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This man here is talented and the skills he possesses will surely amaze you. He is a master at the tricks that can be called as dice skills and he is even called as 'diceman'.
20 Jul 2017
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If you need personal basketball trainer for your kid then Larry Hughes Basketball Academy is the right place for you. We provide private basketball coaches for player’s skills training in Missouri area.
21 Jul 2017
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good cooking skill
22 Jul 2017
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Watch thise guy showing off amazing jumping skills on streets, just like there are springs attached his their feet. How is he doing it?
26 Jul 2017
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Retired Nayab Subedar Bijendra Singh, Trainer of Sardar Kulwant Singh Chadha Skills Academy shares his experience on how the Ponty Chadha Foundation is contributing towards government's Skill India initiative by imparting security services training to the underprivileged. The foundation is helping the youth get job-related training and become employable for a sustainable future.
27 Jul 2017
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See this car driver who had all the space in the world to park his car with ease but his lack of skills almost led him to hit another parked car.
31 Jul 2017
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SKILLS 2017 is the fourth in a series of Life Skills and Livelihood Skills International conferences aimed at developing the skill levels, and therefore sustainable economies and general quality of life, of rural India.
9 Aug 2017
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Finally Million Minds Management Services limited, signed MOU with Rajasthan government on "world youth skill day" in mega conference in the presence minister, chief secretary, chairmen and various industry tycoons and audience of 500+Golden day for million minds.
10 Aug 2017
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Cutting or chopping any kinds of vegetables are difficult, let alone Onions which even increase the bar of difficulty as it also affects the eyes.
29 Jul 2017
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If you think you could even achieve half of what the number this guy has achieved in his revolutions per minute, you are hugely mistaken for sure.
13 Aug 2017
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At IUPAT, we are always trying to give back to the community. This year, we worked on projects such as Luso (a non-profit organization providing support services to adults with developmental and physical disabilities) and CNIB (a non-profit rehabilitation agency that provides services for people who are blind, visually impaired and deafblind), and we're looking for more projects! As a celebration of the Community Day of Action on April 22, we will be helping non-profit organizations in need of our services. If you know of any non-profits that needs help with painting, drywall finishing, glazing or stucco, please call us at 416-630-9604. IUPAT represents a variety of skilled trades including painters, drywall finishers, glaziers, EIFS/stucco workers, hazardous materials workers, and sign writers.
4 Aug 2017
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Behold the supreme hunting skills of the Shoebill
14 Aug 2017
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