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Successo Sri Lanka Army - Defenders of the Nation
30 Oct 2009
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10 Nov 2009
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''Justice is coming to all of us. No matter what we do.'' Release Date 2009 Directed by Zack Snyder Video Clip by Ender Dipli [E.D.] *******www.facebook****/pages/Film-Seridi/131884333526632 *******www.izlesene****/kanal/filmseridi
1 Jan 2011
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24 Mar 2011
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Just what Feed Dump needed: Fortune Cards!
28 Mar 2012
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An original song and rough video (sorry) by Raymo.
12 Apr 2012
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An audience sung Soldier Of Fortune by Whitesnake.
29 Aug 2006
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Videoreport - CZ/SK America's Army Liga - Soldiers of Bohemia vs. 101st Airborne Division
23 Mar 2008
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promo for the upcoming season of lost featuring the new some from sade "Soldier Of Love"
21 Jan 2010
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Is this how the CIA deals with Iran? This commercial parody from 1980 is even more relevant today. A learn-at-home mercenary training program. Written and Directed by Joe Tripician, and starring Les Ribaudo, Bobby Siems, Allyn Gooen, and Assistant Directed by now big VC guy Christian Mayaud (check him out at the very end of the credits).
17 Jun 2009
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Debut HD music video from Vagabonds for their "V For Vendetta" mixtape. This mini-movie features 4 tracks off "V For Vendetta" in the following order: 01) Baysiqly - Je M'appelle 02) Baysiqly - First Day of School 03) E.R. - Exhibit E 04) E.R. - Say You Will "V For Vendetta" available for download on 06/11/2010 FREE at www.vagabondsmusicgroup****
27 May 2010
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10 Dec 2011
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Slide show of Operation Wounded Warrior 2006 where the 1st Battalion Volunteer fire departments of Long Island N.Y. Traveled nearly 1200 miles round trip to bring care packages to thw Wounded Marines and soldiers of Camp Lejuene N.C. and Bathesda Maryland.
28 Feb 2007
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Soldiers of the Civil Support Team hone skills at Muscatatuck Training Center. (Dec 05).
12 Mar 2007
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Before bringing my research about the above mentioned title to your esteemed side I have to explain the reason why I was interested in the subject. According to Islamic sources we read that Prophet Idris(or Andreas) and Prophet Isa(or Jesus)were taken above with their bodies and souls and they are still living there.Were some transportation vehicles used to take them above? Also during the Isra (night journey) our Prophet (S.A.V.) was taken from Mecca to Jerusalem with a vehicle called Buraq and from there on he was taken by an elevator called Mirac and some other vehicles like Refref and the wings of angels.Of course we have to believe again that our prophet(S.A.V.)'s Isra was done with body and soul. In addittion the first 17 verses of the Star Chapter(Surah Necm) are also very interesting saying :" He was on the uppermost horizon firstly, Then he drew near and came down, Till he was two bows length or even nearer,He is nor a liar neither someone who goes astray or his eye did not err. He had seen this before in Sidre MUnteha".The Quran scientists explains him as archangel Gabriel(Cibril A.S.) Saying lastly humans managed to transfer light from one place to another. This was something we thought imaginary when we watched the television serial " Star Trek "years ago where people were transported from one place to another with special machines in seconds.This last invention is a big footstep in science while it is not even a drop of an ocean compared with God's science.Therefore Allah almighty(C.C) might have used such a way to take Jesus or Idris.Here we can end our subject about UFOs. According to Islam the creation is divided into three. The first are angels whose duty is just submission to God and they always do whatever is ordered to them. Second comes jinn who are created for being examined of their faiths just like us humans.Last comes the earthly creatures like humans ,animals,herbs etc. In other words in Islam we do not believe in gray creatures,with three fingers carrying an egg like head on their tiny bodies making crop circles and crashing their UFOs all the time.These are only the characters of Western Spielberg films.Yes including me many people have seen some strange lights in the air but they are all explained by scientists so let's never and ever run after hope exploiters explaining the realities of UFOs. Shall we be able to recognize Jesus and Mahdi?As much as I know only some people with very strong faith will be able to recognize Jesus. Even Mehdi A.S. will not know that he is Mahdi till the last night he is informed by Allah(C.C.).If the names like Dajjal, Mahdi only describe some Conceptions of our day then what would be the signs of their emerging to us ? I would say that Dajjal is Capitalism which cares only for this world. To understand the existence of Mahdi A.S. we are given two clues : Justice and wealth in the world.If we take wealth firstly we see that the ultra high science technology of our day have caused big improvements in agriculture, industry,medicine and civil engineering and reminds us the words of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.V.) saying" Mahdi will come by scattering richness everywhere."I understand from the conception of Justice that every material will be distributed equally among people and problems between humans also will be solved in a just way.I think that wealth and richness will be so much that everybody will begin to pray to God to save his real life after death..The opportunities in our age have made easy for people to buy cars,houses and services of health,communication,education and transportation are getting cheaper and cheaper everyday. Every year 30.000 people in the US only turn to Islam and Rumi the Islamic Sufi's poems sell more than Sheakespeare. According to me Inshallah Allah will complete his light very very soon. Our duty is to thank all the time and ask for Allah's (CC) help with patience and praying and to protect our faith.Instead of being Dajjal's soldiers running after only for the goods of this world we must prefer to be the soldiers of Mahdi by"working for this world as if we shall never die and working for our eternal life as we are going to die tomorrow". Best Regards
15 May 2007
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It has been one year to the Second Lebanon War, and the soldiers of Alpha Company assemble on the training field to commemorate it.
10 Jul 2007
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