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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The Shining World Compassion Award: The New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary. Episode: 1659, Air Date: 31 March 2011. Script Everywhere in the world, we can observe and be touched by acts of kindness. People from all walks of life, faiths, and cultures extend themselves beyond the call of duty to help others unconditionally. Through their noble deeds, humanity as a whole is elevated. To commend virtuous actions and encourage more people to be inspired by their examples, Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly created a series of awards, including the Shining World Leadership Award, Shining World Compassion Award, Shining World Hero and Heroine Awards, Shining World Honesty Award, Shining World Protection Award, Shining World Intelligence Award, and Shining World Inventor Award, to recognize some of the most exemplary, generous, caring, and courageous people who walk amongst us. It’s an act of love, predominantly that drives me to do this because of the victimization of animals by us humans. And, it’s also part of my mission to help our human race evolve to become the more compassionate beings we were meant to be. It’s going to be a better world if we model that kind of a way of being with other creatures. After retiring in 2007, Susan Eakins and her husband Lee made a truly courageous decision. They took their life savings and bought eight hectares of land in a rural part of Montana, USA. They acquired the parcel not to build a residence for themselves, but to create a loving home for rescued farmed animals. Today they operate Montana’s only vegan refuge for such animals, the New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary. Susan and Lee humorously refer to running New Dawn as their “second but unpaid career.” There was a dire need for a safe haven for farm animals, for what is considered food-farmed animals, which are animals that are raised for eating and production use and their leather and whatever. And it distressed me deeply that this was going on. And this was a safe haven to bring fortunate animals to so that they could live out their natural lifespans and be respected and loved and cared for, and it’s been a joy. It’s been a joy. The sweet animal residents came to the refuge for different reasons. Some had been previously abused and placed at New Dawn by court order, others became homeless after their caregiver passed on, while still others were rescued from factory farms. We are contacted by various organizations, looking for someone to take the animal for various reasons, maybe they were adopted or beaten. For example, one of the earliest cows we got, he’s a male cow that had been beaten. For a long time we couldn’t even get within a couple hundred feet. But little by little, the cow started accepting us and now the cow eats out of our hands. So, it’s a good ending on this one. I’m a very big one on ethics; that we’re going to evolve. Humankind will evolve as we treat our animals better, as we treat the least amongst us (better), because in major religions it’s always a message to be kind to those who are vulnerable. And I can’t think of a more vulnerable thing than how we are deciding whether to dominate or be stewards of animals. And I choose the latter. Currently the Sanctuary is home to 55 friendly animals. The pigs, goats, sheep, cows, lamas and chickens at the haven are enjoying a new life of love and freedom in a big family setting. Time and again Susan Eakins feels deeply touched just being in the animals’ presence. When I’m with my animals, I see such unique individuals. They are so precious and they’re so individual, and it’s so hard to imagine the countless billions of animals around the world that are cruelly raised and have horrific deaths. There is no such thing as happy meat. There’s no kind ending. By people getting to visit these animals and be with these animals, I have had many people say, “That cow, I never realized had such a cute personality.” And maybe they will have the seed planted to rethink and go to eating a plant-based diet. The couple reach out to the region’s young generation in a variety of ways, ranging from offering internships at New Dawn to bringing in students for tours of the refuge. We coordinate with the University of Montana (USA) and also with other schools if they want to get involved. And we do open our facility for student internships. And it could be a student coming to do a paper or spending a semester and getting credits the same way that they would taking a class on campus. We also are open to groups and other students. And we have an educational center that has materials and information that helps change hearts and minds about how they view what’s on their plate. Besides helping foster beautiful new human-animal relationships at the Sanctuary by allowing guests to interact with the residents, the couple also has started a new community tradition by hosting joyful vegan potlucks. Now we’re in the Missoula, Montana area, that’s kind of the main, major city in the area, and we have started the Western Montana Vegetarian Society. We have a once-a-month, vegan potluck. We invite everyone. They can be foodies or meat-eaters all the way to vegans. And we tell them, you come with a plant-based food and people get to enjoy the taste and joy of eating plant-based foods. A lot of them are very surprised at how very good they are. And as they’re there that’s another resource to put out the educational materials, talk a little bit about what goes on in a casual way and again we try to encourage the public to reconsider old ways of eating to move to a more compassionate and healthy way of eating. In recognition of their sincere devotion to bettering the lives of vulnerable farm animals and promoting the vegan diet, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Susan and Lee Eakins with the Shining World Compassion Award and provided a US$10,000 contribution to the New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary to further its mission. On Supreme Master Ching Hai’s behalf our Association members presented the handsome crystal Award plaque to Ms. Eakins along with an elegantly framed letter from her. The following is an excerpt from the warm letter: This Award is presented in recognition of your selfless spirit of service and for your outstanding effort in inspiring others to claim their innate humanity, and so be of benefit to all life on Earth. Your work is helping to manifest a Golden Age on our lovely and undeniably unique planet. A single candle can light a dark room, and the New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary acts as such a light, guiding humanity ever closer to that glorious day when no animal need fear man, and all will walk together in friendship, respect and love in a new springtime of creation. For selflessly exemplifying all that is true and just in human-animal relations, for the dedication and the generosity you practice daily in tending to the needs of your endearing charges, and for shining your light so brightly to show humanity the best path to take, we hereby applaud and celebrate the compassionate deeds of Susan and Lee Eakins of the New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Susan and Lee Eakins also received books by Supreme Master Ching Hai including her #1 international best sellers “The Dogs In My Life,” “The Birds In My Life” and “The Noble Wilds” as well as a selection of her DVDs. From Lee and I, we thank Supreme Master. We are extremely thrilled and honored to be recognized. To have Supreme Master and those who have similar loving feelings recognize good works by many people and it is our joy and we are the servants willingly to the farm animals that we work with. As a token of her love, Ms. Eakins wished to present Supreme Master Ching Hai with a keepsake from the Sanctuary. It’s simply a little baseball cap she can wear and think about the Sanctuary, and keep the Sun out of her face. There you go. Please accept my humble gift, my petit rien (small) gift. Ms. Eakins, in response to your thoughtful present, Supreme Master Ching Hai has replied: It’s lovely that you send such heartwarming gift from afar. God bless you, all of you at the farm and reward you ever more for the love that you are. ♥♥ Further sharing her feelings of appreciation toward Supreme Master Ching Hai, Ms. Eakins said: I am motivated by her. I gather strength from what Supreme Master very valiantly does through her TV, through her books and everything. I totally gain strength from that and feel very pleased that…I’m in alignment with what she’s teaching because it shows that I’m on the right path. That means a lot to me. It really does. And it motivates me to think that Supreme Master found in our little humble Sanctuary a message that’s worth rewarding and honoring me. So it is marvelous. I welcome her; have her come to my Sanctuary. We will treat her as an honored guest. (I) just love the thought that she’s out there in the world doing what she’s doing and her message and all the wonderful things that are going on. And we in our own little way are doing similar at least in our way. To close, let us hear Ms. Eakins’s noble vision for humanity’s future. If I was queen of the universe, I, without a doubt, would like to see the ethics of humankind evolve. I would like to see a world in which all species are treated with great love and respect. We move away from the consumption of animals. There’ll be food for everyone, if it’s plant-based. We’ll be better people. I think we will treat each other better. We start with the base, and the base in my thinking, and this I know, is that it’s with the animals and the least amongst us, and then we build from there. We evolve to a far better society. We take the best out of what is here and we leave all the cruelty behind. That’s the world I hope for. Susan and Lee Eakins, we sincerely thank you for the wonderful love and care you give to the tender farm animals residing in your haven and steadfast commitment to building a kinder and gentler world for all beings. May the New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary forever flourish in peace and tranquility. For more details on the New Dawn Montana Farm Sanctuary, please visit: Connect with the Sanctuary and the Western Montana Vegetarian Society on Trusted viewers, thank you for your company on today’s program. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment, after Noteworthy News. May we always strive to aid those in need around the world.
9 Jun 2011
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For any editors looking for work product on Badaling's section of the Great of China please advise. I have extensive photos and several article samples. Great video to give the feel of the area from a tourist perspective *******www.ashleyturnerdoyle****/, *******goarticles****/article/Ashley-Doyle-Dining-in-Style-in-Mumbai-India/6151050/, *******videos.indiapulse****/ashley+doyle+charleston+sc/, *******www.dailymotion****/video/xovayg_dhobi-ghaat-ashley-doyle-charleston-sc-dirty-laundry-india_travel, *******ashleyturnerdoyle.wordpress****/2012/02/20/dirty-laundry-in-india-and-the-dhobi-ghaats-to-the-rescue-ashley-doyle-charleston-sc/, *******goarticles****/article/Air-Out-The-Dirty-Laundry-A-Study-of-the-Mumbai-Dhobi-Ghaat/6151109/, *******www.briefingwire****/pr/travel-horizon-to-publish-charleston-scnyc-writer-ashley-doyles-work-on-life-in-beijing, *******ashleyturnerdoyle.wordpress****/2012/02/22/ode-to-mardi-gras-ashley-doyle-charleston-www-ashleyturnerdoyle-com/, *******www.traveleverywhere****/travel/creating-happiness-through-small-gifts-ashley-turner-doyle-charleston-sc/, *******www.traveleverywhere****/travel/mumbai-the-heart-and-soul-of-india/, *******flightsimulatornet****/affiliatemarketingcenter/?p=7675, ***********/watch?v=XjMc1n_mhtc, *******www.metacafe****/watch/8126905/li_river_ashley_doyle_charleston_sc_www_ashleyturnerdoyle_com/
19 Mar 2012
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3 Ways To Re-Spark The Magic Back Into Your Relationship *******couplessexgames****/blog/romantic-date-ideas/ Are you frustrated that your relationship doesn’t have the magic and romance that it once had? Feel like you're stuck in a rut and always doing the same things? You’re not alone. After dating someone for a long time, it's easy to slip into a stable and comfortable routine. However, you often lose the spark that made your relationship so special in the first place. Not to worry, here are three simple, fun and creative ways to reignite that magic: 1. GIVE THEM A UNIQUE GIFT Name a Star after your partner. A number of astronomical agencies allow individuals to name stars and you receive formal documentation identifying the star that you have named. Or how about this: Give your partner a magic gift box, and every month place a new small gift in the box for your beloved to discover. 2. SAY "I LOVE YOU" IN A UNIQUE WAY Take a book that your partner is reading and, using a pencil, underline letters in a section of the book she has yet to read to spell out a secret message of "I love you" or an entire love letter. Doing it just like this. Or for something really unique: You can buy special plants that grow and after 14 days display a message of your choice on the leaf. Cool or what! 3. START GOING ON DATES AGAIN One thing that separates couples with 'out of this world' relationships, is they never stop doing new, fun and exciting things with their partner. In other words, they never stop dating and neither should you. Spend the day doing fun things: go to the carnival, the beach, have a water fight, stare at the clouds on a grassy hill, go on a picnic, walk in the rain without raincoats and umbrellas, dress up in funny costumes and hit the town. Or how about this: Pick your partner up for a date and blindfold her before driving to a special destination. Try to make the destination something really unexpected like a table set up at the top of a cliff or a dinner on a boat or old-fashioned ship. It needs to be something that will have an impact when she removes the blindfold. Believe me when I say that NOTHING can rekindle the love, passion and excitement in your relationship more than going on fun and creative dates together. About the Author: Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of 300 Creative Dates, a book jam-packed with ways to rekindle your relationship with creative and romantic outings, including including ideas for every day dates, long distance relationships, birthdays, anniversaries and more. To learn more, visit: *******couplessexgames****/blog/romantic-date-ideas/  
9 Jun 2012
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During the cold days of winter, many of us find comfort in the little break that Valentines Day gives. In order to celebrate it to the best level, many individuals will purchase gifts for their loved ones. Children are no different with being given small gifts, candy and even money. And, they too want to give a gift and often give gifts such as cards that are handmade to their loved ones. Finding a special, meaningful gift is important though.
7 Feb 2013
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see full video:- ******** How to Make Paper Bag For Gift: Want to learn how to make a gift bag? In this video of Crafting hours, you will see how easily you can make beautiful paper gift bags at home. You will find step by step instructions to make such small gift bags which you can use as special gift wrapping ideas. This particular paper bag also carries a beautiful design of heart. You can also suggest this DIY Gift bag activity to your children who will definitely have a lot of fun in making these colored paper gift bags with handles. Enjoy making these paper gift bag with handles in preparation for upcoming festive season. Stay tuned to Crafting Hours for more amazing DIY Crafts activities. Subscribe to our channel to receive latest crafting videos. ------------------------------------ Your Likes, Comments, & Share motivate us to prepare more craft ideas and tutorials for you. So please like, share, and comment. Subscribe us if you liked it. Connect us on Facebook for more awesome ideas - ********www.facebook****/CraftingHours/
28 Sep 2016
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DIY Easy Gift Box: Put on your creative hat and learn to make bottle shaped paper gift box .Welcome to another DIY Crafts video by Crafting Hours.These small gift boxes are one of the most creative gift wrapping ideas you can use for your chocolate gift boxes. Be it the occasion of a birthday party or festival like Christmas, you can use this handmade gift box for several purposes. Your friends will really love this gift box design when they receive your Christmas gift boxes. Just follow the stepwise process shown in the video and you can easily make this paper gift box. Later, you can even experiment with other gift wrapping ideas and make similar DIY presents. So, get ready to make a superb custom gift box to decorate your box of chocolates! ------------------------------------ Your Likes, Comments, & Share motivate us to prepare more craft ideas and tutorials for you. So please like, share, and comment. Subscribe us if you liked it. Connect us on Facebook for more awesome ideas - ********www.facebook****/CraftingHours/
25 Oct 2016
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A simple tutorial demonstrating how to make a small gift bag using a page from a magazine. Creative recycling at it's best.
9 Nov 2008
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once again after a long time (prashant)~~ a small gift from me to all my friends out there~~ enjoy summers!!! chill out with cool bhojpuri songs~`
25 Apr 2009
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En el corazon ya hecho se puede colocar regalito como anillo, aquí les explico cómo colocar el regalito. In the heart already done small gift can be placed as ring, I explain to them here how to place the small gift.
25 Feb 2009
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This video demonstrates making a small gift box using Pergamano Parchment Craft.
26 Jul 2009
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Corazon con alas de origami para regalar en San Valentín, dentro del corazón se puede colocar regalito como anillo, en el siguiente video les muestro cómo colocar el regalito. Heart with wings of origami to give in San Valentin, within the heart can be placed small gift as ring, in the following video I show to them how to place the small gift. This origami has made my daughter of 10 years. Ha hecho mi hija de 10 años.
7 Nov 2009
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♫ Santa dedicates this to the many different cultural traditions of Christmas. He wishes you all a Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and asks you to please visit Chrismayka ***********/user/chrismayka They have a wonderful site and provided the song and translation for Elf Lollipop Leroux to create this video. Santa wijdt dit aan de vele verschillende culturele tradities van Kerstmis. Hij wenst u allen een Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas en vraagt u om u naar Chrismayka ***********/user/chrismayka Ze hebben een prachtige site en op voorwaarde dat de zang en vertaling voor Elf Lollipop Leroux om deze video. Nu Zijt Wellekome ~ Created by Elf Lollipop Leroux of North Pole Christmas. Traditions Of The Country: To the Dutch, St. Nicholas' Day is the time for the greatest revelry of the Christmas season. Sinterklaas arrives from Spain on the last Saturday of November aboard a steamer named Pakjesboot 12. His grand arrival and subsequent celebration are broadcasted live on national television in the Netherlands and Belgium. He has a long red cape, wears a white bishop's dress and red bishop's hat, and holds a crosier, which is a long gold colored staff with a fancy curled top. He carries a big book that tells whether each child has been good or naughty in the past year. Because Sinterklaas is so old he needs help which comes in the form of Zwarte Piet, also known as Black Pete. His black skin refers to his job as a chimney sweep and legend has it that naughty children were put in to his bag and taken back to Spain. However today you will find no children in this bag, it only contains candy for nice children and a chimneysweep's broom or roe, which is a bunch of willow branches used to spank the naughty children. Come December 5th Dutch children eagerly await the arrival of Sinterklaas. Before going to bed they put their shoes next to the fireplace or central heating unit along with a carrot or some hay and a bowl of water for Sinterklaas horse, Amerigo. Upon his arrival, he leaves small gifts and treats, accompanied by a Sinterklaas poem, for them to enjoy. Christmas decorations in the Netherlands include rustic Christmas décor such as pine and holly boughs, simple lights, and candles. Candy wreaths often decorate trees and small treats may be given with gifts. Stollen Christmas Cakes are like our fruit cake. They are a pastry which can contain a variety of ingredients such as dried fruits, raisins and currants, lemon and orange zest, chopped walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts and different spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. December 25 is still a holiday in the Netherlands, but because the chief occasion for gift-giving is Sinterklaas Avond this latter part of the holiday season is generally more spiritual. It involves church services, concerts, and recitals showcasing religious material. This day is a time for family gatherings and delicious meals, including special breakfasts and formal dinners. Translation: You are welcome Jesu, my dear Lord, You come from very high abd far away. You are welcome from high up above. Here on earthly kingdom Thou weren't seen again. Kyrieleis. Christe Kyrieleison, let us sing in joy, With which our songs'll be starting free. Jesus is born in the Holy Christmas Night, Of a Virgin pure, in high standings. Kyrieleis. The sheppards in the field heard a new song, They didn't know Jesus was born. Go in to further streets, and you will find him there; Bethl'em is the town, were it all happened" Kyrieleis. Three holy kings from far a land, Searched our Lord with their sacrifice. They gave myrrh, incense and gold In the honour of the Child, that enholds. Kyrieleis. .•:*¨ Vrolijk kerstfeest ¨*:•. .•:*¨ Merry Christmas¨*:•.
23 Jan 2010
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My story into heart touching song "Papa Main Choti se badi ho gayi kyon" .. Makes me remind my Bidai and tears come rolling from eyes everytime I listen to this ... Small gift to my parents from myside !!!
21 Mar 2010
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Making gift boxes out of regular paper is a great method of custom wrapping a small gift in a unique way. Fold a small gift box using any type of paper with a demonstration from a graphic designer and paper artist in this free video on paper crafts. Expert: Patricia Zapata Contact: www.patriciazapata**** Bio: Patricia Zapata, a graphic designer and paper artist, founded an independent graphic design studio in 2001 called Zapata Design. Filmmaker: Keith Smith Series Description: Paper crafts can make for unique, personalized gifts, such as stationery and gift boxes. Learn to create a variety of items out of paper in this free video series on craft making.
3 Dec 2010
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Poor Children in the Philippines Need our help. Please give a small gift today! $25 can do so much for one child. Fil-Am Charity
10 Jun 2011
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The clip getting presents from Twelve and Holding (2005) with Conor Donovan, Jesse Camacho Our birthday comes once a year, and you ask For a hockey mask. You don't even play. Jason From Friday the 13th wears one. He's bad-ass. I dropped piss on Kenny's head. What? Jeff and Kenny were here. I dropped the piss I've been saving on their heads. Why were you saving piss? Just in case. Pretty smart, huh? No. It's stupid. 'Cause now they're gonna come back here and kick all of our asses. You're such a butt munch! You guys! It's your birthday! Try to get along. Male. Take this up, please. Cheese. Okay, you got your small gifts this morning. Now For the big ones. Oh, my God! Yes! This is too cool. Do you like it, Jacob? Thanks.
26 Oct 2011
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