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The self declaration of Sir Dilla. The reason why I am here, and how the game can profit from my services. -Written and composed by Stephen E. Constant for Dilla World Music Group.
12 Jan 2010
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Listen & listen well! Lyrics by MC Wisecrack put to music & sung by Sir Ian & Band Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Jan 2010
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"Newton's Riddle" Excerpt: Sid quotes from the book where it explains Newton's calculations of adding 49 years to the June 1967 date. Based on "Newton's riddle" the book says, "Messiah's possible return to earth will be on or before the year 2016." However, that is apparently based on using modern (365-day) years in the calculation. As I pointed out in my e-mail dated February 20, 2008, if you use exactly 49 Jewish (360-day, prophetic) years from the day Israel captured the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967, you get 49 X 360 = 17640 days, which amazingly takes one exactly to September 23, 2015, the Day of Atonement 2015. *******www.prophecyforum****/bramlett/newtons_riddle.html Is Jesus Coming Soon? - Solar And Lunar Eclipses of 2008 - 2015 ***********/watch?v=JkOMMjAMOsY Mark Biltz Talks About The Return Of Christ On Sid Roth - Solar & Lunar Eclipses - 2014 - 2015 ***********/watch?v=1AwKWAHR2KA 2012 - 2015 Lunar Eclipses - Bible Prophecy - Is Jesus Coming Soon? ***********/watch?v=x1v3BpUeuvI June 7th 1967 Jerusalem was restored to Israel and began to be built up in troublous times! 49 prophetic years x 360 days = 17,640 days. So, lets count from June 7th 1967 forward, to the day, 17,640 days and see where it takes us! It puts you on Sep 23rd 2015 which is YOM KIPPUR !!! 5 days latter , Sep. 28, is Succoth and is the final total lunar eclipse- "During the four days between the Day of Atonement and Succoth the creature gets a chance to begin the correction." ******* 2012 - The Bible and The End Of The World - Part 1 of 3 - Prophecy In The News ***********/watch?v=YKfZq0vusWU The Precisely Fulfilled Prophecy Of Israel Becoming A Nation In 1948 ***********/watch?v=TrQqhINYrc4 Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/ Newton, who is considered the greatest scientist of all time, was a sincere religious believer, who said his discoveries were inspired by God. He devoted more time to the study of Scripture than to science. Newton wrote over a million words on religion--nearly all in unpublished hand-written manuscripts and unavailable for research until the 20th century. *******www***nservapedia****/Isaac_Newton "This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent Being. This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of his dominion he is wont to be called Lord God παντοκρατωρ [pantokratòr], or Universal Ruler The Supreme God is a Being eternal, infinite, absolutely perfect." Sir Isaac Newton - It is no exaggeration to identify Newton as the single most important contributor to the development of modern science. Christianity Is The Foundation Of Modern Science - Henry Schaefer PhD. Part 1 of 3 ***********/watch?v=cI-4aVG0UxI The Signs of Israel's Rebirth Lesson 1: The Parable of the Fig Tree Concluding Statement: Now it should also be perfectly clear what the parable of the fig tree in the Olivet Discourse means (Matt 24:32-34). As the disciples were walking into the city on Tuesday morning after Palm Sunday, they noticed that the tree which Jesus had cursed the day before had withered and dried up. Later, on Tuesday evening, when the memory of the withered fig tree was still fresh in their minds, Jesus spoke the parable in question. He said that when the church sees the fig tree leafing out again, it will know that "it is . . . at the doors." The Greek for "it is" can also be translated "he is." In prophecy, "door" is often a symbol for the passageway between heaven and earth (Rev. 4:1). What the parable means, therefore, is that when the nation of Israel revives after its coming disintegration and death in A.D. 70, the return of Christ will be imminent. *******www.themoorings****/prophecy/Israel/Israel1.html
18 Jan 2010
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Sir Eino Olutravintola sijaintina: Vantaa olemme erinomainen ravintola tai helsinki. Lisätietoa saat soittamalla: +358503039855, tai tule käymään toimipisteessämme: Tasetie 8, Vantaa 01510
30 Jan 2010
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Team GB Ambassador for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Sir Steven Redgrave, talks about his Winter Olympic career.
11 Feb 2010
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FiveG Fairtrade illustrates everything good about ethical shopping. Sir Steve Redgrave has shown a commitment to Fiartrade as both a spokesperson as well as an individual who has got involved with Fairtrade issues He has just returned from his second trip in two years from the Fairtrade cotton regions of Africa and India. In this film Sir Steve looks at how Fairtrade practices have changed the lives of farmers, their families and communities.
30 Mar 2010
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The Sir Edmund Hillary Commemorative Gold Coin is a collectors item… learn more at *******www.goldbullioningot****/blog/coins/australian-gold-coins/sir-edmund-hillary-gold-coin/
25 May 2010
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*******www.airsplat****/Items/ER-KWA-M4S-SIR.htm Jake and Kristen do an in-depth review of the extremely customizable M4 SIR. This thing not only offers superior performance, but also allows you to attach anything you might need to get the job done.
2 Jun 2010
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For live E3 video coverage, go to ******* Gamerlive.TV gets and exclusive interview with Sir Richard Branson as he announces new Virgin Gaming company at E3. *******
6 Aug 2010
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Lady Gaga move over for Sir Castanon. The 12 year old performs his original hit song "Chandelier" on the set of The Ryan and Randi Show.
21 Aug 2010
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Sir Kiye Yeh Pahar By Bilal Maqsood
17 Sep 2010
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Cricket legend Sir Vivian Richards is in India. NewsX correspondent Anant Nyunt interviewed the former West Indian cricketer.
12 Nov 2010
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Evenementen organiseren Yes Sir! te Brussel uw partner voor het organiseren van evenementen. Wij beschikken over de nodige know-how en ervaring in het promoten en lanceren van (nieuwe) producten alsook het opwaarderen, herwaarderen van uw merk of firma. Wij stellen hostessen te uwer beschikking voor de verkoopspromotie van uw artikelen. Wenst u bijkomende informatie omtrent het organiseren van evenementen ? Aarzel niet contact op te nemen met Yes Sir! uit Brussel.
16 Nov 2010
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Get an exclusive unlock code for Sir Issac Clarke in Dragon Age 2 inside copies of Dead Space 2.
22 Jan 2011
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Glee Volume 2 - To Sir With Love
10 Jun 2011
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This self-empowerment anthem is a rallying cry against all bullies, but most importantly the bully from within. Directed by acclaimed visual artist and HIV/AIDS activist Duane Cramer, the songs reminds us all that "when its cold/you better bring your weather with you/Cause when your down/Bring your inner-diva around". Featuring guest vocals by Sarah Dash, best known from the original Labelle w/ Patti Labelle and Nona Hendrix. Video also includes cameos by underground NYC superstars, LadyFag, Stephan Keating, Mila Jam, Laverne Cox (from VH-1's Transform Me) and even a cameo from Ari's Mom. As the mainstream catches up to what this pioneering recording and performing artist has known all along, "Sparkle" continues Sir Ari’s unwavering commitment to LGBT rights and equality. This is the second single off Sir Ari (aka Ari Gold)'s 4th studio album "Between the Spirit & the Flesh" OUT NOW
16 Jun 2011
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