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Earth seems to have its first fuzzy photos of four alien planets outside our solar system. Three of them orbit the same distant star, Fomalhaut. The fourth circles a different star. (Nov. 13)
18 Nov 2008
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12 Jun 2009
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*******EnergyForEarth**** ===================== How To Reduce Electricity Bill How to reduce electricity bill -DAWN - Business; April 07, 2008 Apr 7, 2008 ... How to reduce electricity bill. By Bilal Ahmad Bajwa. ONE can take some voluntary but mandatory steps within ones home and work places to Now it's in summer, the electricity bills cost more money. Since you need to use air-conditioner or other stuffs like that, you need to pay more money on power. There are 5 people in my house and we only watch TV and play computer for several hours. At the end of month it costs about $130. If you have been tortured by electricity bills, you can take the following steps to reduce electric bills. 1. Switch off your computer monitor when you don't use it. It is good for your health and also can reduce amount of power you use. 2. Turn off the light or other electric appliance such as computer monitor, and television. In addition, many people have installed the solar panel on their roofs after they find that they have to pay more money on electric bills. I agree that the solar panel brings us many benefits. For example, it can generate energy without polluting our environment and it can provide free source of electricity. However prices of an effective solar panel can be over $1,000, solar energy is able to generate electricity during daylight hours only. It means you can only generate power during the day and you generate little power during winter. The weather can also affect the efficiency of solar energy. In order to reduce electric bills, you may feel that you are restricted. Another solution is that you can spend less money for an efficient solar system or wind power generator. The solution here is that you can build your own solar or/and wind power generator, and then you do not have to ask for solar panel Company to install solar panel for you because you can make your own power and it costs for less than $200. Since any material is available, then you can start make solar or wind power generator. They can generate free electricity for you to use and save hundreds of dollars on electric bills. You spend less money and it is fun to make things by yourself. If you want to make your own solar or/and wind power generator and start to generate free electricity. Check out my6 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill how to reduce electricity bill. Popularity: 1% [?] Share This. Posted in Home & Family | No Comments. Trackback URI | Comments RSS How to reduce electricity bill - Worldnews**** How to reduce electricity bill Dawn Read News Article. Monday, 15 September 2008 . photo
19 Nov 2008
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wind energy, solar system, solar panel, microgeração
24 Nov 2009
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Airs December 16th at 9pm/8c – At this very moment, celestial forces prowl the Universe and threaten man’s very existence. They’re asteroids and comets – and they’ve left their imprint on planet Earth, literally. Initially, they helped build planets through violent collisions. During this fiery bombardment period, they may have even seeded Earth with water and the building blocks for life. Since the turbulent formation of the solar system, these space rocks have continued to impact earth. Some have been so violent that they’ve led to mass extinctions events, including one that wiped out the dinosaur. What’s more, radical new theories suggest that asteroid and comet dust harbor deadly viruses that may have triggered some of our worst pandemics. For more info, please visit *******www.history****/universe
24 Jun 2010
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*******www.instablogs****/ Joint US Mexico effort to fight illicit drugs Mexican President Felipe Calderon said his country’s efforts to fight drug traffickers won’t be effective if the U.S. doesn’t do more to reduce demand for illicit substances under President-elect Barack Obama. President elect Obama recognized the effort we’ve carried out and showed a willingness to keep collaborating, but it requires stronger and more forceful action. There isn’t enough understanding on the international level, and especially in the U.S., of the importance of joint action to confront organized crime. Bus accident fire kills 63 The bus accident which took the lives of nearly 63 people showcases the shoddy condition of Indian transportation system. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh an economically poor state in perpetual shortage of resources to ensure motorable roads let alone a good transportation system for its people. There are a plenty of private bus operators too who manage to run their own fleet of buses in blatant disregard of all safety norms. About a month ago a bus fell into deep gorge, near Shimla when driver lost control over the wheel while changing a CD. In the most recent incident, the axle of the bus broke down and thereby causing the tragedy. Both these incidents and many more that go unreported highlight the need to overhaul our transportation system. Inflation spoils Eidi Buying and slaughtering the sheep too give its meat away to family, friends and those in needs is one of the main aspects of Eid-ul-adha. This year however not all Jordanians were able to practice same traditions as every year because of steep rise in prices of sheep. But the rise in prices of sheep was not exclusive to those animals as it also included basic commodities which made some Jordanians hesitant to make purchases for Eid. Some found it hard to buy new clothes and instead bought used clothes, others were not able to buy anything which was also a bad news for shopkeepers as they complain that this Eid-ul-Adha had devastating impact on their business. Galactic release The Day the Earth Stood Still, is the remake of the greatest classic films ever made. It’s about an Alien who comes to earth to warn us that we are destroying our planet-and the rest of the solar system. Most importantly twentieth Century Fox makes history by transmitting the first motion picture in to deep space, making The Day The Earth Stood Still the world's first galactic motion picture release. As millions of Earthbound movie fans view the film starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly, the film zipping through space at 186,000 miles per second will be received and viewed by any civilization currently orbiting Alpha Centauri approximately 4 years from now in 2012. The industry and film historians will have to wait for another 8 years for any reviews. *******www.instablogs****/
11 Dec 2008
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WASHINGTON — A blue-ribbon panel of scientists is trying to determine the best way to detect and ward off any wandering space rocks that might be on a collision course with Earth. ``We're looking for the killer asteroid,'' James Heasley , of the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy , last week told the committee that the National Academy of Sciences created at Congress' request. Congress asked the academy to conduct the study after astronomers were unable to eliminate an extremely slight chance that an asteroid called Apophis will slam into Earth with devastating effect in 2036. Apophis was discovered in 2004 about 17 million miles from Earth on a course that would overlap our planet's orbit in 2029 and return seven years later. Observers said that the asteroid — a massive boulder left over from the birth of the solar system — is about 1,000 feet wide and weighs at least 50 million tons. After further observations, astronomers reported that the asteroid would skim by Earth harmlessly in 2029, but it has a one in 44,000 probability of slamming into our planet on Easter Sunday , April 13, 2036 . Small changes in Apophis' path that could make the difference between a hit or a miss are possible, according to Jon Giorgini , a planetary analyst in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. ``We have not eliminated the threat in 2036,'' Lindley Johnson , the manager of NASA's asteroid detection program, told the committee. The academy panel is headed by Irwin Shapiro , a former director of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. It has a two-part assignment from Congress : Detect and deflect asteroids that might hit earth. First, the Shapiro committee is supposed to propose the best way to detect and analyze 90 percent of the so-called ``near Earth objects'' orbiting between Mars and Venus that are wider than 460 feet by 2020. About 20 percent of these are identified as potentially hazardous objects because they might pass within 5 million miles of Earth (20 times the distance to the Moon). More than 5,000 near Earth objects, including 789 potentially hazardous objects, have been identified so far. Johnson predicted that future surveys will find at least 66,000 near Earth objects and 18,000 potentially hazardous objects. A collision with one or more of these many objects littering the solar system is inevitable, Johnson said. ``Once every hundred years there might be something to worry about, but it could happen tomorrow.'' For example, astronomers had only 24 hours' notice of a small asteroid that blew up over northern Africa on Oct. 7 . A larger, more dangerous object presumably would be spotted years or decades ahead, giving humans time to change its course before it hit. The Shapiro panel's second task is to review various methods that have been proposed to deflect or destroy an incoming asteroid and recommend the best options. They include a nuclear bomb, conventional explosives or a spacecraft that would push or pull the asteroid off its course. Offbeat ideas are painting the surface of the asteroid so that the sun's rays would heat it differently and alter its direction, and a ``gravity tractor, ''a satellite that would fly close to the asteroid, gently nudging it aside. The earlier that a dangerous asteroid is found, and the farther it is from Earth, the easier it will be to change its trajectory, panel members were told. A relatively small force would be enough while the object is millions of miles away. The year 2029 could be crucial. When Apophis makes its first pass by Earth, its track can be more precisely determined. That will enable astronomers to judge whether Earth will escape with a near miss or will have to take swift action to avoid a blow that could devastate a region as large as Europe or the Eastern United States . To deflect an asteroid, scientists need to know its shape, weight and composition. A ball of loose rubble would be handled differently from a solid metallic rock. ``Finding them is one thing, but you have to know your enemy,'' said James Green , the director of NASA's Planetary Science Division. So far, NASA has spent $41 million on asteroid detection and deflection, but the Near Earth Object Program is running out of money. ``It's just barely hanging on,'' Shapiro said. Two expensive telescopes to focus on dangerous asteroids have been proposed, but Congress and the incoming Obama administration must be persuaded to approve the money. ``Without new telescopes, we'd never get to 90 percent (detection),'' Johnson said. After a lot of original skepticism, Congress now looks favorably on the asteroid project, according to Richard Obermann , the staff director of the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics. ``There used to be a high giggle factor among members,'' Obermann said. ``But it's now a very respectable area of investigation.'' Johnson told the Shapiro committee that the search for killer asteroids must have a high priority. ``The space program could provide humanity few greater legacies than to know the time and place of any cosmic destruction to allow ample time to prepare our response to that inevitable event,'' he said. ON THE WEB NASA's Near Earth Object Program Near Earth Environment animation 2007-08 MORE FROM MCCLATCHY Evidence found of solar system around nearby star Arctic temperatures hit record high Will new Mars lander be parked or scrapped?
19 Dec 2008
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It is pretty obvious that human type individual and primate type animals which are sentient populate the majority of solar bodies with in our Solar System.
24 Sep 2009
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With energy sources being consumed at a rate faster than they are being renewed, it is only wise that we use the abundant source of free energy for our homes home solar energy. Solar energy is freely abailable and helps to control environmental pollution. Many think that home solar systems are expensive and cumbersome solutions. However you will be surprised to know how easy to integrate solar home solutions. Not only will these home solar panels help you cut down on power bills. You will be doing your bit to save resources for all future generations.
27 Aug 2009
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That’s right, forget about spending $3,000 or more for factory made windmills and solar panels because if you can follow simple step-by-step instructions and invest just $200 then you can transform your energy-using home into an energy producing “green home”! You don’t need a degree in engineering, specialized and expensive equipment, or even a big initial investment, just the determination to STOP being held hostage by the Power Companies, a small but manageable investment, and the Energy 4 Green systems manual! how to make a solar system,how to make your own solar system,make a solar system,make own solar system,make solar system,make solar system model,make solar system project,make your own solar system,solar system make your,to make a solar system,
15 Feb 2009
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Where would we be today if it weren't for the scientists of the past? From the miniature world of genetics to the vast expanse of space, review the greatest discoveries of all time across eight different scientific categories in this multi-part series. Join host Bill Nye as he recounts the 100 most important discoveries and explains how each one has had a hand in shaping the modern world. Watch his lively and dramatic accounts and learn how the great discoveries were made, how they impacted the development of scientific knowledge and how they touch our lives today. 1) Astronomy Copernicus first theorized that the Sun was the center of our solar system, but it took the work of Johannes Kepler to prove it. Learn why the universe is expanding and meet modern astronomers who gauge the likelihood of life out there. 2) Biology Hundreds of years before the first DNA test, "Micrographia" championed the use of microscopes and set the stage for the first major discovery in biology: microorganisms. Learn how the secret of the cell was solved and how starfish led to the development of stem cell research. 3) Chemistry Joesph Priestley initiated the study of chemistry in 1770 with the discovery of oxygen. From there, witness the development of plastics and a familiar table that has confounded high school chemistry students for generations. 4) Earth Sciences Venture beneath our planet's crust for a look at the powerful geological forces that keep life on the move and adapting plate tectonics, earthquakes and super volcanoes. 5) Evolution From the discovery of the dinosaur-killing KT asteroid to Carl Linnaeus' still-used life form classification system to the groundbreaking theories of Charles Darwin. Learn how intelligent life began on earth. 6) Genetics Gregor Mendel's work with pea plants pioneered the study of genetics, but it wasn't until the creation of the double helix DNA model that the field really began to take off. 7) Medicine With physician Andreas Vesalius's groundbreaking anatomical drawings in 1538, a new science was born. Witness the horror of a pre-anesthesia operating room, see how X-rays were discovered and meet the man who developed the first vitamin. 8) Physics Learn how physicist Sir Isaac Newton developed his three laws of motion and travel inside the atom for an explosive look at Einstein's best-known theory. 9) Top Ten What are the 10 greatest scientific discoveries of all time? Find out which of the original 100 were voted by viewers as the most groundbreaking.
10 Oct 2011
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22 Jan 2011
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*******zacharyepps****/simple-solar-perfect-choice-for-boulder-custom-builder/ This business profile of locally owned Simple Solar focuses on a custom home built by Bob Hughes. Bob’s business, Hughes Construction, is a company which has a history of giving local Boulder-ites green building solutions. As a result, Simple Solar is a natural fit for Hughes and his Boulder real estate project. With local roots locally as a company founded right here in Boulder Colorado, and extensive history as the most experienced solar electric system provider, Hughes found the choice to be simple for his photovoltaic power solution. For more about Boulder Real Estate and to see more business profiles: Check out: *******www.zacharyepps**** On the three different days when we worked on the location work for this video profile for you, we were lucky enough to experience the typical weather changes often found in Boulder. Our first day on site we talked with the crew briefly to learn that the early stages of the project were focused on setting the stage for installing the panels. As it turns out, the crew is full of highly experienced professionals, and in this case all of those on the team are electricians. After the first day Boulder got a bit of snow and winter weather, which isn’t too surprising for us here in February. It wasn’t a problem for the Simple Solar team since they have several projects under way during any given week. Attention was shifted towards adding resources to another project while we waited. hughes-pv-schematic-1Fortunately for everyone, Boulder’s weather includes 300+ days of sunshine and the following day brought just that. As you can see in our video profile tour, warm sunshine prevailed and the crew was back on the job and finishing up the final steps to get the system finished and up and running. One of the most important things I have learned about Simple Solar is that they are very strongly oriented on understanding their client’s goals. This shows up in the consultation part of the process as they help homeowners look carefully at how both Simple Solar and the homeowner can work together to maximize the effectiveness of their solar system, as well as the financial efficiencies of the project design. When you talk to a consultant at Simple Solar, you’ll see that the objective is not to propose the largest possible system that might fit on your roof. Rather, Simple Solar consultants work closely with you as a homeowner to understand your needs. I’ve seen some systems designed by Simple Solar which met the objective of creating a solution where the homeowner would continuously produce more electricity than they could use, and consequently the system always sells energy back to the grid. Other systems have been designed to simply supplement the electricity needs for the homeowner. Whichever solution makes the most sense for you, it can be done, and it is possible to have a keen eye on the return on your investment (ROI) at the same time. hughes-final-layout-1-21-09In the case of this particular installation, Bob Hughes designed this home very carefully so that it was exceptionally energy efficient, and it was also insulated and sealed very well. Knowing that a Photovoltaic solar system was part of the long range plan played a big part in how he designed and built this home. He even installed ‘tie-offs’ along the ridge line of his roof knowing that installation professionals from Simple Solar would have to contend with the very steep roof pitch on his home. This steep roof pitch actually works very well for the photovoltaic panels. The angle works to maximize the efficiency of the panels (they get some of the highest levels of sunlight at this angle), and it also helps to promote snow shedding so that the panels are once again exposed to sunlight as quickly as possible. Hughes chose a somewhat smaller than average system of about 3.5 kilowatts. He didn’t want to completely offset his electric bill, but did want to find a compromise between a...
1 Mar 2009
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A short film about the Sun of our solar system. [Note: This version 2.0 of 3.0] From the Triangle series. For BBC and Discovery Channel. For the classroom or for the home. Enjoy. *******www.the-school****/ Little films for a big planet.
20 Mar 2009
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In ancient Sumer, the alien Gods were known as the Anunnaki. In Greece, the Annodoti. In the Celtic lore, the Tuatha de Danaan. In the Semetic scriptures (Torah, Talmud, Old Testament, and other Apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch), they are called The Nephilim, The Sons of God, or The Watchers. The gods themselves had their own monarchy, with laws of succession similar to our own, and they built a global empire upon the Earth, with great cities, temples and monuments, and mighty nations established on several continents. They created mankind as a slave race to work on their farms and in their gold mines, among other things. The Sumerian legends are very clear: man was made to bear the yoke of the gods. Man was separate from the gods, like a domesticated animal, and there was a great cultural taboo amongst the gods against sharing any of their sacred information with humanity, even things such as writing and mathematics. These gods ruled directly over Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley, and their rule is recorded in the histories of all three civilizations. At some point, it is told, some of the gods broke rank. This is again recorded in just about every culture on Earth that has a written or oral history of legends. Some of the gods, finding human females most appealing, intermarried with them (breaking, of course, a major taboo within their own culture), and creating a race of human/god hybrids. However, these actions (the interbreeding and sharing of secrets with humans) incurred the wrath of the Most High God, and a number of other gods who were disgusted by this interracial breeding. This sparked the massive and devastating battle of the gods that has come down to us in the legends of both the War in Heaven, and the Deluge. Then, in order to cleanse the Earth,s surface of the curse of humanity, they covered it with a flood. Interestingly, this flood is mentioned in the legends of almost every ancient culture on Earth. These Anunnaki are said to occupy another planet in our solar system (known to scientists as 'Planet X'). This planet is called Nibiru, and is situated somewhere beyond Pluto. This planet, unlike other planets in our solar system, moves clockwise, rather than counter clockwise. It was a collision of Nibiru with another planet in our solar system which created Earth. Nibiru's orbit passes thorough our solar system only once every 3,600 years. Some expect the return this century as early as 2012 Based on the Planet X Video by Robert Sepehr *******www.planetxvideo****
11 Mar 2009
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Alien beings are said to occupy another planet in our solar system according to ancient Sumerian writings. This Planet has been depicted in artwork dating back 5000 years and is currently being searched for by astronomers (known to scientists as 'Planet X'). This planet is called Nibiru, and is situated somewhere beyond Pluto. This planet, unlike other planets in our solar system, moves clockwise, rather than counter clockwise. It was a collision of Nibiru with another planet in our solar system which created Earth. Nibiru's orbit passes thorough our solar system only once every 3,600 years. Planet X Video by Robert Sepehr
24 Mar 2009
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