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Obesity has made many lives miserable. People end up suffering and bearing their obesity, as there was no alternative before. Exercise, gym, diet does not work on highly obese people, as fat accumulates and makes its place stronger than the person’s efforts. But now, with the Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery India one does not have to worry about their obesity. Obesity gives rise to Co-morbid condition as well, which can be treated with Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery. Surgeons in India are trained in some of the best institutes in India and Abroad. During their professional career they have successfully handled many surgeries. There are different types of Bariatic surgeries like: Sleeve Gastrectomy; In this operation surgeons remove about 75% of the stomach. Only a narrow tube or sleeve is left to connect the intestine, Gastric band; In this surgical procedure the stomach is squeezed into two sections, smaller upper section and larger lower section, Gastric bypass: the stomach is divided into two parts, sealing the upper section from the lower. The upper stomach is directly connected to the lower section of the small intestine. Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery helps the highly obese people to live their lives normally. Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery India is affordable for international patients. Contact Us Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India International Caller : +91-9373055368​​
11 Mar 2017
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Life is very difficult for highly obese people, it is very important to get a grip over the increasing obesity cases naturally, or find the right surgeons to treat medically. Obesity Surgery Mumbai India gives you a fair chance to get rid of heavy body and helps you to look slim and attractive at affordable cost. Recent past, one of the hospitals in Mumbai, India underwent obesity surgery for a patient from Nigeria which was successfully performed. The patient was very happy with the service that was provided by forerunners healthcare consultants. In her testimonial she states that she was wonderfully taken-care by forerunners health care consultants throughout her medical treatment. Forerunners health care helped her to arrange the medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, accommodation for self and family, meals, appointments with surgeons etc. Even you can avail these services easily with forerunners health care. There are different types of obesity surgeries like: Gastric bypass, Sleeve gastrectomy (single technique), Gastric band, Gastric Balloon. With the help of these surgeries you can plan a slim and attractive life at a very low cost in India. The surgeons in India are very professional and well trained in some of the best institutes in India and Abroad. In their professional career they have seen every possible condition and treated successfully. One can easily plan their obesity surgery in India with forerunners healthcare consultants. Contact Us: FORERUNNERS HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD. International Helpline Number : +91-9371136499
22 Mar 2017
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Alyssa Kristin offers low-cost customization's on all of our Chicago bridal gowns so you can say “I do” in a gown the echoes your unique spirit. Our Wedding Dresses are designed to showcase the bride so that she feels like the most beautiful version of herself. So have fun – mix & match tops/skirt, add a sleeve, lower the back or add some train. Or we also offer completely design bridal & custom wedding dress in Chicago. Address 505 N LaSalle St, #575, Chicago, IL 60654, USA Phone 7738872812
23 Mar 2017
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6:33 video provides overview with animation on how a gastric sleeve surgery is performed. Low Cost Surgery options in High Quality USA accredited overseas hospitals in Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand
18 Feb 2008
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This video describes cylinder sleeve types and cylinder wall,like dry sleeve,wet sleeve and flanged sleeve,with focus on the hard wear materials used for manufacuturing,this source is
5 Apr 2008
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This is another chapter in our Decoy Training Series. This episode covers the bite bar training sleeve.
14 Oct 2008
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This is an American national’s testimonial video after his gastric sleeve surgery at Mumbai in India. Tony Singer from the US was suggested to take care of his weight by his local doctor as his body mass index showed morbid obesity in his body after an initial medical diagnosis gastric sleeve surgery was found to be reliable for him, keeping in view the target of saving more money as well as getting medical care of an international quality Tony got his gastric sleeve surgery at Mumbai in India and he got best results after the medical procedure at an affordable cost. Gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive weight loss surgery that permanently reduces the size of the stomach by about 85 percent. The procedure of sleeve gastrectomy is helpful for patients who wish to lose weight but have health conditions that make combined restrictive/malabsorptive surgery less safe at this point in time. These patients may want to consider a malabsorptive procedure like duodenal switch (DS) later to lose more weight. Obesity surgery hospitals of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Goa have experienced weight loss experts who are providing an affordable cost gastric sleeve surgery in India with an assured success rate. Medical tourism in India is supporting and assisting patients who are searching for cost effective options medical treatment. It provides effective provisions of medical travel and hospitalization. You may get more info on gastric sleeve surgery in India at or mail your case details at
18 Dec 2008
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Sleeve Makinesinde Statik Uygulaması
13 Jan 2009
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This hand made Valentine is made from a Starbucks coffee sleeve. It makes use of recycled material and is a good Valentine craft project for kids.
31 Jan 2009
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This is a card that printed for Cherry Cabana Club. It's a vip access card for their club. They also had us print a custom sleeve for it.
31 Mar 2009
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The video here takes you through the various steps needed to set up the Kluge UniFold for converting a cd wallet sized pointed pocket sleeve. See for more information.
3 Apr 2009
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0:50 Icon sleeve is designed in a way that it suits anyone who uses it. It has a protective layer for your precious laptop / MacBook . It allows easy carriage and storage with style. It also you don't having to worry about scratches. With its simple yet stylish design, they can fit into bag and offer protection as well as keeping up with trend when carried in hand. Icon Sleeve is the sleeve case which has ideal function entirely.
12 Apr 2009
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Dr JK Champion talks about sleeve gastrectomy surgery as well as his approach to performing the operation for his patients at Videoscopic Institute of Atlanta.
22 Apr 2009
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The cat which likes entering all over the left sleeve of the master.
14 May 2009
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Firemen catch a sleeve (Пожарники ловят рукав)
29 May 2009
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This blouse puts a unique twist on the classic blouse with bat-wing sleeves. The cut is both casual and comfortable
27 Jun 2009
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