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Hello beautiful! One word. Bewbs. I've been getting quite a few boobie related questions from you girls lately and since it's been a little while since our last Girl Talk episode, I thought -- what a great topic to talk about. Today, I'm gonna be BOOBZbeauty. I know there are many girls out there who feel insecure about their bodies. As a fellow small chested girl, I remember feeling very self conscious and unattractive. Today, I'm just going to catch up with you guys on why you should love your twins. Yes, I have small buns. But they're still buns XD Please don't let the media ever fool you into thinking you're not good enough. We live in such a superficial world these days. You are far more than boobs. Embrace your body. Celebrate with confidence. Now THAT is attractive ;) Why You Should LOVE Your Small Boobs: *******www.bubzbeauty****/bubbi-likes/413-why-you-should-love-your-small-boobs.html You're born an original, don't die a copy -- John Mason. Ps. Don't mind the fluffy head. I was wearing a hat all day since it was raining and didn't realise I had hat head XD Pps. New Bubbi Brushes will be ready End of April!!!! BIG giveaway to come! Have a blessed beautiful week. Much love, Bubz xx
7 Apr 2013
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Watch more at *******www.theyoungturks****
2 Aug 2008
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On basant function Zeeshan has fun
10 Jun 2009
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Just wait… let them explain. Maybe. In an effort to curtail kiddy porn and simulated kiddy porn, the Aussie government imposed censorship restrictions on adult films with flat chested gals and female ejaculation. That's rough, according to Kevin.
23 Apr 2010
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Share on Twitter: *******clicktotweet****/948U3 Connect with IdeasfromHYK Facebook *******facebook****/ideasfromhykpage Twitter *******twitter****/ideasfromHYK Google+ ************/u/0/118437479969294041857/ Women vs Men: Who has it harder? Valid points as why women or men have it harder in life. Men: We have to face rejection. Even though it's the 21th century, girls still don't make the first move. We have to think about pick up lines. Women: Girls get hit on so many times a day by the ugly and classless guys. Women can't even ride the subway without the fear of being molested. Alot of times, crimes don't reported so it just slips by. Alot of girls are stalked and even raped. It's happens often but it's not noticed by the public. Alot of girls keep it private because they feel embarrassed to report it to the police/law enforcement. Men: On the first date, guys always have to pick up the girl, open the car door for her, pull the chair back and they men always have to pay for the first day Women: When girls get married, they have to cook, clean, do the laundry, take care of the kids and take care of the husband. Men: Guys have to worry about getting kicked in the balls(nuts). It's happens often and we get into a lot of pain. At the same time, women don't even have something sticking out of their pants. Women: Girls feel like they are getting kicked in the balls every month for 5 days straight. Men: Alot of females are looking for a guy with a college degree from a top tier ivy league university/college like Harvard, Brown, Yale, Colombia. Our occupation determines us and our social status. On top of that, women can hired based on their appearance(beauty). All women have to do is push up their and wear short skirts. Women: Women get paid a lot less for the same job that the men performs. The hourly wage/salary doesn't really compare. Men: Guys have to deal with guys on their periods. Some girls are full time PMS'ers(Premenstrual syndrome). Guys have to get into arguments/fights when girls are on their periods Women: Girls have to experience being on their period first hand. They have to bleed from their private part. While on their periods, they have to deal with cramps for five days. Men: Guys have to deal with getting a boner in public. It's embarrassing for to have to something lift from their pants in public with many people around. Guys have also worry about their penis/johnson/wang/piece. Women: Women have to be perfect. If they have small boobs/breast, they have to spend a lot of money to get bigger ones. If they have a small ass/behind, they have to spend more money on getting a bigger one. If the girls boobs or ass is to big, people end up calling them fake or fat/chubby. Men: It's in the man's nature to spread their seeds and deal with many STD's(sexually transmitted diseases). Women: If a women sleeps with a hundred dudes, she is considered the worst thing in the planet. She is considered a hooker, prositute, bitch,whore, tramp but if a guy sleep with a many women, they are considered the man, pimp, king, that dude, the man, stud. Men: Women are correct about the hardship about dealing with being pregnant. There is nothing harder in life that men have to deal with than women who have to deal with pregnancy. I was in sex education class at six grade and I saw a baby get born and blood was slipping out and I fainted. Women: We have to carry another human being in our stomach for almost a year. Women have to eat the correct way to take care of the child. After 9 months-1 year of suffering and panicking, a human starts kicking in their stomach and comes out of their vagina. Royalty Free music courtesy of incompetech**** Summer Day Genre: Contemporary Time: 3:18  Instruments: Guitar, EP, Bass, Kit  60 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)  ISRC: USUAN1200083 © 2012 Kevin MacLeod Soothing piece with an interesting harmonic left-turn. You got a savage beast? This is just the ticket. Calming, Relaxed  Peaceful Desolation Genre: Soundtrack Time: 1:31  Instruments: Brass, Tympani, Glock, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Strings  54 BPM (Largo - Very Slow)  ISRC: USUAN1200017 © 2012 Kevin MacLeod Low-key mood establisher with chords moving in parallel blocks for the melody. Starts dark, ends open and airy. Calming, Relaxed, Somber, Uplifting
8 May 2013
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I've been insecure about being a part of the ITBC (itty bitty titty committee) my whole life! Here's how I learned to embrace my little boobies. I vary from a 34A- 32C, I can fit into A & B cups as well (I just get less nipple coverage). Haha! Love Your Height- ***********/watch?v=JF5jb12U4zc How to Put on a Tampon- ***********/watch?v=XNP0qhBdfHI Brushes Update: They are still happening! Just a very slow process! As I tweeted before (but in case you don't follow me on twitter), the reason it took so long is because I didn't have the money to keep making the changes. This is my first time working on something this big and I didn't prepare myself for the accidents that come along with starting something like this. In order to make this happen, I would have to raise the price of the brush set by $5 each. That makes people who reserved the brushes pay $45 instead of the original $40. I am so thankful that so many of you said that wouldn't be a problem! I really do apologize for the delay and having to raise the price. If it's not something you can do, I totally understand! Just wanted you all to keep in mind the it is a 10 brushes kit with professional quality. I've been testing samples of the brushes & I am extremely happy with them. The quality really is amazing! ( I will show you all in a video once they are ready). The brushes will be available in approximately 2 months. Sorry it's taking so long, but due to the manufacturers being in China, it's really hard to work any faster than this. Ahhh! Again, thank you all for your support and this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you so much!! Video on Brushes- ***********/watch?v=ucq4Er09-TM Please Subscribe! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=ilikeweylie Connect with me! Twitter: *******www.twitter****/callmeweylie FaceBook: *******www.facebook****/callmeweylie Instagram: *******instagram****/weylie Tumblr: *******callmeweylie.tumblr**** Business Inquiries ONLY: weylie2011yahoo**** Wah (my boyfriend) & I's vlog channel: ***********/WahlieTV Thanks for watching! See you on my vlog channel or next video!
9 Jan 2014
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For regular updates please follow my blog: *******www.kimberleyxlynn**** Bloglovin:*******www.bloglovin****/kimberleyxlynn Business inquiries can be sent to: businesskimberleyxlynn**** SOCIAL: Twitter: *******www.twitter****/kimberleyxlynn Facebook: *******www.facebook****/kimberleyxlynn Tumblr: *******kimberleyxlynn.tumblr****/ Instagram: *******www.instagram****/kimberleyxlynn Pinterest: *******pinterest****/kimberleyxlynn Blog: *******www.kimberleyxlynn**** TECHNOLOGY: Camera: Canon Rebel t3i I edit with either iMovie '12 or Final Cut Pro X Macbook Pro 2010 Model KEYWORDS: kimberleyxlynn, kimberleyxlynn****, kimberleyxlynn blog
25 Jun 2014
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*******www.drkapoormd**** This is my experience from initial consult to final result as I undergo breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants in Beverly Hills, CA. The reason I'm here in Beverly Hills having breast augmentation surgery is because I saw my mom get plastic surgery and I have small boobs like hers. I was nine when she got her boobs done so ever since I was fifteen I was really serious about it. I did do research with other Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. I actually went to a bad consultation before. The plastic surgeon insulted my stomach, he, oh! So I went home and went on the Look Your Best website and i found Dr. Vishal Kapoor and I fell in love. I had the opportunity to meet with Christina at my Beverly Hills office a few months ago. She came in interested in breast implant surgery and has had a child and has breast fed. One thing she noted was she lost a lot of volume in her breasts after breast feeding and was really looking to restore some of that lost volume, as well as enhance her breasts and also just balance out her body. I ask what they would look like when I was eighty. I asked him weird questions. Dr. Vishal Kapoor was so attentive. He is so good. I love him. I love him. I think one thing that's important when patients come to Beverly Hills for breast augmentation surgery and they say i want a C cup or a D cup, you know i think they all have a cup size in mind. I explain to them no two bras are created equal. Depending on where you buy a bra you may be a C here or a D there. Christina, she had a specific desire of wanting to be a D cup. We definitely achieved that. When we sized her for the silicone implants we started at a certain range and I think we went up to where she is now or even a bit beyond. I think she felt, when she tried on the breast implants that the size was going to be good for her body and I fully agree. I think we picked the perfect size breast augmentation implants for her. She had breast implant surgery with silicone breast implants. We did a five hundred fifty cc implant through an infra-mammary or under the breast incision. The surgery went very smooth. She didn't have any abnormal anatomy. She didn't have any excessive bleeding. It was a very smooth operation. One thing we did on her case which is something I do on a lot of my patients. A lot of women have a little extra breast tissue in the armpit area. When they have breast augmentation surgery, the breasts look great but they still have this little fullness up here. I thought well, let's just liposuction this because it's going to look a lot better. We went and did that and I'm really glad we did. It's been six weeks since Christina's breast augmentation surgery. She is absolutely thrilled with the results of her surgery, as am I. Overall she has a very symmetrical, very even result. The implants have settled into a good position and they usually take anywhere from four to six weeks to settle down in most patients. Sometimes longer, but in her case the implants settled pretty quickly. Her scars are healing very well. I suspect that in a matter of a few months they will be virtually unnoticeable. I am very, very happy with the results of my Beverly Hills breast augmentation. So is everybody else. I have girlfriends that had their boobs done by other plastic surgeons. They've all told me that the scar looks good. Everything looks good. Top of the line work. I don't know if you get what you pay for or if Dr. Kapoor is just an amazing plastic surgeon, but in a week I was up, I was good. The recovery following my breast augmentation surgery has been really easy. It's just that confidence that my new breasts give me. I'm so much more comfortable in my skin. Like i said it wasn't too over the top. I'm really comfortable with the way my breasts came out. I'm looking forward to the future. I'm looking forward to the opportunities, not that the breasts give me, but the confidence they give me. I'm much more positive now so I'm attracting so many more similar energies. I'm very excited for the future. Beverly Hills Cosmetic Plastic Surgery 436 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite #117 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 385-9623 (phone) (310) 385-8450 (fax) Follow Us on Twitter *******www.twitter****/#!/drkapoor90210 Like Us on Facebook *******www.facebook****/vishalkapoormd
18 May 2013
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Hey ladies, I bought some new bras recently (inspired after watching fellow gorgeous HK you tuber Yukiuava) and wanted to make a Bra Guide video for you girlies. Do you know that 80% of women don't wear the correct bra size? You probably think it's not a big deal. Not so much. Wearing the incorrect bra size can give you poor posture, poor blood circulation, a bulky back, headaches, neck pain and poorly shaped breasts. Wearing the correct bra and bra size can be life changing. You will have better posture, your body will be leaner and more stream line and your breasts will improve in shape. Trust me. In this Girl Talk episode, we'll cover: How to measure your bra size correctly How to wear your bra properly What kind of bra is best for your body/breasts Check out the blog post for this video below: *******www.bubzbeauty****/bubbi-likes/425-bra-fitting-guide.html I understand this video may be awkward for some viewers. I tried my best to make it as informative as possible without it being inappropriate. My intentions was all just to share the knowledge & love. Of course, this video is directed for all the ladies. Gentlemen, best not to watch this to avoid awkwardness. All my life, I always thought I was a 32B or 34A. I've always had small boobs so I thought A or B was the default cup to go for. Like most girls, I hated wearing bras. Now i know it's because I was wearing the incorrect size. Remember, cup sizes are relative to the band size. A 30C cup may be similar to a 36A cup. Don't obsess over the letter. Best thing to do is to actually TRY on the bra yourself. Different brands may run a size bigger or smaller. Different fabrics may influence the fitting as well. Here is links to an International Bra Size chart you guys can use to CONVERT to the size of your country: *******www.boobytrapwarehouse****.au/brasizes.htm *******www.bellybeyond***.nz/Sizing/internationalbrasize.html Here is some awesome info you can check out from this website. This girl really knows her stuff: *******www.thinandcurvy****/p/bra-fitting.html Yukiuava was the girl who inspired me to buy new bras and research on bra fitting etc. She is a fellow Hong Kong youtuber. You can check her out at ***********/yukiuava That's all folks. Much love, Bubz xx New Bubbi brushes launches 20th May!!!! Only 7 days to go!!! Connect with me: MY WEBSITE: *******www.bubzbeauty**** TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/bubzbeauty INSTAGRAM: *******www.instagram****/itsbubz FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/itsbubz
23 May 2013
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