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This teacher is really badass and he proved it. This student was in deep sleep, his friends tried to wake him up but it was the teacher’s extreme move that was successful.
27 Jan 2018
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Some alarms don't let you sleep, and they compel you to come out of bed immediately. Enjoy the funny moments in the morning when you try to sleep a little bit more and your alarm does not let you do so. 4 alarm apps that will actually wake you up If you don't struggle to rouse yourself first thing in the morning, then consider yourself lucky—or at least very well-rested. For the rest of us, technology can help overcome that bleary-eyed and dreamy-headed feeling to get us out of bed at the right time. The following apps for Android and iOS can prevent you from endlessly hitting the snooze button, or wake you up gently at a time that suits your body. Some even give you statistics on how well you slept as well. Choose the best option for your needs, and wake up the right way. Snooze no more In an ideal world, you'd wake up when your alarm rings, turn it off immediately, and get out of bed like a responsible adult. All too often, though, you grope for the snooze button and drift off again. That's not necessarily a problem—until you hit the button again, and again, and again, and all of a sudden it's time to leave. Or worse, you accidentally turn the alarm off entirely and sleep through the start of the workday. Instead of giving you such easy alarm-silencing options, the following apps force you to jump through hoops in order to quiet the blaring. By the time you've solved a puzzle, played a game, or even snapped a selfie, you'll have shaken off the fog of sleep and resisted the siren song of your cozy bed. 1. For photographers If you really need a jolt to get out of bed, then Alarmy provides one: By default, the app's alarm only stops ringing once you've taken a photo that matches one you've already registered. It could be the bathroom mirror, for example, or the coffee machine downstairs if you really have trouble staying awake in the morning. By the time you've located the designated object and framed it properly, you'll be awake and ready to face the day.
1 Feb 2018
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Dear friend, in this video we are going to discuss about the best natural sleeping aid pills. People, who are suffering from insomnia, are advised intake of the best natural sleeping aid pills like Aaram capsules. It is also suggested to include ripe banana, kiwi, soy foods, fish and fiber rich foods in your daily diet to promote sound sleep.
7 Feb 2018
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This baby has its sleep mode on and is totally ready to enjoy in the dreamland. As a reaction to a happy time, it laughs out loud in sleep mode.
9 Feb 2018
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This handsome canine is pissed and unhappy because it had to sleep in its own bed rather than on the top of his owner. That agreement ain’t going to last though.
12 Feb 2018
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We all are aware of at least one such person who can sleep through anything. This guy falls in the same category, the firecrackers had literally zero effect.
12 Feb 2018
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Sleep Inn Orlando Airport 1700 McCoy Road, Orlando, Florida, 32809 Welcome to the newly renovated Sleep Inn Suites Orlando International Airport hotel in Orlando, Florida ll Rooms gives guests Free Wireless High Speed Internet Access. Guests can enjoy swimming in Pool, All rooms feature refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, Free Hot Breakfast, coffee makers and cable televisions etc.
13 Feb 2018
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• More than 90% doctors or sleep experts suggest people buy sleeping pills in the UK or other countries around the globe. Sleeping tablets relax your brain’s chemicals and induce sleep in the people. A registered online pharmacy always delivers branded medications at affordable prices to the patients.
13 Feb 2018
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This guy might have almost broke his neck...This is the reason why you shoud not fall asleep in a chair outside.
30 Jan 2018
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This human might be very drunk because there is no other reason for him to withstand the seagull attack on the beach.
6 Feb 2018
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If you have a wife who snores like this then my friend you are gonna spend many many sleepless night doing silly things like this man.
7 Feb 2018
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11 Feb 2018
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