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The clip Smell's birthday party Part 2 from This Is England (2006) You're a twat, mate! You're a fucking w... See you later. Have a good night. If only you knew. Happy birthday, Smell. Smell! What's that? Porno? What are you giving her porno for, Meggy? She's a woman. She's got her own nipples. I thought she might like it. Smell, are you ready? The er... magicians. Are you ready? Yeah. Three... two... one. Alakazam! Yeah! Alaka... Alakazam. Alakazam. Wahey! Happy birthday, Smell. Happy... Happy birthday. Thanks. Do you want me to put it on the table? Yeah, please. Here you are. Put that on the table. Cheers, love, thanks. You don't mind us coming, do you, Smell? It's just... My little man, here, wanted to surprise you on your birthday and all that. Happy birthday, Smell.
28 Nov 2011
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