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Sister Brother Band Of ANita Raj Bajwa and Anil Bajwa Siblings Night Present Sexy Bhabhi Double duty with husband and brother in law
15 Aug 2009
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My sister in law and brother playing a game they got for Christmas.
23 Dec 2007
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Sister in law and brother playing a game they got for Christmas.
23 Dec 2007
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Some more of my sister in law and brother playing deal or no deal that they got for Christmas.
23 Dec 2007
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Ruby and I dog-sat Cooper while by brother and sister-in-law were in Europe on vacation. These are the video greetings we sent to their cell phone.
13 Apr 2011
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aIn this lesson , we will learn to say (its Raining Outside) in Tagalog.. We will also learn words for Family Members,such as,sister,brother,mother,father,aunt,uncle,grandfather,grandmother,sister in law,and of course brother in law. thanks for watching and thank you so much for subscribing :)
19 Jun 2011
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Amitabh Bachchan's Daughter Shewta Nanda Appeared On The Cover Page Of Vogue Magazine,PaPa Bachchan Happily Tweeted.
6 Nov 2012
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Sister in law doing a backflip. Music by brother in law Plan B (Back Packer Cracker) all rights researved. Yuma, Arizona
11 Feb 2007
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INDIAN BOLLYWOOD HERO SALMAN KHAN DOING POOJA. ' SHAME ON YOU SALMAN KHAN ' Hey SALMAN, You did Pooja because of your Hindu Mother & Hindu Sister - In - Law, did ever they Perform Namaz and keep Ramadan Fasting? SALMAN KHAN You Won Duniya But Loosing Jannat. Still You Have Time to Realize, Make your Home Islamic Read Quran and perform Namaz.
6 Mar 2008
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Paris does diaper duty, Britney sees her babes again, and Diablo Cody faces backlash. All this coming up on the baby momma edition of BSW. Hey Guys I’m Amy Paffrath for BSWchannel****, bringing you the frehest celebrity gossip, picked fresh just for you. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are like sisters. They grew up together did a reality show together and now, might be even closer to making the sister title official, sister in law that is. Paris stepped out holding hands with Benji Madden, Good charolette band member and Nicole’s baby daddy’s brother. Confusing I know. The pair hit up trendy Fred Segal to do some shopping, maybe baby clothes for little Harlow? The odd couple claim they bonded over diaper duty. Aww how sweet. The thought of Nicole having a baby was scary enough, now Paris is the sitter and possible sister in law? Yikes. The couple claim to have been quietly dating for 3 weeks. But Paris changes guys like Nicole changes diapers so time will tell if she and Benji can go the distance. Another day another Britney update. This week its all good news for Spears. I’m happy to say Britney must be shaping up her ways, she got another visit with her kids yesterday. That’s twice in three days for the pop tart…they kids were choifered over to Brits house but Kevins bodyguards for another in home visit. This one again lasting about 3 hours. Brit’s second visit was again Completely supervised, but monitored or not this is a good sign for the troubled mommy. Dad Jamie and K-Fed are supporting the Britster and have a big hand it trying to get her back on track. She’s won an Oscar for her very first screen play but not everyone is celebrating with her. Diablo Cody, who penned the Oscar nominated teen preggers dramedy Juno is catching a lot of flack. Fellow writers are being snarky with the former stripper, jealous much? It seems you can’t read an article with out seeing the mention of her nude dancing days, hey it adds to her Cinderella story. But the glass slipper isn’t quite fitting…shoe maker Stuart Weitzman claims Diablo blew off the opportunity to wear a million dollar pair of custom made kicks. The designer claims that Cody was very involved in the design process, but she has a different story. According to her blog she ditched the pricey dudd because: "They're using me to publicize their stupid shoes and NOBODY ASKED ME. I would never consent to a lame publicity stunt at a time when I already want to hide." You go girl! Would you expect any less sass from the writer of Sarcastic Juno? The fashion police on E! expected a classier look from the tatted diva. Please, that’s like expecting Seacrest to look manly for once. With all this fashion drama, What other shenanigans can she get into? I’m Amy Paffrath for BSW channel****. Keeping checking back for all the latest Hollywood dish.
30 Jun 2008
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Inept Salman comes to help sister-in-law (Lisa Kudrow) and homicidal kids while his brother is in Iraq but is forced to take a humiliating job as a giant blue corporate mascot to help make ends meet. The movie is packed with delightful comedy stars.
28 Nov 2009
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While Salman's brother is stationed in Iraq, Salman tries to help out his sister-in-law as she takes care of her young children. But the only job he can find is as a corporate mascot, requiring him to wear an embarassing and uncomfortable costume. PG-13. Copyright 2008 Whitewater Films. Release date: July 4th, 2008. Starring: Lisa Kudrow, Scott Pendergast, Terri Garr, Christine Taylor, Chris Parnell
30 Jun 2008
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While Salman's brother is stationed in Iraq, Salman tries to help out his sister-in-law as she takes care of her young children.
7 Dec 2009
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A few different hairstyles my sister-in-law wanted to try out. Which one do you like best? www.LaneVids****
7 Jul 2008
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Inept Salman (Scott Prendergast) comes to help his sister-in-law (Lisa Kudrow) tend to her homicidal toddlers while Salman’s brother is off fighting in Iraq. Salman must take a humiliating job as a giant blue corporate mascot to help make ends meet and hold the family together. Packed with a parade of delightful comedy character actors, KABLUEY is a hilarious, unique and heartfelt comedy # Genre:Comedy # Director:Scott Prendergast # Cast:Lisa Kudrow, Scott Prendergast, Christine Taylor, Conchata Ferrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
22 Aug 2008
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A heartbroken father is faced with the painful choice between ruining his kindhearted employer and passing something of his heritage along to his estranged daughters ----- TEN YEARS AGO Faced with hospital bills incurred by desperate attempts to save his dying wife, Antonio sold priceless family heirlooms to the antique dealer he works for. These finely-woven wedding mantas had been handed down by the women of his Bolivian family for 300 years. Ashamed of his inability to save his wife or support his daughters, and rejected by his deceased wife’s family, Antonio became estranged from his daughters Erica, Anna, and Nina. ONE YEAR AGO Hearing about Nina’s upcoming wedding, and knowing that the ancient mantas had not yet been resold by his employer, Antonio snuck the heirlooms out of the warehouse and, unable to face his daughters in person, left them with his late wife’s sister Nancy, with whom his daughters had lived. NOW His employer has finally sold the mantas for a very high price, only to discover them missing – and a heartbroken Antonio is faced with the painful choice between harming his kindhearted employer and passing something of his heritage on to his daughters. -------- Heirlooms tells the story of a key moment in the life of a man tortured not just by the everyday cruelties of the world, but by the self-knowledge of his own inability to deal with them. While the tragedy of his wife's death was inflicted on him and his family from the outside, Antonio's subsequent feelings of inadequacy, leading to estrangement from his motherless daughters, form an even greater tragedy that sends him spiraling ever deeper into guilt and despair. As we all do to some extent, Antonio deludes himself with plans for his own redemption that bring him no closer to it. His long term plan of renovating a house to present to his daughters when he re-enters their lives only serves to keep him away from them that much longer. His removal of the ancient mantas from the warehouse - justified by the thought that they hadn't sold so far, and provoked by the weight of 300 years of their importance to his family - only leads to trouble for someone else who's like family to him. And the fumbled presentation of these family heirlooms, not directly to the daughters he can't face but to his already-disapproving former sister-in-law, can't help but take away from the chance that they'd be received with any interest in him or his heritage. But again, like most of us to some extent, even though he can't control his destructive behaviors, Antonio is a decent person at heart, trying (though misguidedly) to do the decent thing. As the film begins, Antonio finds himself in the situation we all dread most: one where there's no more wiggle room, and our little schemes have left us in the situation where someone must be hurt by our behavior - and our only choice is which one that will be. In the end, Antonio makes a choice, which is perhaps the best choice he's made in a long time. The ending is not happy, and Antonio's problems are not solved... but they are acknowledged, in a new and fuller way, which shows just a smidgeon of progress, and perhaps an even smaller smidgeon of hope. Antonio's final choice is a step towards honesty, towards self-respect; away from trying to be something he's not and towards allowing his descendents to take pride in his ancestors. We all struggle, often daily, with our own identities in the face of a complex and ever-changing world, and with our often unwitting capability to bring light or darkness into the lives of those around us. Hopefully, "Heirlooms" will lead us all to think, if even for just a few moments, about our own self-deceptions and destructive behaviors, and about some steps we can take to begin cleansing ourselves of them.
17 Sep 2008
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