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7 Jul 2017
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I thought it would be "cool" to catch a 5 foot long snake I noticed on my front porch using Snake Tongs. Turns out the snake wasn't going along for this without a fight....
25 Nov 2007
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snake attacking cameraman anaconda attacking cameraman
16 Jun 2009
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10 FEET SNAKE ATTACKED BY DOGS who win just see please subcribe to my channel for more videos
13 May 2017
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Soft Toy Snake Comes 'ALIVE'!!!
14 Mar 2007
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Wow, young but agressive
21 Jun 2007
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See how fast it could bite you!!
1 Oct 2007
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.snake very dangerous. Attack.. name: Grage
6 Dec 2007
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A Stupid is on his boat for fishing. Suddenly attacked by a snake!
17 Dec 2007
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A lost baby snake wants to join the kids in a playground..unfortunately it scared them away..Its funny :)
29 Jan 2008
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Don't fall asleep on a bus full of band kids! Just don't do it!
22 Aug 2008
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A snake defends itself ferociously.
27 Jul 2008
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More videos: *******www.04minutes****
17 Oct 2008
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Snakes are coming out of hibernation and that means a whole lot more animals for us to care for and get ready for breeding. I'll show you some of the snake projects that I'm excited about this breeding season. We also test the myth about if you have a long mustache will a snake be more willing to bite you? Follow me at: *******www.twitter****/snakebytestv join our community: *******www.snakebytestv.ning****
10 Mar 2010
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9 Feb 2011
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Wow! Brave Man Catch big Snake Along the road-How To Dig and Catch Snake in Cambodia
22 Mar 2017
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