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Video from the 2007 Moab Jeep Safari featuring Skyjacker suspension and their latest Jeep JK. More Jeep off-road action at ***********
13 Apr 2008
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This video is about CLE adding skyjack lifts to their electric slab lift and scissor lift inventory
8 Oct 2011
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*******www.tiricosuave****/2008/05/01/ken-obrien-is-no-flash-gordon/ What if Ming the Merciless skyjacked a Jets quarterback other than Flash Gordon...say Ken O'briend?
12 Apr 2009
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MOTORZ takes its 2005 Ford F-150 pickup truck to Off Road Warehouse in El Cajon, CA to install a 6-inch Skyjacker suspension lift with 35-inch Mickey Thompson tires and 17-inch Dick Cepek DC-1 wheels.
12 Jul 2008
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Classic Game Room reviews JUST CAUSE 2 for Playstation 3 PS3, also available for Xbox 360 and PC. Take to the air and explore (destroy) 400 square miles of some of the most beautiful landscaping that fake nature has ever created. Just Cause 2 from Avalance Studios, Square Enix and Eidos is like GTA San Andreas meets Bionic Commando meets HAWX. All of that adds up to some serious chaos and mayhem as you take command of more than 100 vehicles to rid this beautiful paradise of the oppresive military regime and pretty much anything else that explodes, falls over, bursts into flames or sinks. This CGR review of Just Cause 2 has gameplay from Just Cause 2 on PS3 showing Just Cause 2 game play in HD action. It's not as gritty or violent as the newer Grand Theft Auto installment and shares much with the newer Red Faction release, Just Cause 2 should appeal to fans of the open world-chaos, destruction and mayhem genre. The sky is where this game shines as you command fighter jets and helicopter gunships and waste ground and air targets wih serious force. Use your bionic grappling hook to skyjack choppers and parachute into enemy encampments. Hundreds of missions and challenges await you in this massive video game which may have some repetition but makes up for it with aerial induced mayhem. PS3 Just Cause 2 UPC 788687500791
31 Jul 2012
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Under body vision of Wrangler with Skyjacker, ARB, Iroks 39.5", D60 Dynatrac, Atlas 4SP, TrailReady beadlocks wheels.
16 Feb 2009
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In 1972, airline hijackings were some of the more sensational stories covered in the United States that year. CBS News reported on the increasing number of hijackings in two broadcasts: "Whatever happened to '72?" and "Is this man a hijacker?"
2 Dec 2012
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Reality is helicopters CANNOT just land anywhere on the earth and actually need PATHFINDERS on the ground beforehand providing security and guidance: *******www****batreform****/pathfind.htm One way to avoid getting ambushed by the enemy airlanding troop & fuel-laden helicopters in open danger areas (Landing Zones) is to HOVER INSERT/EXTRACT over a unpredictable-to-anticipate vegetated or urban structure. Thin rappel ropes and troop ladders were the first means the U.S. Army (not the perpetual lying USMC) came up with to achieve this capability: ***********/watch?v=xFNT80MuB3w In the early eighties, the British again led the way in Air Assault development (not the USMC as they claim) by creating the "fast rope"---a very fat nylon rope which could be gripped like a fire pole and slid down without need of a rappelling rig to hold a snaplink and routed rope for braking action. First combat fast rope use was in the Falklands war in 1982: *******www.geocities****/usnavyindanger/falklandslessonsnotlearned.htm See photo below: *******www****batreform****/britishfastrope.jpg Hovering above the midships deck of the Canberra (passenger cruise ship converted into troop ship), 40 Commando Royal Marines "rapid rope" from a 846 Squadron SeaKing helicopter en route to combat in the Falklands in 1982...also note the superior TTP of the Brits to form an immediate defensive circle in the prone firing position while lazy, half-assed Americans just run off after letting go of the rope. In this video, look at the 3rd gyrene to slide down the CH-53E at 0:17 to 0:25: he lets go of the fast rope *******www****batreform****/fries.htm at his legs so his weight no longer pulls down on the rope to prevent it from being blown horizontally by the strong Super Stallion rotor downwash so he ends up hanging just by his arms and doesn't know when to let go (depth perception is bad even during the day time; imagine at NIGHT wearing NVGs) and slams into the carrier deck accordingly. He's so dazed and confused (and likely injured--but adrenaline blocks for the moment) he doesn't let go of the rope and has it caught on his body as he staggers away. *******www****batreform****/FRIESinjury1.jpg *******www****batreform****/FRIESinjury2.jpg *******www****batreform****/FRIESinjury3.jpg *******www****batreform****/FRIESinjury4.jpg *******www****batreform****/FRIESinjury5.jpg *******www****batreform****/FRIESinjury6.jpg When fast rope was first introduced, at least one Soldier would hold the bottom of the rope touching and as each one slid down, he'd be replaced. Then we got lazy and decided "10 feet" of fast rope laying on the ground would anchor it, which as you'll see in our other FRIES video is easily blown up into the air sideways by strong rotor wash from the CH-53E or even worse the V-22 (when its not crashing and burning). Clearly, what's needed here is a WEIGHTED, PADDED, SLIDER CARRY BAG that should be dropped down the fast rope FIRST to keep the rope anchored to the ground that perhaps can cushion a Soldier if he lets go and falls (Ranger during the 1993 BlackHawk Down! mission) and if the rope is jettisoned (we don't recommend this, the crew chief should do some useful PT and pull it back in) acts as a carry backpack so we don't provide the enemy $2, 000 ropes to use against us. The slider/pad/carry bag could use WATER as ballast that can be jettisoned to lighten the Soldier's Load once the fast rope is stuffed inside. The slider/pad/carry bag should use an ARUC Systems metal frame with wheels to enable hands-free Soldier towing: *******www****batreform****/rucksack.htm Each Soldier should also wear a back pad like Paratroopers should when parachute jumping to protect their lower backs during a parachute landing fall (PLF). ***********/watch?v=NODvOx0V57E What needs to occur in VTOL aircraft development is air-mech-strike: the ability to HOVER INSERT/EXTRACT M113 GAVIN & OTHER LIGHT TANKS to light mechanize troops sliding down fast ropes so they have 60+ mph, cross-country, armored mobility and superior firepower for overland operations thereafter. The USMC could have had these capabilities TODAY if they hadn't been such rifleman egotists and retired the Ontos tankette instead of replacing it with a M113 Gavin-derived light tank/APC. ***********/watch?v=9MZvEUlSwqU One way to do this is by having a retracting bomb bay floor like the C-74 Globemaster I had or to be a SkyCrane like the Sikorsky CH-54 and now newly manufactured Erickson AirCrane S-64 that has no fuselage body but can lower light tanks and BATTLEBOX cargo pods from a hover. *******youtube****/watch?v=RAltpRp06Uk *******www****batreform****/nextchinook.htm Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! ***********/books?id=RCWtHnYZ0LMC&pg
30 Jun 2008
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Start with the world's greatest light tank/APC the M113 Gavin for unrivalled all-terrain mobility and air transportability with passive armor protection and v-hull shaping to avoid most land mines and withstand what are encountered and apply an active protection system (APS) like the IMI Iron Fist and now even heavy tank 120mm main gun rounds cannot even scratch the Gavin! *******www****batreform****/m113combat.htm A light mechanized M113 Gavin or Mini-Gavin force with APS will "get there firstest with the mostest" to ambush heavier forces and can go with foot infantry to dominate with overmatch in closed terrains... Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! ***********/books?id=RCWtHnYZ0LMC&pg
5 Aug 2008
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XSC-130H, YMC-130H, YSC-130H, etc. SUPER STOL "Credible Sport" PROGRAM During WW2, rocket-assisted take-offs became common to get large PBM Mars seaplane maritime patrol/ASW attack aircraft off the swelling ocean; *******www****batreform2****/p6mseamaster.htm *******www****batreform2****/seaplanetransports.htm ...a small Hurricat fighter off a merchant ship to shoot-down a German Fw-200 Condor maritime patrol plane stalking a convoy... *******www.geocities****/usnavyindanger/midwaymyth.htm or a C-47 Dakota cargo plane out of a small grassy field. *******www****batreform****/aircraftphotos.htm It should be called Rocket-Assisted Take-Off (RATO) but "JATO" is easier on the tongue so Jet-Assisted Take-Off is what we use as DoDspeak. However, as war urgencies faded, laziness and the desire for comfortable "routine" by weak egos who just want a paycheck took over and the lust for long runways grew and JATO use dwindled. With enough JATO rocket power, you take-off with zero length or vertically: *******www.geocities****/usarmyaviationdigest/fighterinabox.htm ZEro Length Launch (ZEL) should have been employed to get USAF fighter-bombers dispersed from vulnerable air bases with long runways easily targeted by the enemy but the ice cream machines and officer club comforts were feared to be lost then--even though pilot pampering can still occur with ISO container BATTLEBOXes: *******www.geocities****/strategicmaneuver/battleboxes.htm JATO can enable C-27Js, C-130H/Js, C-17s to land UPWIND, unload their cargoes of non-parachute jumping "pussies" like marines (I rarely use this word--but anyone unwilling to jump to speed combat power deployment should not be an U.S. Army Soldier, USMC should be disbanded for refusing to do its Congress-mandated mission of maritime parachute ops) and then TURN-AROUND and take-off DOWNWIND to reduce exposure time on the ground, MOG rates etc. One of the reasons why airland is inferior to airdrop is the time wasted waiting for one-plane-at-a-time on the runway landing upwind, turning and taxiing back to the other end for an upwind take-off. *******www****batreform****/assaultzone.htm Downwind JATO take-offs means more work, new ATC procedures and those who want a safe routine are not up for it in peacetime. Airborne-IN by parachute Vertical AirDrop Landing (VADL) is not a problem, its getting Airborne-OUT as the Iranian Hostage rescue studs at USAF Special Operations knew and solved: use rockets to BRAKE the C-130 to a stop to land in the soccer field adjacent to the U.S. embassy where our hostages were held, then BLAST OFF! with enough rockets to take-off vertically. *******www****batreform****/c130.htm It worked. This video proves it. So one time it didn't work and no one was hurt. That's better than the 30 people the V-22 has barbecued because marines are pussies who don't want to parachute jump and control freaks who don't want to empower lower ranks to THINK. The can-do WW2 generation would have kept at C-130 rocket and lift jet pods to gain eXtreme Short-Take-Off and Landing (ESTOL) capabilities and fitted Air Cushion Landing Systems (ACLS) to eliminate surface ruts jamming wheels as a concern. Fighter-bomber jocks should deploy from BATTLEBOXes (FINAB concept) by ZEL and rocket brake, parachute or tail-hook snag to a short landing so we evade enemy saboteur and precision munitions attacks. Rockets enable planes to not be compromised in their forward flight performance by carrying complicated and weighty VTOL mechanisms. All it takes is a little courage and work in lieu of laziness and unsound gadgetry (V-22) virtues we need to relearn from "The Greatest Generation" lest we are remembered as the LAST GENERATION. Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! ***********/books?id=RCWtHnYZ0LMC&pg
24 May 2009
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Green Light: GO! You see it all here. Why the U.S. Army Airborne is the first-to-fight. *******www****batreform****/paratrooper.htm Apparently ALICE rucksacks were attached in-flight before the jump: *******www****batreform****/rucksack.htm using the Harness, Single-Point Release System (HSPR) *******www****batreform****/hspr.htm Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! ***********/books?id=RCWtHnYZ0LMC&pg (more)
24 May 2009
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A lot of people wonder how the twin-rotor Chinook gets its directional control without an anti-torque rotor... Glenn Bloom, an actual Army CH-47 Pilot explains: *******www.helicopterpage****/html/tandem.html This video shows you the entire main rotor masts pivot according to pilot steering inputs. The agile Chinook also needs to be configured into ACH-47 gunships to clear landing zones for light infantry troop and light tank carrying CH-47s as was done in Vietnam with the Guns-A-Go-Go Chinooks with great success. *******www.geocities****/usarmyaviationdigest/superchinook.htm We must avoid being like the V-22 flying deathtrap which cannot even carry any light tanks and lacks adequate self-armament and escorts to do combat air assaults which has relegated them to doing just milk runs for supplies where the Iraqi rebels might not shoot at them to CON Congress and the American people that its multi-billion dollar waste is anything but gyrene and Bell Textron racketeering. Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! ***********/books?id=RCWtHnYZ0LMC&pg (more)
11 Jun 2009
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The U.S. Army in the 1950s incorporated stablizing the body in free fall as perfected by Jacque Istel to enable exits from aircraft at higher speeds and altitudes than by static lines and deployment bags opening the parachute after exit. This expertise is embodied by successive generations of U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team victories in world competitions. The problem is that military free fall (MFF) using body position control requires skills and a conscious Paratrooper and has limits on the amount of equipment that can be attached. The Russians came to a different and better conclusion to unclutter aircraft upon exiting and get HALO/HAHO capabilities--deploy a small pilot or drogue chute to stabilize the body in free fall; they can jump twice as fast as us (300 mph) lower (200 feet) or higher (up to 12, 000 feet). Drogue chutes are now standard for tandem jumps when another person is attached to even the most skilled stabilized body position jumper. *******www****batreform****/T-21.htm So, if we are already using drogue chutes for tandem MFF jumps, why not ALL THE TIME? Applying the Russian drogue chute system to our new T-11 parachutes would enable us to jump IN FRONT OF C-17 engines if side jump doors were fitted there as 3 x M113 Gavin light tank/APCs on platforms roll-out the rear ramp for tighter assembly on the ground below. Another option would be to follow the Gavins out the rear ramp using the drogue chute to deploy the main canopy. The video shows a high altitude delayed opening (HALO) jump which is great to stay above enemy air defensive fires and/or sneak in undetected. We can have THOUSANDS of Paratroopers doing the same thing for high-altitude mass-tac Airborne operations if we employed drogue chutes instead of trying to make everyone a civilian sky diver. What gets the job done BEST is what matters not who is more-Airborne-than-thou. *******www****batreform****/highaltitudemasstac.htm There is a lot to learn from our former and even current human enemies. Let's not let our AmeroFascist arrogance blind us to good ideas and practices wherever they come from as long as they are not immoral. Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! ***********/books?id=RCWtHnYZ0LMC&pg
25 Oct 2009
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The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has released a video that shows the dangers of not wearing a full body harness on a boom type access platform. It features a live demonstration in which a crash dummy fitted to a specially modified Skyjack boom shows the effects of driving over a low-lying obstacle. For safety reasons, the crash dummy is suspended at the top of the basket. The dummy is not wearing a harness, in order to show the consequences of the catapult and jolting effects when the boom goes over an obstacle. The video can also be viewed and downloaded at the Publications/Film section of *******www.ipaf****. For the full article, click the link below: *******drillingcontractor****/index/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=280
17 Sep 2010
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Jawga Boyz - Rollin Like A Redneck (official music video) on itunes LYRICS below! Availible on itunes, amazon, rhapsody, napster, etc. New single from the upcoming album "Kuntry" in Spring 2011 Hop in the truck, come on lets roll just bought a case of beer now we heading for a mud hole. Kuntry boyz, and we do it right got the bill of my hat pointing strait to the sky. Carhartt and wranglers on, bass pro hat camouflage on my phone, got the browning decal on the back right next to a G what you know about that? Kuntry, and thats how we live if you got moonshine then I'm taking a sip Some folks call me a redneck, I smile and take it as a complement. I live life the only way I know how, walk with a swagger and rep the south, and if you see me as I'm riding thru the crowd, I'm hanging out the window screaming it loud. Yea buddy, rollin like a redneck Trucks jacked up, I got smoke stacks Nutz, hanging off the hitch and a system in the back that'll make your nose itch. Yea I'm living that right And I'm riding that tight. Son I'm riding so tight that my tires sound like a damn bulldog bite! Yea my tires sound like a damn bulldog bite waking people up as I ride thru at night. And don't forget about the skyjacker lift kit How you think I made the 44s fit? Don't you know we aint playing around 6 12's in the back helping out with the sound. And I got a train horn if you too slow speed up or I'm letting it blow. If you riding too close from behind I got spot lights that will turn you blind, Yea, so back off you don't want none hangin on the back glass aint a bb gun fool Who'd you think you we're messing with? These kuntry boyz they aint no myth And if you see me as I'm riding thru the crowd I'm hangin out the window screaming it loud! OK, we bout to wrap it up you know that we kuntry and that we tough You know that we hunt, you know that we fish you know when we see a buck we don't miss You know that we love, to play in the mud, and when we get trucks we jack them up And when we get stuck we don't get mad. We drop the tailgate and have a party in the back! Thats right, we live so tight open the cooler and grab you a bud light. I'm talking to errr damn body meet me at the mud hole 6:00 friday If you down to have you a good time you better show up fool I aint lyin
5 Apr 2011
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This video shows yet again that the 150, 000 pound C-130 needs a softer landing gear--either tracks or an Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS) so it can land without need of hard, prepared runways as standard practice. *******www****batreform****/c130.htm A 1:144 scale model of the Bell modified XC-8A Buffalo with Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS) is now available! *******www.squadron****/ItemDetails.asp?item=IBA14419 ACLS is a vital land-anywhere capability--to include water that is long overdue by someone with some desire to live up to LTG Gavin's "cow pasture" transport landing capabilities to land on water and on land even if the surface is uneven and not paved.... *******www****batreform****/XC8AACLSmodelkitboxart.jpg For American air power to "be all it can be" it must be weaned off hard runways and huge static target air bases by STOL "cow pasture" aircraft as LTG Gavin realized in 1947 in his book, "Airborne Warfare": *******www****batreform****/airbornewarfare.htm This time the C-130 crew got away unharmed but the next time we may suffer tragedy. Its high time we stop living off the laurels of past technical means and start making progress. As an aside, why don't runways have automatic foam sprayers built into the edges so aircraft that crash land can have any fires prevented in the first place? Smart Germans Save Airliner with Foam Runway ***********/watch?v=0qm6CpzLGgU Why must a 1960s children's TV show THUNDERBIRDS have a better idea than the so-called "experts" today? Watch Virgil land Thunderbird 2 and see the automatic runway firefighting equipment put into action: ***********/watch?v=9RzCB3VRruE ***********/watch?v=zzl_lnQIrbE Life needs to imitate art A-S-A-P. Want to know more? Our book, "Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century" is ONLINE for FREE skyjacked by Google! ***********/books?id=RCWtHnYZ0LMC&pg
25 Apr 2011
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