sajni” which features in the album Teri Sajni, released by Sony Music. The lead song of the album, Sajni has been composed by renowned music director, Sandeep Chowta and also features Bollywood’s upcoming playback Shruti Pathak. Sajni is about being passionately in love despite the setbacks and the disappointments that it brings. In spite of all odds the man’s obsession towards love does not deteriorate. The success of the song and album has taken Master Saleem by surprise. “Sandeep Chowta and I always knew this song was huge, but I never thought it would be this huge. We have been phenomenal feedback across – from India and abroad, from TV, Radio & Trade to even user oriented websites like youtube – where the song has got an average rating of 4.5/5…You should read the comments on this songs…” Saleem says with a smile. “Teri Sajni” is next in the series of mainstream Sufi compilations after the tremendous success of the album “Teri Justajoo”, which featured an original song “Teri Justajoo” by Roop Kumar Rathod along with some other hit Sufi tracks. Sony Music has repeated this feat with “Teri Sajni” – which features one original Sufi song “Sajni”by Master Saleem along with some other Sufi chartbusters like Soniyo from Raaz – The Mystery Continues, Zindagi Yeh by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from Dil Kabaddi and Tere Naina by Kailash Kher. Saleem said about the album, “The idea that my song would be featured with songs by singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Kailash Kher, is an honor in itself. This compilation is truly a treat for lovers of Sufi music.” Later in the evening there was live performance by him at Pecific Mall. And as we all know his voice mesmerized everyone present among the audience. H.S.COMMUNICATION
17 May 2009
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JIMENA - Biography - The attractive, talented and versatile singer-songwriter Jimena, is embarking upon a new chapter in her musical career. Originally from Mexico City, Jimena has received a very broad artistic education. She started her vocal training at the age of 14, studying classical singing technique. In June 2001, Jimena was signed to Crescent Moon Records, record label co-owned by Emilio Estefan and Sony Music. Her first album was Jimena, which included 10 songs, seven of which she wrote. The single Maldita ignorancia was released in three versions, norteña, ranchera and cumbia. The singles No te vayas, Aunque tu no quieras, Y llegaste tú were later released. Jimena has been well received, having been given the title of the "Latina Celine Dion" by many.
7 May 2009
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Caleb Johnson gives you his 5 tips on things to do to keep your vocals cords clear and sounding smooth. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Apr 2009
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*******www.GuideForYouTrust****/sing Who Else Wants to Discover Precisely How to Sing with a Full Vocal Range, Hitting Notes with Professional Perfection in less than 3 months?... AND take all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of YOUR practice time with this EXPLOSIVE multimedia Learn to Sing training package To learn more about Learn How To Sing, please visit: *******www.GuideForYouTrust****/sing
15 Jul 2010
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15 Sep 2011
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For my full course on how to become an amazing singer, go here ********www.udemy****/elite-singing-techniques-phase-1/ Take Lessons with me (Skype, In-person, or Group Classes) *******aapproach.tumblr****/post/82337134005/how-to-work-with-an-aapproach-instructor Video 1- "Opening Up The Voice" Welcome - 00:00 I've been so busy, but FINALLY I've managed to produce an updated online warmup. Learn how to get the most of it by watching the "Welcome" section. Introduction - 2:46 "Body Warmup" By learning to wake up the proper torso muscles, neck/throat tension can be greatly reduced. Learn more about the benefits in this section. Coordination & Conditioning - 4:13 "Releasing/Awakening The Power Muscles" Coordination and Conditioning are one and the same for this lesson. Simply follow along with me, performing each action as I explain it. My suggestions: 1) Do this (Yes, all 4 parts) EVERY day. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of some of the exercises; each one is IMPORTANT :D 2) For your first week, watch both the Coordination and Conditioning sections of each video, to ensure proper form. You'll get much more benefit from 5 minutes of quality practice than you would from 30 minutes of unfocused practice.
31 Jan 2015
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Take a look at my covers to if you like and would you like to give tips for my singing techniques? Someone like you (studio version): ***********/watch?v=4vh2uEJuaVM Bubbly (studio version): ***********/watch?v=GBPrB3W6mq8&feature=plcp Jar of hearts: ***********/watch?v=pn9TSvjg2Hc Everytime : ************/watch?v=XdxNqJKifd0 The a team: ************/watch?v=4LwDJHqGFDM Call me maybe: ************/watch?v=KZ0_vnNYjtU Somebody who loves me: ************/watch?v=tTodG50a3EI LYRICS OF THIS SONG : FIX A HEART.. It's probably what's best for you I only want the best for you And if I'm not the best, then you're stuck I try to sever ties and I, Ended up with wounds to bind Like you're putting salt in my cuts And I just ran out of band-aids I don't even know where to start 'Cause you can't bandage the damage, You never really can fix a heart Even though I know what's wrong, How can I be so sure If you never say what you feel, feel I must have held your hand tight, You didn't have the will to fight I guess you needed more time to heel Baby I just ran out of band-aids I don't even know where to start 'Cause you can't bandage the damage You never really can fix a heart You must be a miracle, Walk up, swearin' up and down, You can't fix whats been broken Please don't give my hopes up, no no Baby, tell me how could you, Be so cruel It's like you're putting salt on my cuts Baby, I ran out of band-aids I don't even know where to start 'Cause you can't bandage the damage You never really can fix a heart Baby, I ran out of band-aids I don't even know where to start 'Cause you can't bandage the damage You never really can fix a heart Oh no no no no You never really can fix a heart Oh no no no no You never really can fix heart ...You never really can fix my heart
7 Dec 2012
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Written by IU herself, "Hold My Hand" is a modern rock based on the acoustic guitar, using modern sensations to describe the feelings a couple feels for each other as they are just start out a relationship. Displaying her outstanding composing skills, the song also shows off IU's unique singing technique. G. Gorilla took part in the production and arrangement of the song, adding to the musical perfection of IU's first work. アイユ(IU)_ ネソヌルチャバ(私の手を握って/Hold My Hand) アイユの自作曲である「私の手を握って」は、アコースティックギターをベースにしたモダンロックで、男女がお互いに感じる愛の始まりをモダンな感性で描き出した。作曲家としても驚くほどの実力を見せている「私の手を握って」は、アイユならではの甘い歌い方が引き立って見える。また、G.ゴリラが曲のプロデュースや編曲に参加し、アイユの初めての作品に力を与えてくれて、音楽的完成度を高めた。 아이유의 자작곡인"내손을잡아"는 어쿠스틱 기타를 기본으로 한 모던록으로 남녀가 서로 느끼는 사랑의 시작을 모던한 감성으로 풀어내었다. 작곡가로서도 놀라울 만큼의 실력을 보여주 있는 "내손을잡아"는 아이유 만의 달콤한 창법이 돋보인다. 또한 G.고릴라가 곡 프로듀싱 및 편곡에 참여하여 아이유의 첫 작품에 힘을 실어주며 음악적 완성도를 높였다.
5 Jan 2013
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Although she is naturally an alto[6] Carey has a five octave vocal range that can cover all the notes spanning from the alto vocal range to a soprano vocal range,[117][118] and her vocal trademark is her ability to sing in the whistle register.[119] She has cited Minnie Riperton as the greatest influence on her singing technique[120] and from a very early age, she attempted to emulate Riperton's high notes, to increasing degrees of success as her vocal range expanded. At one point, The Guinness Book of Records recorded that there was no other singer who could hold a higher note than Carey.[16] In 2003, her voice was ranked first in MTV and Blender magazine's countdown of the 22 Greatest Voices in Music, as voted by fans and readers in an online poll. Carey said of the poll, "What it really means is voice of the MTV generation. Of course, it's an enormous compliment, but I don't feel that way about myself."[121] Carey's voice has come under considerable scrutiny from critics who believe that she does not communicate the message of her songs effectively. Rolling Stone magazine said in 1992, "Carey has a remarkable vocal gift, but to date, unfortunately, her singing has been far more impressive than expressive [...] at full speed her range is so superhuman that each excessive note erodes the believability of the lyric she is singing."[122] The New York Daily News wrote in 2005 that Carey's singing "is ultimately what does her in. For Carey, vocalizing is all about the performance, not the emotions that inspired it [...] Does having a great voice automatically make you a great singer? Hardly."[117] Some interpreted Carey's decision to utilize what she described as "breathy" vocals in some of her late 1990s and early 2000s work as a sign that her voice was deteriorating, but she has maintained that it "has been here all along".[123] An article in VIBE magazine indicated that Carey's singing style highlights weaknesses in other aspects of her music, "The impressiveness of her voice as well—as her tendency to oversing—make the blandness of her material all the more flagrant Minha coleção de notas agudas favoritas de Mariah Carey: -Commercial Intel Centrino -You got me -Don't forget about us -Bringin' on the heartbreaker -All in your mind -Bliss -Don't stop -Emotions -Fly like a bird -Heartbreaker -I wish you knew -Want you -Joy ride -Love takes time -LoverBoy -One and only -Someday -There goes my heart -Twister -You don't remember -Yours
16 Feb 2013
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Singing Lessons! Improve your singing voice by practicing along with these videos once a day! Part two: ***********/watch?v=7ExlDNioX_I Get the $5 vocal training CD: *******www.galtmusic****/lessons/products.html (the CD contains these singing exercises plus a ton more with only brief explanations - this way you can breeze through the singing technique stuff without hearing me explain the lesson every time). Voice lesson 1/4.
30 Aug 2009
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For my full course on how to become an amazing singer, go here: *******aapproach****/blogs/elite-singing-techniques Description: This four part Singing Lesson video series for all the singers out there who are interested in how to sing from the diaphragm. You should do the exercises in this voice lesson every day for a week or until you can feel the results I describe in this video. Do this if you want to achieve maximum results in learning how to sing properly from the diaphragm. Cool Resources: Get My Advanced Vocal Warm Up ******* It contains a full advanced vocal warmup with voice exercises that will improve tone, expand your range, and increasing diaphragm control. Get More Free Lessons: ******* Happy Singing, Eric
19 Oct 2013
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i always loved this song of Jose Jose and consider it one of his best. a little about him. José José (born José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz on February 17, 1948 in Mexico City, Mexico), also known in the entertainment world as "El Príncipe de la Canción" ("The Prince of the Song") is a popular Mexican singer best known for his romantic ballads and renowned for his gifted vocals. Regarded as one of the most talented singers of Latin American popular music, recognizable by his pure vocal tone and his ability to sustain high and low notes José José has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, his best-selling album Secretos has sold over 10 million units to date. Due to his vocals, his career in Latin music and the high popularity he achieved, he is considered by the media, the press and the people as one of the most important Latin singers from the 1970s to the early 1990s José was born into a family of musicians: his father, José Sosa Esquivel, was an operatic tenor and his mother, Margarita Ortiz, was a classical pianist. They never achieved relative large success, and when José began to show interest in singing, they tried to discourage him, claiming that it was too difficult to achieve success in show business. His father was an alcoholic who didn't accept anything in his house but opera and classical music. In 1963, when he was fifteen years old, his father left the house, forcing him to work and help his mother and younger brother. He learned advanced singing techniques and started playing guitar, bass and piano. José continued his attempts to become a singer, by his teens, he had launched his own career with serenades. Then he started singing and playing the bass and double bass with a bossa nova jazz band called "Los Peg". His main influences among others were The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Mathis. They played most of the time in night clubs and jazz festivals. He signed a small contract of two singles, releasing the songs "El mundo" (Jimmy Fontana's "Il Mondo") and "Ma Vie" without success. He returned to serenades and to play with his band in night clubs. In the 1990s, began a deterioration on his voice, it worsened over time and became evident specially in his live performances. His excessive drinking and the incessant activity during his career, caused his voice to falter and could no longer sing as he could before. During those days, José suffered the worst stage of alcoholism in his career; he was living in a car and declared that he wanted to die drinking, but again, with the help of his friends, family, the journalist and personal friend Ricardo Rocha and other artists, he decided to rehabilitate. José José is considered one of the most talented Latin American singers of the past forty years and also a huge influence to pop artists like: Cristian Castro,Vicente Fernández,Alejandro Fernández,Nelson Ned, Pepe Aguilar, Manuel Mijares. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I made this video strictly for commentary and feedback on the improvement of my skills.
5 Oct 2012
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Singing Lessons! Improve your singing voice by practicing along... Part four: ***********/watch?v=lu7VzCQkE-Q&feature=iv Get a $5 vocal training download: *******www.galtmusic****/lessons/products.html (the downloads contain these singing exercises plus a ton more with only brief explanations - this way you can breeze through the singing technique stuff without hearing me explain the lesson every time). Voice lesson 3/4.
10 Jul 2013
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Singing Lessons! Improve your voice by practicing along with these videos once a day! Solfege: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti In this exercise you sing: do re mi, mi fa sol, sol fa mi, mi re do, do. Pronunciation guide: Silly idea. Just listen to the video! Get the technique CD: *******www.galtmusic****/lessons/products.html (the CD contains these singing exercises plus a ton more with only brief explanations - this way you can breeze through the singing technique stuff without hearing me explain the lesson every time). Part three: ***********/watch?v=Yhc6ihFcyuo Voice lesson 2/4
1 Feb 2009
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CLICK HERE TO GO TO VOICE LESSON 2: ***********/watch?v=mFvm6rgJZYU Feel free to subscribe to my channel. And for my information, you can visit me at www.myspace****/erikdillard2 Love and Peace, Erik
7 Jul 2009
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Free Vocal Scales www.nextlevelguitar**** Past lessons****************
24 May 2009
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