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Walter Meade recomienda este video para comprender lo que es la economía en las Redes Sociales o también conocida en inglés como Socialnomics
16 Sep 2011
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27 Jul 2010
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17 Jan 2013
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*******www.bestshotatwealth**** Social Media Revolution Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Welcome to the World of Socialnomics Learn how to take advantage of social media...
18 Sep 2009
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Social Media or Socialnomics for business is important. The Industrial revolution left some behind as did the Information revolution. But how important to YOUR business? Also this weeks SEO tutorial.
14 Oct 2009
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All credit goes to Equalman from *******socialnomics****/
21 Dec 2010
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Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore. This video is produced by the author of Socialnomics. Visit *******www.sites4you****/social-media.php to Find Out more about Social Media Marketing
8 Jan 2011
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Many requested a shorter version of the original Social Media Revolution Video. Thanks for everyone's interest in the video and book! Here is the 2:30 minute version. Music by Fat Boy Slim "Right Here, Right Now" (1999). Huge thanks to all the data sources which are listed out at www.socialnomics****. Also if you like this video you will enjoy Karl Fisch's amazing Shift Happens series and the just released 9/14 the 4.0 version.
16 Oct 2009
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** News Summary by David Kusumoto -- FULL STORY IN CONTEXT AT: ******* ** The source of this video is the user "Socialnomics," by Erik Qualman, where the MASTER VIDEO can be seen at ******* Facebook users may follow my news column by clicking the blue "Follow This Blog" button at ******* -- located on the left side of that page beneath the headline: Facebook Users: Follow This. ** ALL RIGHTS AND CREDITS NOTED BELOW. This video was designed and produced by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod of XPLANE at: ******* a Portland-, St. Louis- and Madrid-based firm that bills itself as "The Visual Thinking Company" in conjunction with the release of Erik Qualman's book, Socialnomics, available at: ******* Mr. Qualman's blog is located at *******socialnomics****. This video is similar in presentation to XPLANE's groundbreaking 2007 presentation, "Did You Know?," which is available here: ******* ** Please visit the full news story in my column/blog at: *******
4 Nov 2009
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Social Media ROI: Socialnomics is by Socialnomics author Erik Qualman. This video showcases several Social Media ROI examples along with other effective Social Media Strategies. Music is by Bob Sinclair ("Tennessee")
31 Aug 2011
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In response to the YouTube Video Socialnomics... 527,000 people have watched this YouTube video to date. I love the stats in this video. I just love stats. But is social media a fad? Stats dont answer this question. In the 1950s if I had told you that the hula hoop isnt a fad because: 20,000 hula hoops are sold everyday the 100 Millionth hula hoop was sold in 1959 In the first two months of the products debut 25 million hula hoops were sold. Sure, is the hula hoop still around? Of course. But was it a fad. Without a doubt. In fact, its almost always referred to as a wonderfully kitschy fad from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Heres what Wikipedia says about fads: A fad is a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal. So, is Social Media a fad? I would say for sure were watching the building of the exaggerated zeal phase for social media. However, will social media be around years from now? Probably. Just like the hula hoop, pogo stick and vans social media is a fad that might actually have some staying power. But will it be the centerpiece of your marketing strategy decades from now? I doubt it. I mean whos talking about hula hoops everyday?
31 Dec 2009
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Social Media Revolution 2 is a refresh of the original video with new and updated social media & mobile statistics that are hard to ignore. Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.
5 Oct 2010
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Author Eric Qualman visits Google's Boston, MA campus to discuss his book, "Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business." This event took place on September 21, 2009 as part of the AuthorsGoogle series.
9 Nov 2010
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4.0 for 2009 - Newly Revised Edition Created by Darren Bachynski, and modified by Jared Bachynski; Globalization & Our Changing Planet. It was even adapted by Sony BMG at an executive meeting they held in Paris this year. This is a video response to the one created by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman: ***********/watch?v=cL9Wu2kWwSY
21 Jan 2010
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¿Son las redes sociales una moda, una tendencia, una revolución? En 101 nos hacemos todos los días esta pregunta y desde 2001 estamos respondiéndola con experiencias reales, con casos reales. Fruto de ello son nuestros cursos de Community Manager que impartimos cada mes en nuestra agencia. Si te interesa profundizar en las Redes Sociales y en su influencia entre los consumidores, puedes acceder a más información sobre nuestros cursos en este enlace ******* 101 es una agencia independiente de publicidad interactiva que ayuda a las marcas a reescribir su manual de marketing en la era digital. 101 tiene clientes en 24 países; ha desarrollado estrategias digitales con un alto componente creativo para Coca-Cola, Repsol YPF, Páginas Amarillas, Metrovacesa, Vodafone y J&B Global. Puedes conocer más sobre nosotros en *******
25 Nov 2010
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Part of the world's most watched Social Media video series; "Social Media Revolution" by Erik Qualman. Based on #1 International Best Selling Book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. This is a shorter version that includes new social media statistics for 2011.
12 Sep 2011
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