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American Express OPEN is teaming up with Facebook to give 5 small businesses a Big Break. Over 11,000 businesses responded, and we've chosen our 10 finalists. Now it's up to you. Cast your vote by July 19th for the small business owners you think deserve a Big Break. Vote now at *******www.facebook****/ShopSmall. Business owners are solely responsible for any promotions they run on Facebook and must comply with Facebook's guidelines, available at: ********www.facebook****/help/search/?q=promotion.
11 Jul 2011
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8 Jul 2010
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This one-minute video shows a number of moms and dads pledging to protect their teen drivers—the same way they pledged to keep them safe since the day they were born. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: ******* This video can also be viewed at *******
23 Apr 2011
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www.abatca**** - Pasii de baza pe care trebuie sa-i faci pentru a-ti deschide un cont nou pe Facebook
24 Jun 2010
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Nicki Minaj posts a picture of her wearing just a hand-bra on Instagram.
20 Jun 2013
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Who looks like you? Find out who has your face with the Coke Zero Facial Profiler App for Facebook! Just add your photo to the face database to see who your twin is. This worldwide social experiment allows Facebook users to find their facial match, connect with their twin, and share their results. You can also comment and vote on other matches! See who has your face – Visit cocacolazero**** to add your picture to the Coke Zero Facial Profiler, and find your twin today!
22 Dec 2009
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20 Aug 2010
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¿Has pensado que tus amigos del facebocks pueden ayudarte a encontrar trabajo? Los Jamesons te enseñan cómo ¡Hazte fan!
8 Apr 2010
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19 Jun 2009
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For our Season Finale, Inst Msgs presents the most elaborate "ReTweet" ever. We took some of our favorite tweets using the hashtag topic "#Fact" and made this. Check out the lyrics at INST-MSGS****
22 Feb 2010
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Milla Jovovich sits down with Drew McWeeny to reveal her limits on social media in this interview for Resident Evil: Retribution. Jovovich also talks working with husband and director Paul W.S. Anderson for what she fondly terms 'Camp Evil.'
12 Sep 2012
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Copy of this video is here: kitty . it . cx / index . php More pics and info: pastebin . com / JyA6wjkg Your help is needed! *******www.facebook****/groups/ForGreatJustice/ There is a reward of $5,000 for information leading to the location of Luka Magnotta. Luka also goes by the name Eric Clinton, Eric Clinton Kirk Newman & Vladimir Romanov as well as hundreds of other aliases on the Internet. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Luka Magnotta please contact The OSPCA 888-668-7722, The Sun Newspaper UK 020 7782 4104, or The RSPCA - UK 0300 1234 999 Please redistribute. For the full transcript: In December of 2010 a video surfaced on the Internet. In the video a young man put two kittens into an airtight bag and proceeded to attach a vacuum cleaner to the bag. He then sucked the air out of the bag until the kittens died. Over the following weeks another video and pictures surfaced. In the pictures the perpetrator proceeded to simulate sex acts with the dead kittens. A Facebook group was set up to identify the person in the videos. Through studying EXIF data found within photographs released on the Internet the group were able to determine that the pictures had been taken with a pink colored Panasonic camera (Serial # S D 0 C A 0 0 4 0 3 4 ). Further information led to the suspect being named as Luka Rocco Magnotta, formerly known as Eric Clinton Newman. Luka has lived in the Toronto area along with his family since he was a child. We believe he is still in the Toronto area. A picture of Luka sitting inside a store was taken with an iPhone camera and posted online. The EXIF data on that picture gave the date it was taken and the GPS coordinates, which indicate he was in Toronto on that day. Months passed and more and more was learned about Luka. He was a gay escort and had appeared in adult movies. He had hundreds of You Tube and social media accounts which he used to promote himself and goad those who were investigating the case. Then on November 28th 2011 a third video was posted on the Internet. This time the video showed an albino Burmese Python feeding on a cat that the perpetrator had given to it. Days later a 4th video surfaced. This video showed a cat being taped to a broom handle and drowned in a bath. In the following weeks new pictures, videos and Facebook groups promoting the videos were found. That is where the investigation is at now. Your help is needed! Luka is still on the run. He was last known to be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Through his internet messages he has indirectly threatened to kill more animals and even progress to humans. Your help is needed! If you have any information about the whereabouts of Luka Magnotta please contact The OSPCA 888-668-7722, The Sun Newspaper UK 020 7782 4104, or The RSPCA - UK 0300 1234 999 There is a reward of over $5000 available for information that results in his conviction for these crimes. Category: Pets & Animals Tags:
25 Jan 2012
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