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Small World Treks Mission Statement To inspire ordinary people to live extraordinary lives. To teach people, through our documented trials and errors, how to see more of their world. To facilitate our own traveling adventures.
Ten2Watch**** is a small cap portal. It's just starting up but I get to do a few videos for them which I thought you might like.... nicole
29 May 2007
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Chinese Small Cap TV reports on the day's best Chinese small cap and mid cap press releases before the opening bell. Today's show features: Shanda Interactive Entertainment - NASDAQ:SNDA $60.40
3 Jun 2009
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AGORACOM - The Small Cap Epicenter reports on the day's best small cap and micro cap press releases before the opening bell. Today's show features: Law Enforcement Associates - OTC BB:LAWE $0.25 BioKey International - OTC BB:BKYI $0.085 Meltdown Massage and Body Works - OTC BB:MMBW $3.05 Alexis Minerals Corporation - TSX:AMC $0.52 Magellan Minerals - TSX-V:MNM $0.82
25 Feb 2009
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Hot new pinksheet stocks rise quickly and offer incredible returns to everyday stock investors in the Medical and Health Industry New hot stocks to buy like E Benefits Direct Inc s EBFD PK are awesome penny stocks to buy and you can get great stock tips from Squawk box on CNBC or even www thenextbigpick com Over the counter hot stock tips on small cap stocks and mid cap stocks in the Medical and Health industry
25 Jul 2008
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Profiting from Penny Stocks? Sign up to the Slingshot Stocks free stock pick newsletter, and find out what some experts are calling, " incomparable insight to the small cap markets." Penny Stocks, Some people consider penny stocks to be a poor investment. I, on the other hand, think that investing in a penny stock before that company becomes profitable is the best way to invest, because you can make a lot more money with penny stocks than would ever be possible with blue-chip stocks. I will now outline for you what you need to know about penny stocks and how to find the best one in which to invest. Penny stocks are defined differently depending on who you talk to. Stockbrokers define them as any stock that trades below $5 per share. Regulatory agencies sometimes classify them as a stock with a price below $2. But, generally speaking, a penny stock is any low-priced security that trades on one of two exchanges; the Pink Sheets or the OTC Bulletin Board. The Pink Sheets are an exchange where most startup companies first get listed. There are no listing requirements to be traded on this exchange. A company does not have to have any sales, nor does it have to reveal how many shares outstanding it has to qualify for the Pink Sheets. The reason why a company tries to get listed on the Pink Sheets, even though their stock will not go up in price because they have no sales to speak of, is because it gives their company more substance and credibility; it is typically easier to attract additional capital, obtain financing, and execute contracts and agreements if a company is publicly traded, even if it is on the Pink Sheets. Also, it is easier to get transferred from the Pink Sheets to one of the larger exchanges than it is to go from being a private company to hopping directly on to one of the major exchanges, such as the NASDAQ or NYSE. Companies listed on the Pink Sheets trade as ridiculously low as $0.00001 per share, all the way up to $500 per share and sometimes beyond. Foreign companies often have some of their shares sold in the United States by listing them on the Pink Sheets. The OTC (Over-The-Counter) Bulletin Board is similar to the Pink Sheets. This exchange consists of relatively young companies either with no sales or a small amount of sales. Companies listed on it are sometimes fully reporting (meaning that they reveal how many shares they have outstanding and what their balance sheet looks like). Often, companies go from the Pink Sheets to the Bulletin Board once they are ready to become fully or semi-reporting. Most publicly traded companies that are now listed on one of the major exchanges (NASADAQ, AMEX, NYSE), at one time or another, were penny stocks listed on the Pink Sheets or Bulletin Board. Rarely does a company go from being private directly to one of the 3 major exchanges. Google is a rare example of a company that was able to do that, because they were so successful so quickly. But, most companies have to pay their dues and edge their way up from the penny stock exchanges to the bigger ones. So, investing in penny stocks can be an excellent investment because some of these young companies will one day be worth a fortune. The hard part is finding the right company to invest in, because for every successful startup company, there is also one that fails within the first year or two.
29 Oct 2009
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11 Dec 2008
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28 Aug 2010
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Hot new pinksheet stocks rise quickly and offer incredible returns to everyday stock investors in the automotive and penny and pink sheet sector fields New hot stocks to buy like are awesome penny stocks to buy and you can get great stock tips from Squawk box on CNBC or even www thenextbigpick com Over the counter hot stock tips on small cap stocks and mid cap stocks in the penny and pink sheet industry
23 Jul 2008
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hot otc bb stock pick soaring pinksheet companies in the Medical and Medical and petroleum industries E Benefits Direct Inc s Stock Symbol EBFD PK is a very good stock to buy if an intelligent Medical investor is looking for a hot stock tip on an over the counter bulletin board small cap stock investment Medical investors usually get a good return with their Medical royalties but now with the wall street journal MSN CNBC and the midcap reporter www thenextbigpick com you can find great stock tips on squawk box and stocks to play for big gainers
2 Jun 2009
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hot otc bb stock pick soaring pinksheet companies in the gas and oil and petroleum industries Energetic Holdings Stock Symbol ENRH PK is a very good stock to buy if an intelligent gas investor is looking for a hot stock tip on an over the counter bulletin board small cap stock investment Oil investors usually get a good return with their oil royalties but now with the wall street journal MSN CNBC and the midcap reporter www midcapreporter com you can find great stock tips on squawk box and stocks to play for big gainers
27 Jul 2009
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Dr. Larry Dick, President of Evolving Gold, talks about how to find gold in's a's under the gravel
11 Apr 2007
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AGORACOM TV reports the best small-cap gold, metals, energy and commodities news every morning at the open. Today's show features: BSM Technologies - TSX-V:GPS, Metanor Resources - TSX-V:MTO, New Gold Inc. - TSX:NGD, Relevant Search Keywords: AGORACOM, small-cap, small-cap stocks, resources stocks, gold, silver, copper, precious metals, base metals, energy, oil, gas, commodities, resources, agriculture, green energy, clean tech, TSX, TSX Venture, OTCBB
6 Feb 2014
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