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CONTINENTAL SOLDIERS Crosby and Augustine, we have been together as a group for over 10 years and friends since I could remember. Our home town is Lake Tahoe, CA. We relocated to the northwest 2 years ago to persue our musical dream. Since then, both of us have gone through a lot of change, more knowledge then ANYTHING!!! Crosby and I have been through it all from playing soldout shows to break ups / a tour that was a compleate failure and everything in between, NO JOKE. When we moved to Seattle thats when we decided to form a band... started by finding a guitar player, then a DJ, and then of coarse a heavy DRUMMER! We were on the road to success, MORE and MORE people were coming to the shows, we got offered great nights to play with people we did'nt know, we had two attourneys approuch us and ready manage CONTINENTAL SOLDIERS. Then everything fell apart when no one could TOUR... people said they wanted to move on "or something like that" Crosby and I were lost not knowing what to do.... THEN WE HAD AN IDEA!!!! no more show! just create! Create with NO limits (how will we produce this live) -its like having to paint a picture with only two colors.... boring!!! NO LIMITS this time. LETS RECORD A SONG AND THEN RECORD MUSIC VIDEO and thats what we are sit back, watch & hear the magic!!
Toque de berimbau
16 Jan 2007
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A Special video with questions that the world wants answers to and C4 News & Views are not scared to ask?
16 Jan 2008
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street soldierz doin our thang
9 Feb 2009
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Rellik "Soldier Video"
5 Sep 2011
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This is a tribute I created to honer all the men and women that have spent any time away from the people they love. My heart also goes out to anyone who has fought for freedom anywhere in the world.
19 Feb 2017
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