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welcome Its Me 405 The Smokey From Oklahoma City Im 21 And I've Been Freestyling Since 2002 Wean I Frist Started, Now I Work On Album's Video's And Album Cover (Its Not Profesanel) And I Forgot To Meanshen It's G-Town Also Known / Short For Graphic-Town Studio's A Long History In The Makeing Of A Come Up. Alot Of People Was And Still Are Trying To Stop The Graphic-Town To Saseed For The Truth Beleave...Most Of My Video's Well Be 21 And Over My Work Have Lots Of Fal laughs, Signs And A True Brother On The Come Up. My Video's Are Not 21 And Over Cuz Of A** Shaking P**** Poping Video's Or Some Kind Of V.I.P. Strip Club Screen Seashen... This Music Is Strat For The Street's Peace.