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Each of these productions includes three masterfully crafted cases from the greatest mystery writer of all time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, starring the most celebrated sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. Three Tales of Avarice includes: •The Adventure of the Priory School •The Red-Headed League •The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
2 Oct 2009
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Each of these productions includes three masterfully crafted cases from the greatest mystery writer of all time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, starring the most celebrated sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. Three Tales of Intrigue includes: • The Crooked Man • The Greek Interpreter • The Naval Treaty
2 Oct 2009
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Revolver Entertainment presents ‘mockbuster’ production, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, available to own on DVD from April 26th Not to be outdone by its Hollywood counterpart, Director Rachel Goldenberg brings together an ensemble of talent including Gareth David Lloyd (TORCHWOOD, DR. WHO) as Watson and newcomer Ben Syder as the adventurous Holmes. Dominic Keating (STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, HEROES, PRISON BREAK) features as their greatest foe. The plot sees Holmes and his faithful companion, Dr. Watson embark on their most dangerous case yet, saving London from an attack by fearsome monsters. The investigation takes the heroic duo on an incredible journey that sees them do battle with their arch nemesis, the mad mechanical genius Spring-Heeled Jack, who will stop at nothing to bring destruction to London. Holmes and Watson courageously fight to save London and its people from annihilation. Pre-order now at *************/Sherlock-Holmes-DVD-Dominic-Keating/dp/B00373VA24/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1270724521&sr=8-10
8 Apr 2010
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Based on a Sir Arthur Doyle novel (the author of Sherlock Holmes), The Lost World was the first big special effects film in cinematic history. Utilizing stop-motion capture to animate clay model dinosaurs, the monstrous prehistoric creatures come to life as had never been previously accomplished. Though silent, The Lost World is also a rich dramatic narrative: Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) theorizes that dinosaurs are still alive in a remote region of South America. Joined by friends, including the stunning Bessie Love who plays Paula White, Challenger sets off on an expedition to prove his theories correct. Once the lost location is found, the transcendent creature effects take center stage and the explorers watch the beasts hunt, gather, and fight. They decide to bring back a brontosaurus to make them all rich. This would work marvelously, if the monster didn’t escape into London! The ensuing chaos is as enthralling and unforgettable as the rest of The Lost World.
12 Dec 2007
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16 Dec 2011
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Sherlock Holmes turns a healthy 121, curved and flexible display screens are just around the corner, take your ToDo list to the next and useful level and are you willing to do your ATM banking on your phone???
15 Oct 2013
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Sherlock Holmes is probably the most famous detective in the world. The tales of his exploits have been seen in magazines, books, television screens, the movies and even in computer games. And yet, there is a mysterious side to this fictional character that has eluded and yet drawn us for decades. In a way reminiscent of Holme's art of deduction, this film gets to grips with the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and uncovers an even more bizarre and mysterious tale than anybody could have expected. From secret societies to the occult, from peer pressure to inner turmoil, this is a story of such depth that it will speak to one and all. Uncovering dark secrets of Conan Doyle, this film finally explains what experiences and influences helped to forge the character of not just Sherlock Holmes, but also Moriarty and Watson. You will never see Sherlock Holmes in the same way again.
21 Aug 2007
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Over the course of human history there have been many men who have stood out amongst the rest. Whether writers of fiction, great physicians or even politicians, these men may in fact share a common purpose, regardless of the age they lived in. What Wise Men Do analyses various great men such as: Paracelsus Grand Master Pinto of the Knights of Malta Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Jules Verne H. G. Wells Bram Stoker King Canute Bob Kane (creator of Batman) In this series of investigations a thread of truth is discovered, revealing an inner yearning linked to our own evolutionary path and shared by each and every one of the individuals in question. What Wise Men Do, investigates concepts of magic as seen in each age and questions the truth of the statements against modern science and even theoretical science. In each case some new and startling discovery is made, making this compelling book a revelation from chapter to chapter. Collated from a series of films and recent researches this book goes in-depth into the heart of the mind itself. To register for a copy or for speeches and interviews email michaelreal2can**** and we'll let you know on launch.
24 Sep 2008
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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous super-sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, gets an update with this adaptation of Lionel Wigram's comic book series by writer/director Guy Ritchie (RocknRolla) starring Robert Downey Jr. as the titular detective, with Jude Law stepping into the shoes of his sidekick, Dr. Watson. Heading up the rest of the cast are RocknRolla's Mark Strong as the film's villain, Blackwood, and Rachel McAdams portraying the love interest, Irene Adler. - Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
20 Jun 2010
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YourGeekNews**** for more! If you're looking for a director who can completely erase stuffy, old British boredom, you don't have to go any further than Guy Ritchie. And so giving him the reigns to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous Victorian detective seems like something of an inspired gamble. With Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law taking the roles of Holmes and Watson, and Canadian starlet Rachel McAdams playing a deliciously villainous love interest, the cast is as strong as the source material, but we'll have to wait until Christmas to see what's inside the packaging. ~Matt + Nat
22 Dec 2009
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*******YourGeekNews**** for more! Guy Ritchie certainly did not let directing a period piece take away from his signature style and flair, because somehow he's made a historical film feel relevant and modern to today. With a magnificent cast, amazing characters and a story worthy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself, Guy Ritchie's Sherlock is a new incarnation that will make Downey at home in the ranks of Michael Caine, Chistopher Plummer and Peter O'Toole.
30 Dec 2009
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Filmen är baserad på originalberättelsen av Lionel Wigram, inspirerad av den klassiska historien av Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, och produceras av Joel Silver, Lionel Wigram, Susan Downey och Dan Lin. I ett dynamiskt nytt porträtt av Conan Doyles berömda karaktär “Sherlock Holmes” får vi följa Holmes och hans partner Watson på sitt senaste äventyr där de avslöjar sina färdigheter i att slåss lika dödligt som deras legendariska intellekt. Holmes kommer att slåss som aldrig förr för att ta fast en ny nemesis i en dödlig intrig som kan förstöra hela landet.
17 Feb 2010
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