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In this Snowboard Lesson 5, we show u how to make a turn. Here is important that u move your the upper part of the body and hands first in the direction you want ride... for more information go to *******
7 Nov 2009
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In this Snowboard Lesson 4. In this lesson you learn to traversing a hill frontside. Use your hands to show in witch direction u want to ride, but your weight in the front of the direction you ride. more information on.... *******
7 Nov 2009
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In this Snowboard Lesson 1, On this video Lesson u got the feeling for the Backside edge. The backside edge is the side u can got the feeling for the edge easy... for more information go to *******
7 Nov 2009
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In this Snowboard Lesson 3. In this lesson you learn to traversing a hill. Use your hands to show in witch direction u want to ride more information on *******
7 Nov 2009
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In this Snowboard Lesson 2. After u can slide easy on your backside edge a hill down u can start to do the same on the front side edge... for more information go to *******
8 Nov 2009
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First lessons in snowboarding!!!
5 May 2008
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0:14 Learn to snowboard with the premier online snowboarding teacher. Audio and Video course includes many extra bonuses.
2 Apr 2009
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*******4SeasonsSkiing**** ....... Finally, the real carving ski simulators and snowboard simulators are invented! These cutting edge alpine ski and snowboard training machines allow the skiers and snowboarders to experience the same impressive g-force effects that they do while in the well carved turns on a real slope. You can use these state-of-the-art ski and snowboard exercise machines to quickly develop and/or maintain exactly the same skills that you need for modern ski and snowboard carving. No other ski simulator or snowboard simulator in the world comes even close to these machines! It is the real ski and snowboard training machines that help you to become much better skier or snowboarder. Your muscles, exhausted after just a short training session (20-30 min.), will remind you that it is not a game! Special software allows you to select your desired settings, choosing from a slope profile to the multiple strain levels. All the training details, including the slope steepness, the edge angles, the forces applied, the virtual speed, the body position etc., are displayed on the computer monitor or the big screen in front of the ski simulator and snowboard simulator while you are practicing. And finally, you can challenge yourself ripping through the gates on the different multimedia Slalom and GS courses displayed on the big screen. For more details please visit our website: *******4SeasonsSkiing****
6 Mar 2010
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NOT YOUR PARENTS TRAVEL GUIDE! The beauty and majesty of the scenery surrounding Lucerne are apparent the first time Barbara steps out on the balcony of her hotel room and surveys the magnificent scene before her. Barbara joins Bjorn at his home where she sits down with his family to a typical Swiss brunch: cheeses, soufflés and apricot tart. After filling up, Bjorn guides Barbara around the picturesque city of Lucerne. They walk across Chapel Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Europe, built in the 1300s. Unfortunately, much of it burned down in 1993 and had to be re-built. Still, it is quite beautiful with its elaborate, frescoed ceiling. Summer in Lucerne means the constant temptation of snow-capped mountains on the horizon. After seeing the sights, it’s time to get serious about snowboarding. Barbara and Bjorn grab some gear from a local shop and head up the mountain. As they climb higher, the temperature drops to the freezing mark and it starts to snow. While Bjorn practices for a competition he’s entered in, Barbara receives a snowboarding lesson and chats with an Olympic snowboarder who won gold at Nagano in 1998. The, she watches as Bjorn competes in the snowboarding competition. He completes his runs and, although he doesn’t finish in the medals, he performs amazingly well for his first competition. Later, Bjorn and Barbara take the train up to the top of Mount Pilatus for an open-air rock concert under the stars.
1 Feb 2007
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Tony visits Whistler mountain, home of the skiing events for the 2010 Winter Games, while producer Nari gets a snowboarding lesson from gold medalist Ross Rebagliati. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations airs Mondays at 10pm E /P on Travel Channel. http: travelchannel**** /bourdain?refcd=abnr-yt
16 Feb 2010
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*******www.snowboardswitch**** Check out the top 5 things NOT to wear whilst snowboarding. When learning to snowboard, here are some tips on what not to wear on the slopes. Beginner snowboarding will be a lot easier if these tips are followed! Hope you enjoyed this short & simple snowboard lesson.
1 May 2010
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The first time lesson Part One skating and one footed glides
18 May 2009
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Denise Richards: It's Complicated Season: 2 During a break from Slamdance, Denise and her pals hit the slopes for some snowboarding lessons. See how they do!
11 Apr 2010
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Bennett talks about the boss' potential to run his own snowboarding lesson. Undercover Boss airs Fridays at 8/7c on CBS!
9 Mar 2013
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This is the first video in our beginner snowboard series. We created 9 videos that outline the essential learning milestones for beginner snowboarders. Each one covers an important skill, so don't skip ahead, seriously, or you'll be sorry. Its best to take a lesson from a certified instructor and we hope our videos can help you prepare for your first day on snow. In this episode we introduce the basic concepts of snowboarding and identify terminology. Read more: *******snowprofessor****/how-to-snowboard/beginner-snowboard-lesson/first-snowboard-lesson
8 Feb 2014
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