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Info From Licensor: "Going from 0-130mph in less than a second... The Human Catapult! BASE jumpers are launched into the air, at times taking on over 6 G's, making even the scariest of roller-costers and theme park rides look tame. Two world-renonewed BASE jumpers and daredevils, Chris "Douggs" McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert traveled to Dubai to set up the human catapult, a device inspired by none of than Leonardo DaVinci. Eric Straub, the engineer behind this modern-day catapult, took DaVinci's design and modernized it and built the custom pulleys and board that Chris and Jimmy used to be launched 300+ feet into the air. Along with the help of Go Fast Energy Drink and Skydive Dubai, Chris and Jimmy were able to make every BASE jumper's dream of being launched into the air a realty. Jimmy quoted the experience before liftoff as, "When you are lying on that board and there is 50,000 pounds waiting to drop, the tension is palpable. If anything goes wrong, there is literally nothing you could do to stop it. You are lying there, looking at the crane tips 200 feet away, knowing that once you are released, it will take one second to get to (the top of) them - 200 feet in one second. We didn't have a g force meter, but we assume it is a moment of possibly 7g's and then it immediately starts to slack off once you are traveling." Chris McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert are two of the world's most respected BASE jumpers, both inside the BASE community and in popular culture. Both men combined have thousands of skydives, BASE jumps, and wingsuit jumps. They are highly skilled and talented jumpers, and having been in the sport for almost 20 years, are both dedicated to teaching the next generation of inspired athletes how to endure and prosper in the extremely dangerous and deadly, yet rewarding sport of BASE jumping." - Jimmy Pouchert & Chris Douggs Location: Dubai, United Arab Eremites Occurrence Date: 2013 Credit: Jimmy Pouch
19 Oct 2017
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************ Watch The Full Episode in HD Here: *******tinyurl****/ya3fmzf ...... Catch The Full season Here: *******watch-dexteronline.blogspot****/ ************ Watch Dexter Season 4 Episode 7 - Slack Tide in FULL HD
17 Nov 2009
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Download Link: *******fireupload****/1fe8d36 Name: Cooking Slacking Type: Cooking Developer: GirlsGames123 Follow Offline Swf Games on Facebook: ********www.facebook****/pages/Swf-Games/465037233588224 Follow Offline Swf Games on Google Plus: ************/b/109272523421624034071/109272523421624034071
24 Jun 2013
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This is a melody I wrote and am playing on my 1983 Ovation Elite 1537 guitar.
1 Feb 2008
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Where is your slack
16 Aug 2007
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12 Dec 2008
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While the city continues to cut corners to make ends meet, city workers are stepping into pick up the slack.
8 Jun 2010
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Want to entertain the office? Check out resident slacker/comedian Michael Somerville as he finds the best and the worst of the web. From shirtless Brando impressions to "Sex and the City" hype, we help you get through the work week. For more funny stuff, check out TitanLaughs****!
21 May 2008
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31 Oct 2009
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keep your dreams alive
28 Apr 2010
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22 Nov 2011
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Reflections; 100,000 lights synchronized!! Brought to you by the brilliant Marty Slack. Many thanks goes out to his neighbors for loosing sleep during the holliday season... ROFL !!
18 Dec 2006
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