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The message of hope, peace and love for humankind and the fact that life is a gift that must be treasured in Julien Drolon's "No More Divisions" is emphasized by the accompanying video which features Julien singing and playing guitar among dancing, smiling kids of Childhope Asia Philippines. Aside from these adorable boys and girls, the video also includes shots of Julien and his band mates performing in the streets of Manila, as well as beautiful sunset scenes that add to the tone and ambiance of the song. Julien captures your attention with the song as the acoustic guitar strums into a catchy percussion groove with hand drums. A positive vibe pop tune that's fun to listen to, "No More Divisions" has clever tempo changes, solid playing, and meaningful lyrics. "No More Divisions" is an inspiring track on its own, made even more amazing with the endearing content and exceptional quality of what Julien describes as "the first chapter in our musical adventure." Picturesque, positive and filled with joyful children, our future, the song and video speak to the hope of better days to come.
22 Oct 2010
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER Anchor: Ana Compain-Romero You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy It went from a respectable 10,000 YouTube views to more than 2 million hits in just one day -- and the Web can’t get enough of this viral video from teen songstress Rebecca Black. REBECCA BLACK, VOCALIST: “We’re drivin’ on the highway, cruisin’ so fast, I want time to fly. Fun, fun, think about fun, you know what it is. I got this, you got this. My friend is by my right, ‘ay.” And faster than you can say, “Internet famous,” the blogosphere blew up with reactions... From criticism -- DListed asks... “Ever wanted to know what it would it sound like if a 5-year-old Ke$ha performed a song about the calendar on a water-damaged Casio keyboard after snorting glitter glue and swallowing a vibrating ball?” covers... ALEXANDER CARPENTER, VOCALIST: “7 a.m. wakin’ up in the morning, gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs. Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal. Seein’ everything, that time is going." (YouTube/ AlexanderCarpenter) But amidst the disbelief and criticism, a writer for BlackBook Magazine stops to wonder, “What’s really going on here?” “Normally, you’d think it’s just a misguided video by a teenage girl and her friends. Thing is, it seems much too expensive for Rebecca to have made by herself—there’s at least a little production value to it. So it begs the question of Rebecca Black’s provenance. Is she real?” Officially-validated information about Black and her music is scarce, but Guyism**** reports the most commonly circulated answer: a company called the Ark Music Factory. “[The] business model involves producing songs for wealthy Southern California parents who think their child can be the next great pop star.” A flabbergasted writer for TIME says, despite the universally negative reviews of Black’s song and video, perhaps she’s better suited for another entertainment genre. “It's not apparent if ‘Friday’ was intended to be a parody of a pop song or not, but it would definitely be in Rebecca and Ark Music Factory's best interest to make like it was all along. … Sure, Rebecca Black won't be the next Miley Cyrus ... but she could have a future in comedy.” Finally, Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams takes a more serious angle, using Black as an example of a fame-obsessed culture. “...watching the parade of shiny, glittered up, aggressively smiling kids at Ark's launch party video from last month, it's hard to see anything but desperation for attention... And the only thing more horrifying than [Rebecca’s] terrible ’Friday’ is the sad, easily exploited longing for fame she represents.” Currently, Rebecca Black has no official website, but the Ark Music Factory website has her listed as an official artist. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by newsy
19 Mar 2011
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Not my property in any way whatsoever. From the Smile Kid album by We The Kings. Lyrics: Last nights dream We rode our bikes To our tree house by the sea And there we laid and said we'd never leave. Last nights I promised you would have The whole world at your feet And that we'd lay On a bed we made of leaves. She takes me High She takes me High She wakes me up She breaks me down Shes got me 10 feet off the ground She takes me High tonight. Last nights dream We drove your car To the dead end of your street And we made love where no one else could see. Last nights dream I held your hand And asked if you would be Forever mine, together you and me. She takes me High She takes me High She wakes me up She breaks me down She's got me 10 feet off the ground She takes me High tonight. Ill keep sleeping If I don't stop dreaming I would stop my breathing for you I'm not leaving This life I'm dreaming Cause I cant stop living with you. She takes me High She takes me High She wakes me up She breaks me down Shes got me 10 feet off the ground She takes me High tonight.
30 Dec 2009
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*******www.billboard****/column/mashupmondays/we-the-kings-take-on-lady-gaga-1004070138.story We the Kings, whose new album "Smile Kid" hit No. 5 on our Independent Albums chart, kick off their Converse and slip into something a lot more glam as they take on Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi." Interview By: Evie Nagy Videographers: Matthew Campbell, Jeff Chan, Hanon Rosenthal Editor: Matthew Campbell
15 Aug 2011
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We The Kings lead single from their new album, Smile Kid- Available Now! ***********/us/album/smile-kid-deluxe-version/id342791878
10 Feb 2012
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Taken from the album 'Smile Kid'. You can buy 'Smile Kid' from JB HiFi here ******* or download it from iTunes here: *******
31 Aug 2013
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