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two boys slap fights in the classrom
17 Apr 2007
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Two Cartoon Characters Participate in A Slaping Fight
7 Jul 2007
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Some dude agrees to let his friend slap him in the face thinking its no big deal, it knocks him out.
15 Mar 2008
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This almost looks like a scene from a video game. An awesome, amazing video game.
25 Nov 2008
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9 Jul 2012
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BY ALLIE SPILLYARDS ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy Last week’s budget showdown was over billions of dollars. But that’s just pocket change compared to the number that matters now. $14.294 trillion. It’s called the debt ceiling. And to hear politicos talking about it- it sounds like Congress is preparing for doomsday. KAY BAILEY HUTCHINSON: “Really the debt ceiling's going to be Armageddon.” EZRA KLEIN: “The economy will go into a tail spin. It will be a catastrophe.” ERROL LOUIS: “The repercussions would be profound. They would be severe. And they would be permanent.” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner predicts the U.S. will hit its debt ceiling in mid-May -- which makes the need for compromise all the more urgent. So what exactly is the debt ceiling? ABC’s David Kerley explains. “It’s like defaulting on your home mortgage. Nobody would loan you anymore money without a much higher interest payment.” But CNBC’s Erin Burnett argues, borrowing is not really a necessity. ERIN BURNETT: “We are a very wealthy country. If you look at our assets, we could pay down the debt tomorrow. We choose to borrow because we can borrow at incredibly low interest rates. Our country, because we are the safest country in the world, has this ability to borrow. And to choose to borrow and to pay it down later. Other countries don’t have that choice.” Her colleague Jim Cramer warns- the debt is a serious issue. JIM CRAMER: “Everyone’s playing with fire. We’re no better than these European countries that are in trouble.” ABC’s Jake Tapper calls last week’s 2011 budget standoff a slap fight compared to what the U.S. could be facing with the battle over raising the debt ceiling. “While a government shutdown was serious, defaulting on US debt ... could mean Social Security and veterans benefits cut, a collapse of the stock market, home prices plummeting, tax hikes, a curtailing of Medicare, Medicaid, student loans, and much more.” And according to The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein - the effects wouldn’t just be short term. “Right now, the market doesn't believe that our political system would ever allow a debt default. The morning after a default happens, the market will have been proven wrong, and it will have been proven wrong permanently: If it can happen once, it can happen again in 20 years. In that world, the cheap debt that America enjoys and relies on is gone forever, and our economy is likely to be permanently worse off for it.” But don’t expect an agreement any time soon. A writer for CNN Money says... “In any case, coming to agreement on any long-term plan -- balanced or not -- is unlikely to happen in the next month. So don't be surprised if lawmakers just approve a series of small increases to the debt ceiling while the negotiations continue.” According to the latest NBC News Wall Street Journal Poll 62% of Americans say the debt ceiling shouldn’t be raised. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
12 Apr 2011
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Electronic Arts and Zynga duking it out is one of the biggest supervillain slap-fights in history. Both companies are reviled by gamers the world over, but as is our nature, we can't just sit back and watch the carnage. People are picking sides, and while many have chosen to root for the lesser evil, they may be confused as to which one that actually is. Easy mistake to make, to be honest. It's hard to tell.
28 Feb 2013
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A Pikachu slap fight I just through together.
7 Sep 2008
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Semin engages in a slap fight against Mark Staal. Wow he should be embarrassed - the NHL should suspend him.
24 May 2009
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Outside the Back Alley at the end of a pubcrawl during Calgary Stampede, a friendly slap fight turns into a bloody mess. kinda
17 May 2012
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The girls get into a fist fight and slap fest.
24 May 2009
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It is funny how she actually wobbles out of the picture when the petite girl slaps her back hard at the end. And the "slapped out" girl is seeing whining and yelling at the winner.
7 Sep 2009
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Cat Fight
3 Nov 2009
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two girl take turns slaping each other.
23 May 2010
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From the movie Monster-in-Law - Viola (Jane Fonda) and Charlie (Jennifer Lopez) come to blows over Viola's dress, but Gertrude (Elaine Stritch) appears to provide some perspective.
12 Jan 2011
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7 Mar 2013
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