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This is a video that i have put together on how to make smoke, using gunpowder and fireworks this really works well thanks for viewing.
7 May 2007
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This video I made describes the process in making a high quality smoke bomb using materials acquired locally. I got the Potassium Nitrate from a local Fertilizer & Garden store, and the dark brown sugar from the supermarket.
8 May 2007
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To quit smoking is possible only by reducing the acidity of our body. what increases our body acidty : 1)Lack of Faith:If we make a careful research we shall see that people who have faith and perform their prayers in Islamic countries almost do not smoke at all .Praying throws the negative feelings from human brain,keeps you self-confident and prevents nervousness,stress causing the body acidity. 2)Refined foods and too much consumption of meat : increases the acidty of our body.By consuming natural foods and les meat your body will be balanced and will not need to smoke Herebelow are some refined foods: White flour products(sandwiches,pizzas,cakes, ,etc):have almost no nutritional value and contain various chemical ingredients so as to have a better appearance,mouth-feel..Best way of consuming wheat is buying wholewheat bread,bulgur or making our own bread at home with fresh ground whole wheat flour. White rice,salt,sugar: polished rice (without bran) also loses all the vitamins, minerals and causes acidity in our metabolism. right alternative is natural,branned rice. White sugar: and its derivatives like chocolates,ice- creams,puddings,cakes,etc. are subject to many chemical applications till they become refined and granulated and increase acidty.We can obtain sugar from legumes ,cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products naturally. Ready made vinegars,tomato pastes,soups,puddings,pickles,tinned vegetables: also cause acidty and we must try to produce them at home as well with simple methods. Margarines,refined edible oils:are also unnatural because of the refining processes(bleaching,deodorising, degumming,etc.).Best alternative is cold pressed olive oil or eating oil seeds like sesame,coconut,groundnut or nuts like hazelnuts,peanuts,walnuts to satisfy our limited amount of daily oil need.Butter is not also good because of its saturated oil content. Avocado or peanut butter are the best alternatives of them. Tea,coffee and all kinds of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks increases the acidty so we must prefer natural mineral water,herbal teas like linden,rosehip,etc. or fresh fruit juices . Our protein intake can be obtained from meat,poultry,fish but the best way is to prefer lite dairy products or soybeans which is the only legume that can stand alone as a complete protein because too much consumption of animal products make our body tired because they contain no fiber and cause acidty. After passing to natural nutrition we must quit smoking very slowly.Firstly you must determine a base amount.E.G.You must smoke everyday 15 cigarettes(or 20) for a week. After that you will decrease the number always one by one.E.G. next week everyday you will smoke 14 cigarettes.Quiting cigarette is also hard psychologically therefore you must be very patient and let your body adapt to the new amount both physically and psychologically and try to avoid yourself being effected from the side effects of quitting smoking .So each week by decreasing you can come to your last cigarette and then you begin to smoke 1 in 2 weeks then,1 cigarette in one month and then you can quit completely.You must not forget that after this period of 3-4 month quiting process you will gain 10 years added to your life . Best Regards
15 May 2007
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9/11 pictures of the smoke 0 mirrored.
22 May 2007
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This guy would never have smoked there after
17 Nov 2008
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Smoking By Fog machine causes fire alarm
26 May 2007
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Smoke magically appears from wet hands from the magic fountain.
28 May 2007
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smoke test
31 May 2007
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smoke grenade material: ping-pong ball
2 Jun 2007
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Just go through to see effect of smoking.
6 Jun 2007
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Indians used the sap from this tree to create this magical smoke.
12 Jun 2007
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Q&A with the Shaykh smoking and proper dress
18 Jun 2007
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This is me and my brothers with our home made smoke bombs
19 Jun 2007
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How to make a BETTER smoke bomb
20 Jun 2007
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ever saw a real smoke grenadebomb in action?? here is your opportunity to see alot of smoke comimg out of an old caravan
23 Jun 2007
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Smoking Dog
28 Jun 2007
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