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the best music ever made for linux.. its just GREAAAATE CHECK IT OUT
6 Dec 2009
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HI (speak french in the video !) tested with hitachi 46, 47 79FL, 79FL with modchip,and benq !! on a sony vaio vgna 517B with a pcmcia sata card on windows XP service pack 3. you must have : (for a hitachi 79 FL) - unlock cd (only for the 79 FL !!!) - jungle flasher V0.1.55 beta - blank file firmware for your drive (orig79-4d20.bin or orig79-4b00.bin only if you're drive is already flashed with an old ixtreme or others firmwares - files ix151-79-4d20.bin or ix151-79-4b00.bin blank files and firmwares must be in firmware directory of jungleflasher ! for the others hitachi, put the correct blank and ixtrem firmware in the directory and just "send mode B" one time (no unlock cd and send mode b like in the video)
6 Sep 2009
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This shows you how to install VNC (Remote Desktop Control) On another computer... Credits to : www.irongeek****
30 Jun 2008
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Hokus Pokus! -Regenbogen Alle downloaden! Akk!
27 Jul 2011
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I am showing how to recover lost passwords with Ophcrack Live CD. Ophcrack: *******ophcrack.sourceforge**** 1. Burn the iso on a CD. 2. Insert the CD into your first CD/DVD-drive. 3. Reboot your machine, enter BIOS and boot from CD. 4. Start SLAX, and wait a few minutes. 5. Note the cracked password and boot Windows. NOTE: The batch file is just for changing the admin password to a random one! You don't need this step! Be sure you have another admin account if you use this file! randompw.bat____ echo off net user %username% %random% ________________
24 May 2009
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Hello youtube, today I am telling you that you can flash your xbox 360 using a usb to sata cable or a PCI express to SATA card. Here is a link to the .rar file which contains the Slax 2 iso and the Firmware Toolbox along with videos describing the flashing process: *******depositfiles****/files/zrlr7k51u (Note: I only changed the download link for faster download speeds and access to the download without a client.) This is ONLY for Hitachi drives. You can only use a Windows computer. Do NOT power off your drive after entering Mode B until complete with flashing. Do not pay any attention to the "preparation" video, it describes how to prepare your xbox 360 with a sata to sata cable and a chipset.
3 Jul 2009
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Get the right files All of the files you require are available from one site but a free registration is required to access the downloads section please visit them and register before clicking on the following links or access to the files will be denied click ******* to register the link will take you to registration screen. Important All the files you will download use a compression called '.rar' so you will need a tool called Winrar to decompress the files it can be downloaded from *******www.rarlab****/download.htm . Hitachi DVD-drives Xtreme Firmware Hitachi 4in1 which supports Hitachi 36, 46D, 47D and 59 DVD drives and the Flasher tool for Windows is included click ******* Click ******* to download from Samsung DVD-drives Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943 DVD drive and the Flasher tool for DOS included. Click ******* to download from You'll also need the FreeDOS boot floppy which can be found Here Phillips DVD-drives No Firmware is available yet Three methods of getting the DVD-drive recognized by your PC We need to tell the DVD-drive to enter a mode known as 'Mode B' or the PC will not be able to see the drive and we need the PC to see it before we can do any firmware updates. Three methods are available to accomplish the task, choose your method and read how it's done. Slax CD if your SATA chipset is compatible (click ******* to check known compatibility) Click ******* for instructions Crossed Wires Method requires adding some wires to the DVD-drive Click ******* for instructions Xecuter Connectivity Kit needs to be purchased for around $30 online Click ******* for instructions.
6 Sep 2009
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Acer eRecovery Manager Lost Password Recovery by britec****** Linux CD *******www.slax**** Like many others, the first time that you launch eRecovery on your laptop you have use a password. Then the months the years passed, and you need eRecovery, but now you forgot the password... Note : The method can be very different with your model, but the principle remains the same one, there must be a file which stores your password, and it must be in one of the most recent files since you changed your password. Note 2: Vista compatibility This problem is solved very easily, makes a right click on the partedit32 icon, goes in properties, clicks on the tab compatibility and set the compatibility on winxp or win98. For Vista and Xp add run as an administrator. Method n°1 : 1. Download Partedit32 launch the program and change the type of the partition pqservice from 27 to 7. 2. Restart the computer press F2 on boot to enter the bios, and then disable the option (d2drecovery). 3. Restart and press F8 several times until you reach the Windows recovery menu, choose the option : command prompt. The windows open and now there is a letter for a new drive, x for example. 4. Type "dir" and seek the file "aimdrs.dat". Then type this command at the prompt : "Copy aimdrs.dat C:" 5. Restart your computer normally, open a notepad browse for your file open it and recover your password. Do not forget to restore your partition pqservice in its initial state with partedit32, and to reactivate the D2D recovery option in the bios. Method n°2 : With a Linux boot CD make : 1. Cd /mnt 2. mkdir acer 3. mount - T vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/acer 4. cat /tools/aimdrs.dat Here is your password. Warning : for more recent laptop with SATA disc replace "hda1" with "sda1". *******www.pcrepairhertfordshire****** *******www.briteccomputers****** *******www.britec*******
28 Nov 2009
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A video tutorial that teaches you how to flash a Hitachi GDR 78FK drive. More videos on installing modchips and etc will be coming. Check out ******* for more info, and for hardwares/modchips to get your console hacked. Download the Slax 2.1 disk here: *******thepiratebay****/torrent/4136688/Slax_2.1 (Video made by .ISO ***********/user/DOTiSOalt, and he will be answering all the questions)
9 Jan 2010
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19 Apr 2010
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If you have a USB drive, you can boot off of it with a Linux OS like you would do with a bootable "Live CD." Did you know that? This is ideal if your computer doesn't have an optical drive, or just don't have any blank CD's laying around. This video is being demonstrated with Slax. Website: *******www.vincebognot****/ Twitter: *******www.twitter****/vincebognot/ Contact: vincevincebognot**** Save 25% Off Your New Domain Name With Hover: *******www.hover****/vince
28 Jul 2010
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