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The Life and more importantly Death of God as described by the poet. Is God dead? Is there a God? Life after Death? Social injustice? Revalation all addressed! Yes, the answer to your questions is here... AWARD The Poet www.myspace****/awardyourself
17 Oct 2006
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Cuba es, sin duda, una nación del tercer mundo.Pero ese pequeño Estado, muy pobre y bloqueado económicamente por USA, ha conseguido situarse en el puesto 51 en el IDH (Índice de Desarrollo Humano) entre todos los países del mundo. Cuba tiene un DESARROLLO HUMANO ALTO, según la ONU y ello a pesar de la manipulación que la CIA hace con las cifras que los yankees le entrega a ese organismo internacional y que la ONU usa para sus estadísticas (el PIB de Cuba, por ejemplo, que aparece en las estadísticas de la ONU es el que decide la CIA y así viene señalado en esas estadísticas). Cuba, un país muy pobre y castigado por el mayor bloqueo de la historia, pero tiene una mortandad infantil menor a la de Estados Unidos, una esperanza de vida mayor a la de ese imperio económico que presume de ser el ejemplo a seguir, la mayor proporción de médicos del mundo además de un buen sistema educativo gratuito y universal. Cuba ha demostrado lo evidente, si se la compara con cualquier país capitalista (y no bloqueado,por cierto) de su entorno geográfico-histórico-económico: Para la mayoría de una población, el reparto de la riqueza es mejor a su acumulación.El sistema socialista es mejor que el capitalista. El capitalismo es acumulación de riqueza y la dictadura de los derechos del capital y de los capitalistas sobre los derechos del trabajo y de los trabajadores. En el mundo el capitalismo y su modo de producción y distribución mata, sólo de hambre, cada año a más de 10.000.000 de personas en la Hambruna Permanente Capitalista (datos de la ONU de más de 25.000 muertos diarios).Si a ese fallecimiento de inocentes, sobre todo de niños y ancianos, sumamos los de las guerras capitalistas (provocadas por la injusticia social o directamente para la apropiación de materias primas) y sumamos los fallecimientos por enfermedades curables, obtenemos que el genocidio capitalista de los pobres del mundo está matando a más de 400.000.000 millones de personas cada 10 años (100.000.000 sólo de hambre según la ONU).EL CAPITALISMO ES EL RÉGIMEN MÁS ASESINO Y TERRIBLEMENTE GENOCIDA , QUE HA EXISTIDO JAMÁS EN LA HISTORIA HUMANA. ------------------------------------------- Cuba is a nation of the third world. Cuba is a small State, very poorly, but one has managed to place in the position 51 in the IDH (Index of Human Development) between all the countries of the world. The UNO says that Cuba has a HUMAN HIGH DEVELOPMENT in spite of the manipulation that the CIA does with the numbers that the government yankee delivers him the Organization of United Nations and that the UNO uses for its statistics (the GDP of Cuba is manipulated by the CIA that decides the numbers that must be in use, as indicated by the own UNO in this statistical information) Cuba, a country very poor and punished by the major economic blockade of the history, has an infantile minor mortality to that of The United States and a life expectancy bigger than that of this economic empire, the doctors' major proportion of the world and a good educational system. Cuba has demonstrated the evident thing, if she is compared with any capitalist country (in addition not blocked) of its geographical environment : For the majority of a population, the distribution of the richness is better to its accumulation. The socialist system is better than the capitalist.The socialism of the communists is more effective, more efficient and superior to the capitalism. The capitalism is accumulation of richness and dictatorship of the rights of the capital and of the capitalists on the labour laws and of the workers. The capitalism with its accumulation of richness and its way of production, bush in the world, only of hunger, every year to more than 10.000.000 of poor persons in the Permanent Capitalist Famine (information of the UNO of more than 25.000 daily dead men) .Si to this death of innocent, especially of children and elders, we add the murdered ones in the capitalist wars (provoked by the social injustice or directly for the appropriation of raw materials) and we add the deaths for curable diseases, obtain that the capitalist genocide of the poor of the world is killing more than 400.000.000 million persons every 10 years (100.000.000 only of hunger according to the UN). THE CAPITALISM IS THE MOST KILLER REGIME(DIET) THAT HAS NEVER EXISTED IN THE HUMAN HISTORY.
14 May 2008
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It's the steamy summer of 2016 in Washington, D.C. just days before the Democratic National Convention. A long and painful recession has left ordinary Americans suffering, spawning the hottest Presidential Contest in history. Jack Canon, a man born into privilege, a witness to great social injustice is going to be President of the United States--no matter what! Desperate and corrupt, the leader of the free world orders a hit to slow him down. The plan backfires--the wrong people are dead--a manhunt points to the unthinkable--The President of the United States. Rewind one year, Jack's focus on redistribution of wealth and energy has made him powerful enemies. Once his friends, Rogue Billionaires, Oil Sheiks, the Mob, all want him gone. The current President wants him alive--thinking he can win against an unabridged liberal. A Universal Raw Nerve of wealth vs. poverty is exposed becoming a thrill ride as deep machinations of espionage, geo-politics and deception, even murder play out. Kind and charismatic, Jack's just naughty enough to have you falling for him like one of his loving circle of loyal friends. Of course he's flawed, a dedicated family man, faithful to one woman, but in love with two. Is it his fault his best friend is impossibly jaw dropping beautiful? Think the crime and passion of the Godfather meets the romance and innocence of Camelot. A story that could spark a movement, a book that can seed a revolution. A heart thumping climax so shocking you'll pull the covers and draw the shades! One things for sure, through all the drama and suspense, you'll be pulling for Jack!
21 Jan 2013
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6 Apr 2013
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"Ain't No Reason" is a powerful song and now an equally compelling video. Directed by Clair Carre. A brief description of the video from Brett himself: "It is our routines and our comforts that allow us to ignore social issues. For some of us, it is our privilege to be ignorant. This video tells the story of social issues challenging our privileges and entering our routines making them impossible to ignore. Social injustice cannot be ignored when you are forced to deal with them. That is the idea behind this video. What would happen if you were forced to deal with something that you may think has nothing to do with you? If suddenly the world's problems came into your own home? You would have to realize that you are connected to everything and everyone one earth." The album, So Much More, is available now in digital and CD formats myspace****/brettdennen brettdennen****
7 Oct 2008
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R U K H S A T(Review by Usman Khawaja) For whom the bell tolls The debut by Simi Garewal as writer director is a showcase for Mithun's talent as a cold, mercenary, contract killer who is on the verge of spiritual death but finds salvation in the form of platonic love, which redeems him and the movie of its flaws as well. The brilliant director takes the impossible themes underage premarital pregnancy and savage world of contract killing and turns it into a humane tail of spiritual love. The movie stands out from the crowd of average Bollywood thrillers by its conception of a botched love affair which creates a monster out of a decent youth because of social injustice, yet even after his numerous offences and cold blooded murders he manages to find his spiritual soul secondary to an enchanting twist in the meticulously written script by Simi, which is only flawed by a mediocre soundtrack by Anu Malik and some mixed action sequences which border from good to bad by Devgan. Yet Simi and Mithun bring a raw vitality to the story of a man who is trying to salvage the remnants of his soul and Mithun is intensely irresistible first as the mercenary killer and then as the repentant lover who will stop at nothing to protect the ones he loves. The paternal love of a man has never been so beautifully captured as by Mithun silent love for his daughter who believes him to be her best friend. The rest of the cast are good too mainly Mark Zuber as the intended victim as well as Anuradha as the ex-lover who performs with a quiet dignity in her debut role, but I wish the extremely talented Amrish Puri could have done better then the stereotyped villain he turns out to be in the end although he performs well initially, his role in the later part borders onto a caricature which diminishes the movie as a whole. The title justifies its meaning of departure in more then one way by saying farewell to the stylised gangsters of Indian cinema and the unconventional finale where the title vividly springs to life in a great tragic moment, though it could have been a classic if more attention had been given to the production design, action sequences and the music, but as it is its enough to redeem this movie of its flaws mainly because of a bravura performance by Mithun where his evolution from good to and evil man and then from the clutches of darkness to the salvation of truth saves the soul of this intense love story, as well as works as an effective thriller, a laudable effort by a debutante female director, though one wishes Simi could have defined some of the other characters in as credible a manner as Mithun's contract killer, but then it is easy to be charmed by Mithun's spontaneous energy and raw talent to forget the others, and for that very reason I believe Simi can be forgiven the few obvious flaws in this admirable effort. By: Usman Khawaj
24 May 2009
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Heaven Shall Burn is a metalcore band from Germany. They combine an aggressive metal sound with lyrics that show a militant support of anti-racism and fighting social injustice. This is taken from the concert at the "De Lantaarn" in Hellendoorn on sunday 30 march 2008 in Holland. Band members: Matthias Voigt - Drums Maik Weichert - Guitars Eric Bischoff - Bass Alexander Dietz - Guitars Marcus Bischoff
21 Dec 2008
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For 30 years, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have been not only biting the hand that feeds them but chewing it up and spitting it out as well. With tunes like 'Don't Do Me Like That', and 'I Won't Back Down', Tom Petty isn't shy about standing up for himself. Although his defiant attitude may have clashed with the music Industry through the years, it's that same spirit that has made his career flourish. Fast Focus showcases an Outlaw who continues to sing about moral decay and social Injustice. ...
8 Apr 2009
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Kim Ki-duk's 2001 film "Address Unknown" presents a political allegory of modern Korea by referencing post-war trauma through local characters set in a U.S. military base town in rural area near the border with N.Korea in 1970. The physical and emotional scars of past violence reveal current victimisation re-enacting social injustice. Cold War militarism and the U.S. presence shatter the lives of three young people and the community as they internalise the destruction of their lives.
5 Sep 2009
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L'arte dello Street painting è stata conosciuta in tutta Europa fin dal 16 ° secolo. Gli street painters in Italia sono chiamati Madonnari in quanto spesso riproducono immagini che rappresentano la Madonna. In Inghilterra sono chiamati screevers. Storicamente, sono stati Madonnari itineranti artisti che hanno vissuto una vita di viaggi e di libertà. Conoscitori dei festivals e di tutti i santi giorni (festivi) in ogni provincia e città, hanno viaggiato per partecipare in tutto il mondo. Hanno creato le immagini di piazze e di chiese locali utilizzando i cocci di rotture di tegole, carboncino, gesso bianco e alcuni. Gli artisti sono stati spesso commissionati per creare ex-voto, pur sapendo che dopo le festività o con la prima pioggia, ilo lavoro fatto sarebbe svanito. Per secoli sono stati popolari tra la gente artisti Madonnari, che riproducevano le immagini con semplici materie prime. La Guerra Mondiale spezzò loro tradizione itinerante e il loro numero si ridusse notevolmente. Oggi ci sono più artisti che lavorano nel streetpainting in genere su temi che più contemporanei e di attrazione per il pubblico. Michael Kirby ha sviluppato la forma d'arte, con nuove tecniche e temi ed è stato il primo artista a utilizzare streetpainting come modo di esprimere ingiustizie sociali e dei diritti umani. Ha collaborato con la Croce Rossa e altri gruppi no-profit per creare lavoro che si occupa di diritti umani, sociali di soccorso, ecc in tutto il mondo. Il Times ha scritto che Michael Kirby è stato il miglior streetpainter in tutto il mondo. Oggi ha un proprio studio a Baltimora, nel Maryland ed il suo lavoro non è solo creato sul marciapiedi, ma anche la decorazione interni ed esterni di grandi edifici in tutto il mondo. Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street painters in Italy are called madonnari (pronounced: mah-doan-are-ee with madonnaro being the singular form) because they often created pictures representing the Madonna. In England they are called screevers. Historically, madonnari were itinerant artists who lived a life of travel and freedom. Aware of the festival and holy days (holidays) in each province and town, they traveled to join in the festivities. They created images in public squares and in front of the local church using bits of broken roof tiles, charcoal, and some white chalk. Passersby would often leave a bit of bread or olive oil for the artist along with an occasional coin. The artists were often commissioned to create votos and ex-votos, and after the festivities or with the first rain, both the painting and the painter would vanish. For centuries madonnari were folk artists, reproducing simple images with crude materials. World War II disrupted their itinerant tradition and reduced their numbers. Today there are more artists working in the streetpainting genre on themes that are more contemporary and appealing to the audience. Michael Kirby has developed the art form with new techniques and themes while breaking away from the traditional themes of the Renaissance. He was the first artist to use streetpainting as way to express social injustices and human rights. He has teamed up with the Red Cross and other non-profit groups to create work that deals with human rights, social relief, etc around the world. The LA Times wrote that Michael Kirby was the best streetpainter in the world. Today he runs his own studio in Baltimore, Maryland. His work is not only created on the pavements but also decorates the interiors and exteriors of major buildings through out the world.
7 Mar 2010
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The clip Preparing For A Play Part 2 from Sade (2000) See that? They're having a lark. I see. I wish you would act, too. I've more familiar with the wings. What's that? Nothing. Charles opened a window in my face. Not your little Jacobin? I'll crush him. I don't see how. Citizen Quesnet... Citizen Lancris. Taking part in the festivities? I'm watching. She watches and judges. What is all this? Turning Picpus upside down! This is a retreat, a rest home. Not a side show. You said we could... I changed my mind. It's a mere divertissement. I can give you the text. No Old Regime nonsense. It's against my civic duty. You were glad to discover pleasures social injustice had forbidden you. What? We all consider you an enlightened man. Spare me your tricks. No plays on my property!
26 Oct 2011
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"Personal Revolution", off Ziggy's album Wild and Free. Buy: ******* | ******* Stream: ******* | ******* The overall theme of the album is a powerful one, as it propels Marley to challenge social injustice along with the political weapons of ignorance and fear. Wild and Free (Tuff Gong Worldwide), his fourth solo album, may be Ziggy's most political and personal to date. Wild and Free was produced with friend and collaborator Don Was at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, CA as well as Marley's own studio. ----------------------- *******www.ZiggyMarley**** *******www.Facebook****/ZiggyMarley *******www.TuffGongWorldwide**** *******www.ZiggyMarleyOrganics****
1 Jan 2014
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ANA TIJOUX - 1977 (Official Video) is out now. Grab your copy on iTunes here: ******* Follow Ego on Facebook: *******www.fb****/EgoItaly Subscribe to EgoTV NOW: ******* Ana (Anita) Tijoux is a Chilean rap singer and songwriter. She is born in 1977 in Lille, France, and is the daughter of two Chilean exiles in France during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. After the 1973 Chilean coup d'état, when Pinochet assumes power and overthrows the elected president Salvador Allende, her family flees Chile. Ana moves back to her country only after the return of civil power in 1993. Ana works with important Chilean hip hop groups and over the years becomes widely popular as one of the best MCs all over the world. In 2006 she gets close to pop music and collaborates with Julieta Venegas for the radio hit "Eres para mí". Her first solo album, "1977", is nominated to Grammy and Latin Grammy. The homonymous single, "1977", is a huge success in Latin America and in the United States. It's featured on the video game FIFA 11 and on the very famous TV series Breaking Bad. Radiohead's Thom Yorke recommends "1977" as one of the best song of the year. Today Ana Tijoux (with her second album "La Bala" gets another nomination to the Grammy) is one of the most celebrate Chilean artists in the international panorama, among the most credible and politically and socially active. Ana Tijoux, singer songwriter mother, seems to be the heir of two important Chilean women, symbols of a country and of the whole Latin America: Violeta Parra, the very famous composer and singer of struggles against social injustices, researcher and keeper of her culture's folk music, and Gabriela Mistral, Nobel Prize in Literature, poet and feminist, a milestone of the Chilean literature. Ana Tijoux - 1977 (Lyrics) 1970, 1970 1970, 1970 Naci un dia de junio Del año 77 Planeta mercurio Y el año de la serpiente sin o patente Tatuado y en mi frente Que en el vientre de mi madre marcaba el paso siguiente Me hace llorar sin anestesia en la camilla Mi padre solo dijo es Ana Maria Si seria el primer llanto Que me probaria Quemando las heridas Y dandome la bateria Solia ser entonces como un libro abierto Pero lei la letra pequeña del texto Como un arquitecto Construyendo cada efecto Correcto, incorrecto, sé aprender todo al respecto Saber que algunas personas Queran el daño subir peldaño Toma tiempo toma año Con mi peluche mirando lo cotidiano Dibujos transformaban y el invierno en gran verano papa me regalo bajo mi insistenso Juego, trataba de culparte y recibencia Pero en el cartu hicieron la competencia Y fue cuando senti mi primera impotencia 1970 shhh 1970 shhh 1970 shhh 1977 no me digan no Que uno lo preciente Todo lo que cambia lo hara diferente En el año que nacio la serpien shhh (bis) Mi adolescencia fue una etapa bizarra El cuerpo es bateria y la cabeza guitarra La orquesta narronato nada quebrada para la mirada De una niña que solo talla espadas hormona disparada Sobre poblada sin formas en que cambian temporadas Caminas en crucijadas Cada cual es su morada Preparaba la carnada La sagrada diablada De mirada encabronada Mi fila la verdad Nunca busco su silla Mi busqueda fue mero Proceso de pura pila Pupila de poeta Que marco nuestra saliba En la cordillera que miraba la salida La parada militar de paso monotono Colores policromolos Uniformes de poco tono Detono mi cuestionamento La voz si sono no Mi primera rima que sono y me enrrolo Mi busqueda no fue para mi cosa de escenario Fue algo necesario Que marcaba ya mi fallo Asi que todas mas de lo necesario Fue cuando entendi Que todos quieren ser corsario. 1970 shhh 1970 shhh 1970 shhh 1977 no me digan no Que uno lo preciente Todo lo que cambia lo hara diferente En el año que nacio la serpien shhh (bis)
10 Apr 2014
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"Ain't No Reason" is a powerful song and now an equally compelling video. New album: Smoke and Mirrors out 10.22.13. Pre-order the album now on iTunes: ******* Directed by Clair Carre. A brief description of the video from Brett himself: "It is our routines and our comforts that allow us to ignore social issues. For some of us, it is our privilege to be ignorant. This video tells the story of social issues challenging our privileges and entering our routines making them impossible to ignore. Social injustice cannot be ignored when you are forced to deal with them. That is the idea behind this video. What would happen if you were forced to deal with something that you may think has nothing to do with you? If suddenly the world's problems came into your own home? You would have to realize that you are connected to everything and everyone one earth." Connect with Brett: Mailing List: ******* *******www.brettdennen**** *******www.facebook****/brettdennen *******twitter****/brettdennen
23 Sep 2014
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