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Please see bellow for the extentended channeled Sirian message featured in the video. Due to description box limitations, it was only possible to share the last half of the message here. Also, here you can find the full channeled Pleiadian audio recording in this 1st of 4 videos: Please join us at Facebook and Myspace where you can network with others who support the Anti-NWO cause and also meet others who will be attending the September 2nd rallies. you. First Contact - Atmos. 18th July 2008 As many teaching sources have informed you, your emotions are a big factor in your lives. It is an area that requires your attention if you aspire to be part of Ascension. Duality is continually trying you out, and we do not make light of the difficult situations you can face. All challenges are a part of your evolution and allow for rapid advancement. You are in a truly wonderful period of opportunity that if you can apply yourself, will ensure that you leave this level for once and for all. Earth has its moments of utter joy and happiness, but usually these are fleeting experiences. In the higher dimensions it is always blissful, as the energies are pure and untainted by the lower energies you are in now. The truth is that they cannot exist there, and constant harmony and balance is in everything around you. You will find beauty unparalleled upon Earth, and not sullied by the dirt and grime you are used to seeing. Dear Ones, you are so near to the final phases of Ascension that will cleanse the Earth. We of the Galactic Federation are charged with carrying out those tasks, and our craft are fully ready and equipped to move at a minutes notice. First however, the initial steps must be taken mainly by you to oust the last cabal that stands in the way of change. That task is progressing very well, and we have little doubt that success is very near. A few more weeks or even months are not important, as the stage must be set for our arrival in the manner we have requested. Certain changes have to be in place, so that as a population you have discerned our purpose and how we fit in. Financial problems are about to peak, and it is in this vital area that the new system must fully replace the old. There has to be a base from which we can work, and money matters are up front because of the unfair and unequal distribution of wealth. Political systems are also a priority, as it is vital that your representatives are honest and dedicated to the good of the people. A new Constitution must reflect the original concepts that made you the leaders of your destiny, and not those who have taken away your freedom. I am Atmos from Sirius, and we are one of the prominent star nations who have a major role to play in your future. We are where you are destined to go, and soon we shall meet as old friends and start a new venture in the vast Cosmos. We come with great admiration for your tenacity and dedication to your intent to bring back peace and harmony through Love and Light. Be assured that every ounce of effort you put in is worthwhile, and will lead to the victory you well deserve. We salute you and bow to your godselves." You can receive daily channeled angel and extraterrestrial messages by subscribing to this yahoo group:
6 Nov 2008
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On November 11, we will UNITE to amass our consciousness to provide positive intention to earth, and to end the UFO and free energy secrecy.
2 Jul 2009
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Consciousness precedes material existence. Understanding this new paradigm gives us the chance to unite our wishes, and initiate positive change for the world.
27 Oct 2008
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For thousands of years, people spanning every continent of earth have described a supernatural Dragon-like humanoid that came down from the sky. The dragon mythology is the most universal story told in human history. The story is the same as the story of Lucifer. The dragon may not intervene in human culture, but it is allowed to persuade humans so long as we retain our free will. As the French poet Baudelaire would say, "The greatest trick the Devil (Dragon) ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. "
8 Jun 2009
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Why is it that humans have so little knowledge regarding the meaning of the Dragon; the most universal symbol in the world? Part of the reason is because the origins of the symbol have been purposely repressed. Such laws were common with the Dogon Tribe (West Africa), Sumerian culture, the Mayan culture, and according to the biblical fourth commandment. Historically it has also been a huge taboo to ever consider the Dragon as anything more than a symbol. As you watch this video, remember that according to French Poet Baudelaire, "The greatest trick the Devil (Dragon) ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
20 Feb 2009
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*******0589dfqf2627no7l4xg1-f-v61.hop.clickbank****/ You ever looked up into the night sky and really wondered about where we fit into it all? Asked yourself what's out there? How far does it go? What do the other planets and stars look like close up? What exactly do the space stations look like? How far does the universe extend? Where did we come from and where are we going? I bet you have. We all have. My Very Elderly Mother Just Sat Up Near Pluto Now you can stop wondering and get out there and see everything first-hand. Well -- almost. See exactly how our planet fits into the solar system and the galaxy. Take the trip, man. Turn on, turn in -- drop out into space. Float downstream. Marvel at the universe. Do you want to know more? *******0589dfqf2627no7l4xg1-f-v61.hop.clickbank****/
19 Aug 2010
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******* Sixto Paz is one of the most famous contactees in the world and a required guest in the worlds most important international congresses on the UFO question. Similarly, he's been interviewed by many radio and TV programs. He was able to establish contact with the UFOs and their crews in the 1970s and produced his vision for the Cosmic Plan over recent decades. This DVD covers issues of evolution, UFO contact, Crop circles, ET communication at the infamous Chiltbolton site in the UK, Atlantis, Pleiadian genetic interuption, Sirian tribes, the New World Order, the bible and Christ, the Shining Ones and more. Much of the narrative and philosophy given in this presentation mirrors that given to [so far un-debunked] Billy Meier and revealed in his videos and contact notes. The video is and contains some excellent animations throughout the story told by Sixto. At the end of the main sequence is the DVD extra footage of some of Sixto's regular contacts/appearances of UFOs on video and stills. Truth revealed by *******
17 Jul 2008
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The video to this message was sent to me by a friend a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't upload the video of the lecture but I recorded the audio because I think it's very important to share this message with others. The lecturer is George Kavassilas and he's a representatitive of the Galactic Confederation of Light. There are 12 parts in total for this compilation. Link for We Are Ready to Change the World Petition: *******www.petitiononline****/readynow/petition.html If you would like to download the entire original video and make copies to share with others, go to: *******thepiratebay****/tor/4100326/GALACTIC_CONFEDERATION_OF_LIGHT_Official_Messege If you would like to see the entire original video with SPANISH SUBTITLES, go to thegalacticlight's channel or click the link below: ***********/watch?v=V25pfAi4DfU Brief summary of contents include: -Government Negotiations -Draconians and Reptilians -Earth Changes -Twin Towers -A specific Crop Circle -What Is -Parallel Dimensions -Structure of the Universe -Polarities -Name of God -Council of Nine -Lucifer -Understanding Duality -Evil -Where did we come from? -Astral Dimensions -Spirit Guides -The Omniverse -The Grand Plan of Creation -Serpent Races and Bird Tribes -Uniting the White Light of Knowledge and Conditional Love -Winged Dragon of Ra -Son of Star Wars -Christ Consciousness -The Golden Age -Veil of Illusion, the Matrix -Cycle to end all Cycles -Precessional Cycle and Golden Ratio -The Sphinx -The Pyramids -Star of David -Harmonic Wisdom -Magnetic Grids and the Flower of Life Ascension -9/11 Gateway -666 -Holy Trinity -Planetary Lightbody -Merkabah -Closing of the Cycle -5 Platonic Solids -Eternal Ether/Flame/Spirit -(Ending) Where Truth Is.
20 May 2009
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Planet X is much closer than assumed. Most people don't even know this planet exists. When it shows up, there will be a global panic. The incoming planet is our prison break. It is freeing us from the grip of the reptilian race. This is a very disturbing audio that will be played on this video. I am putting this up because so many are either in delusion and thinking this race are allies with humans or that this is all just nonsense and there is no such thing as a reptilian race. The audio is not meant to scare people, but alert us to the danger so we can protect ourselves and loved ones. We also have the idea that people in countries like the U.S. and other more affluent countries, are exempted from the cruelty that is happening in other parts of the world. We feel somehow that we deserve a wonderful life and others must be less deserving. We are all in this together. The reptilian race are the quintessential bigots and that is one of the reasons they keep the power in the hands of primarily white power elite and the other races seem to be brutalized. The reptilians have also given us many reasons to fight and constantly feel separated. This has hurt humanity and served their agendas. Divide and conquer has worked wonderfully. When PX shows up and the reptilian agendas are all exposed, humanity will finally be able to communicate directly with the Creator and see our true divinity. Paradise is close at hand and Planet X is the reason.
30 Oct 2008
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As of November 22nd 2008, there are now 13 LOVE Crystals implanted in the Earth, and we are asked to continue working with their energies and the ever-increasingly powerful Crystal Gridwork. While all Crystals have been successfully implanted, and safety towards the GF's mission, (as emphasized in the Sept 2nd message) is no longer a concern, (as this mission is now complete and is now truely nothing to stop the energies increasing.) I'm sharing this message to increase awareness amongst Lightworkers, of the Crystals, and all who would wish to invite the Crystal's energies into their reality. 24th Novermber 2008 "It is Ashtar here. I come to express deepest Thanks on behalf of myself and all the Ascended Masters of Earth and Galactic levels, we who participated in the Phase #2 download of LOVE crystals on November 22, 2008! This task/mission was highly successful! 6 LOVE crystals were brought from our dimensions into the earth plane, there to be implanted into the specified locations previously designated. The mission was coordinated to noon Alaska time on 11/22/08. The Masters who had volunteered to accomplish this task were brought into the earth dimensions onboard lightships, which densified sufficiently to accomplish the task within the vibrational frequencies of planet Earth. This mission was extremely well coordinated and executed, with the help of each and all of you Beloved Ones! Please continue to work with the energies of the network of 13 LOVE crystals which have now been downloaded, implanted and connected into a gridwork, the energies of which encompass and affect the entirety of planet Earth. In the days and weeks to come, the Masters shall be working from their dimensions to gradually amp up the energy of this LOVE crystal network. We are projecting that we may have the energy of the network up to full capacity by the end of your month of December 2008. The bringing up of the energy of the network is being carefully monitored so that the increasing influence of the LOVE energy will occur at a rate which is optimal without causing too rapid a clearing effect on the beings and structures of planet Earth. The Masters of Earth and the Galactic realms are working together carefully to accomplish our intent that all assistance from our Realms and from the influence of such structures as the LOVE crystal gridwork shall be given in such a way that all Beings of Earth may receive maximum benefit from the frequencies sent forth without being impacted in an unduly uncomfortable way by a too-rapid increase in power and frequencies. A steady, gradual increase in the frequency and power of the LOVE crystals gridwork will accomplish more permanent effects than would a too-rapid bringing online, so to speak, of this extremely powerful and high-frequency gridwork." Full message here: *******lightworkers****/content/56543/thank-you-all-lightworkers-planet-earth-commander-ashtar To all who are participating in the November 30th 11:11 Meditations (and any other future group meditations) - To amplify your efforts, may all be aware to ask to receive and experience the energies of the Love Crystals. Saviors of Earth 30th Novemeber Meditation ***********/watch?v=yc8SKgDZd44 Whether you practice meditation or not, you would still be helping by requesting to receive and intergrate with the Crystal's energies. Asking to receive, experience and intergrate with the Love Crystal's energies is something you can do anytime, and each day, - and doing so will greatly help. The songs featured in this video are: Naraku no hana ***********/watch?v
13 Feb 2009
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Galactic Federation Message by St. Germain created on 8/1/08. Channeled by Mike Quinsey. Link for We Are Ready to Change the World Petition: *******www.petitiononline****/readynow/petition.html
2 Jun 2009
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Although the rest of the world may not think they are Family of Light, they all are. The info in this video is from Barbara Marciniak's book, Family of Light.
25 Mar 2010
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Solara An-Ra brings forward a message from her Star Being guides about LETTING GO OF FEAR and allowing a flow of abundance through our lives. Choosing to BE OF SERVICE to our tribe at this time of massive transformation is the key! Solara teaches a manifesting meditation technique which is a fusion of the 'Lunar Manifestion Technique' given in The Pleiadian Agenda, and the 'Aaaaaah' meditation passed onto Wayne Dyer by Guruji. Learn that technique on www.solara*******
1 Jun 2010
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First Contact (2009) - Follow-up video: "The Truth Is Coming" now available via the video response link. "Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent" *******www.examiner****/examiner/x-2383-Honolulu-Exopolitics-Examiner~y2009m10d21-Official-disclosure-of-extraterrestrial-life-is-imminent CSETI 3-Day Conference on Contact and Disclosure, October 24-26, 2009 "A SPECIAL CONFERENCE UNDER THE STARS TO CELEBRATE AND MAKE ET CONTACT!" Rio Rico, Arizona. With the Center For the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, directed by Dr Greer - director also for the Disclosure Project. *******cseti****/contact/ Conference details: "we will share the amazing 18-year history of CSETI Contact with videos, photographs, and audiotapes of actual contact during CSETI expeditions around the world!" "Each night, we will all gather under the stars to MAKE ET CONTACT together using light, lasers, electronic tones from Crop Circles and other ET manifestations and Cosmic Awareness." Attendees "will learn and experience the CSETI contact protocols that have resulted in unprecedented open contact around the world between CSETI research teams and ET civilizations, and what is next in Worldwide Disclosure." "Dispositive proof of contact with interstellar civilizations will be presented, including updates on recent major CSETI contact events along with supporting electromagnetic, audio, and video confirmation. Mr. Andrews will provide the latest information on the crop circle evidence and recent disclosures regarding British government involvement in the matter. Dr. Greer will also be presenting the latest updates on Disclosure and ongoing briefings with members of Congress, those close to the Obama Administration, and recent initiatives with a G7 country to make peaceful, open contact with the extraterrestrial visitors." "The unveiling of the detailed briefing provided to the new Obama Administration and senior government officials in Washington, DC " Disclosure Project. Dr. Carol Rosin's Testimony ***********/watch?v=7ALLUuvsVk (Dr Werner von Braun is the correct spelling of who she was refering to in the video. I searched his name before posting the video, yet it was common to see it incorrectly spelt how it sounded. ) Disclosure Project; Full 55min 2001 Press Meeting ***********/watch?v=7vyVe-6YdUk Vrillon's full message - Ashtar Command's 1977 Live Broadcast: ***********/watch?v=axxa0wcMCnw Music by Trevor Rabin and Harry Gregson-Williams Also including music featured in the Mirrors edge soundtrack (1st level opening), and Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack, Escape from Montague 'Dawn of Aquarius' and (2009) are now again available after Billy Meier's rep. - Michael Horn recently threatened to have the videos removed under copyright violation, of which the videos each featured 3 seconds of Billy Meier related images and alleged Ufo footage. The videos have been made available again as I have fully censored these images. After communication with Billy Meier's media representitive - Michael Horn, I have no support for the Billy Meier "case", after they have strongly signalled to me that they do not support UFO Disclosure, but rather promote only themselves for their own personal-gain. Michael (8michael12) can also be seen in various internet forums, opposing and attacking everything non-related to Billy Meier while insisting that Meier's "case" is the only truth. Also taking into account Billy Meier, himself, and certain statements made in his interviews that are posted on youtube, I can now only believe the Billy Meier "case" to be completely fraudulent. I had origionally used Billy Meier's photo and illustration of the alleged female ET Asket. This was always used representitively of the humanoid form of extraterrestrial existance, without claim of actual ET physical identity.
9 Nov 2011
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Comment, rate, subscribe, check out my other videos. Buy your CD or download it from a legal source Support the good music! Lyrics: Music is the vibe so open up your eyes time is running out so find the feeling Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang im mek italian de spanish an de mexican yes god put pan de earth all kind of man japanese german an columbian cinese and de russian an de african american finnish and an canadian dutch an de swedish brazilian to the sirian the indian an jamaican Too many people dem a talk 'bout peace but the war ine de world man it just cya cease boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang unity a de bond an you know dat strong when you take a look pan de television nuff gunshot and blood deh pan nuff programme level vibe level vibe an you know dat cya wrong true Think about the way that we live today think about the way how some people play Think about the way that we live today think about the way think about the way Boom diggy diggy diggy boom diggy bang milk an honey deh ine everyland but a who have it all dat a de power man an dem don't give a damn 'bout the situation de homeless de jobless or de confusion ina bosnia lord me know seh dem wrong mek de future look good fi all de youth man to come through Think about the way that we live today think about the way how some people play Think about the way that we live today think about the way think about the way Music is the vibe So open up your eyes Time is running out So find the feeling
14 Sep 2013
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A must view - topics on sirian beings,underground bases,DNA changes,earth changes - Sheldan Nidle Seminar Part 1 ***********/videoplay?docid=2077443181654641982#docid=-1862160018545160389 pls refresh google page if page doesn't load thx Pt 1/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke ***********/watch?v=QOYOXjR_8-4 AN ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON: INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM RUTLEDGE, MEMBER OF THE APOLLO 20 CREW ******* WRS Web videos *******www.revver****/u/retiredafb/ Ancient Aliens 2010: The Visitors pt 4/10 ***********/watch?v=XadK_PVelbA What Your Traditional Leaders Will Never Tell You ***********/user/fasttrackpk#grid/user/0674E6DD2C06A4DA Let the journey begin ***********/watch?v=9WOZ0C4gPAI&feature=grec_index
8 Dec 2013
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