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The clip Having Difficults picking up the crate from Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) with Jerry Reed, Burt Reynolds Howdy. What do you boys need? We're here to pick up a crate. Do you have a crate number 1444? Got it right here. Right in between number 1443... and 1445. Good place. You want to go down to the first building on the right... and hook a left. First dock on the left. Right. No, left. You wanna go down here- Sir? That's all right. We'll find it. Thank you. Okay, that's all right. Hold it, boys. I can't let you take that crate. What do you mean? I just checked my records... and that crate's quarantined for another three weeks. Quarantined? You mean, the crate's got the measles or something? You gotta be kidding. Ain't no place in the security business for kidding. Just hold on there a minute, chief. Let me explain something to you. We have to have that crate in Texas in three days. Hell, I suppose you could take the crate. Great. But it's just that you'll have to leave what's in it here for three weeks. As I told you, it's been quarantined for three weeks.
17 Nov 2011
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