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Based on the Monty Python film 'The search for the Holy Grail' & millions of people uploading their 'work of art' to YouTube for the slim chance of something more than anonimity! The scene of 'the bridge of Death'-Monty Python! What is your 'Holy Grail'?-even if you arent religious, its a concept of the 'Holy Grail' being your ultimate paradise, if you like! King Aurther of YouTube is summoned to search for the Holy Grail by 'Google God'-a message relayed to him by Sir Robin of YouTube, Auther was in the toilet at the time. So the next day he gathered his band of brothers & embarked on the great journey to search for the Holy Grail. Its a long journey & when they find themselves so close they can smell the Holy Grail, they must overcome the biggest challenge of all. Crossing the Uploader of Death, by keeping their calm while answering the gruelling questions from the Keeper of the Uploader of Death!! Thank you to King Aurther of YouTube, Sir Robin of YouTube, Sir Lancelott of YouTube, Sir Callahan of YouTube, Google God & the Keeper of the Uploader of Death! Music: BigVonFlip of YouTube audionautix of YouTube Sounds: www.soundsnap****
6 Feb 2009
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