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Bunny wanna cuddle, and sleep kitty thinks he wanna play
11 Jun 2008
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Alan, the neversleeping eye. Unihemispheric slow-wave sleep (USWS) is sleep in which one half of an animal's brain is at rest, while the other half remains alert. During USWS, only one eye is closed, allowing the animal to remain alert to activity in its environment. It has been observed in various species of birds, dolphins, seals, lizards, and manatees. This type of sleep probably resulted from environmental factors such as an abundance of predators or the need to continue moving while asleep. Some birds are able to rest both halves of their brains at the same time to remain active for longer periods of time than would be possible with the mental alertness normal sleep allows. In fact, this mode of sleeping is the most common, and terrestrial mammals generally do sleep with both hemispheres at the same time. This phenomenon has been studied by behavioral neurophysiologists Niles/Niels C. Rattenborg, Steven L. Lima, Charles J. Amlaner and other colleagues of Indiana State University Department of Life Sciences. They have published content in Nature on the subject. USWS is possibly the first animal behavior which uses different regions of the brain to simultaneously control sleep and wakefulness. From Wikipedia
11 Jun 2008
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How much sleep do you actually need? In a recent story in Time magazine, a 2002 study found that Americans receiving between 6-and-a-half and 7-and-a-half hours of sleep live the longest, and that a higher death risk is associated with people receiving too little or too much sleep. In fact, more than 1-million American adults participated in the study that found sickness is U-shaped, meaning people receiving very short sleep and those receiving very long sleep are linked to more illnesses, and those range from depression to obesity and heart disease. The report also said that people suffering from insomnia should restrict time spent in bed and this treatment is actually more powerful and effective than using prescription sleeping pills. Watch out CDs and digital downloads – Vinyl is making a comeback. One employee at Fred Meyer accidentally entered the LP code this spring versus the CD-DVD edition when ordering REM’s latest “Accelerate” album. Boxes of the vinyl disks got shipped to many Fred Meyer locations and some chose to sell the LPs, reporting 20 sales the first day. After this mistake seemed like a possible profit option, the Portland-based company decided to .....
13 Jun 2008
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Would you like to make money while you sleep? Would you like to know how to get tools for free. Free tools that others are sellin
17 Jun 2008
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- Relax & Enjoy the serenity of a Tropical Sleep Meditation with Lita. Help with Insomnia & Relaxation. Soothing waves & colorful visuals take you away.
30 Mar 2009
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18 Jun 2008
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Imagine yourself on a tropical Island golden sand beach...This beautiful guided visualization is sure to relax you and help you sleep deeply tonight! For more visit us at www.sleepmp3****
19 Jun 2008
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The real sleep of cat . But....
19 Jan 2009
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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Sneak Peek Trailer. This is part of my Website: *******kingdomheartsiifinalmix.ipbfree****/ -Credit goes to KHINSIDER- Enjoy
12 Jul 2008
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My youngest cat Kasper sleeping on my bed
6 Jul 2008
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Adorable Sleeping Kitten
7 Jul 2008
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..i just caught her while she was sleeping..she's probably thinking: leave me alone..
9 Jul 2008
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Sleeping longer hours can improve your grades.
10 Jul 2008
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this baby while sleep but his eye not closed
10 Jul 2008
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his sleep but eye not closed..
10 Jul 2008
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Cranky kids are no fun, so how do parents get kids to adjust smoothly when there is daylight savings time or perhaps a vacation in a different time zone? Besides being cranky, sleep deprivation can cause learning and health issues. Kids with ADD may have exacerbated symptoms when they don't sleep properly. Dr. Kenneth Sassower from Massachusetts General Hospital's Sleep Disorder Unit discusses how to help your child better adjust to a changing sleep schedule. Mom Matters is 10 easy to watch anytime minutes of practical advice for more productive parenting. Visit us at****
14 Jul 2008
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