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Most of the time, you'll want affect as a verb meaning to influence something and effect for the something that was influenced. The difference between affect and effect is so slippery that people have started using "impact" as a verb instead. Don't be one of them! 2#.... Affect is a verb almost always used to mean "to act on (someone or something) and cause a change." Effect is almost always used as a noun to mean "a change that results when something is done or happens." In other words, when you affect something, you cause an effect. The following example sentences show these uses: The weather affected our travel plans. = The weather had an effect on our travel plans. [=the weather caused us to change our plans] Pollution in the air affects our health. = Pollution has negative health effects. Your weight is affected by your diet. = Your diet has an effect on your weight. The new teacher has a positive effect on the children. = The teacher affects the children in a positive way. One side effect of the new medicine is sleepiness. = The medicine affects your ability to stay awake. Staying up late has no effect on my ability to wake up early. = Staying up late does not affect my ability to wake up early. Sometimes, especially in formal writing, effect is used as a verb to mean "to cause something to happen". The following example sentences show this use: The manager had the power to effect change within the company. The directors hoped to effect a smooth transition by working together during the merger. The people urged the government to effect reform. Sometimes, especially in formal contexts, affect is used to mean "to pretend that a false behavior or feeling is natural or genuine." The following example sentences show this use: He always affects a look of surprise [=pretends to be surprised] when the children draw him pictures. She affected concern for her neighbors. [=she pretended to be concerned] They affected Italian accents [=they spoke with fake Itali
16 Feb 2018
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Something funny happened on the way to the Ren fair
26 Sep 2008
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*******www.thefreeadforum****/vbull/jv-forum/552242-without-advertising-something-terrible-happens-nothing.html Without Advertising Something Terrible Happens Nothing Workingonline****
10 Sep 2010
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Today on Hard News, Darksiders may return to its creator, Miyamoto joins the Miiverse, and something is happening April 8th. *******gamehackerz****/
30 Mar 2013
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******* Find out whats coming on 09.09.09
8 Sep 2009
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It is an animation about my supposed reaction if they purchase any of the touch gadgets that are around today. Ever occur to you that you do not repent of such a purchase? www.elfree****.ar
12 Apr 2010
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"I've been taking some time out to like... find myself..." This girl is like sad or like something like happened to her, and I'm like I hope she's like okay.
27 Apr 2006
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Video one crazy friend made, pay attention at the end,,,something funny happens
27 Feb 2007
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I was driving around and having some fun with tow- and police cars when something strange happened. I hope the pilot K.I. coder doesn't have a pilot license :D
22 Mar 2007
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Hello,Bonjour,Ciao,Merhaba, The title I use looks very exaggerated but I have to inform your esteemed side about this situation as a brother of you on this planet.I have been making researches on Cancer , Diabetes,MS,nutrition,herbs,vegetarianism for 17 years and have 2 books and made hundreds of tv&radio programmes and written articles on these subjects in my country Turkey,Europe and Asia,USA. I also sell my invention soymilk machines to many places. Now in Turkey there is a city called Adıyaman and in this city there is Sufi group called "Menzil".They have more than 6 million followers only in Turkey and 1,5 million of these followers used to have addictions of drugs, alcohol and gambling but they now left all of these bad habits and live like angels now. I really thought a lot that if I should inform you about them because I might be thought as a hope exploiter or a person making religious propaganda . Then I thought that firstly I want NO money or have NO benefit from you. Second you can simply Google my name and find out where and who I am . Third I am giving their addresses to you so you do not need me to get in touch with them.Fourth the world has become so small that with the web address I will give , you can be informed about them as if they are your next door neighbors in 2 or 3 hours. So you can give a try if you are convinced by yourself after making your private investigation.In these circumstances I do not think I have a sin and have no guilty conscience because even if I am lieing or being mistaken you can check it only in 2-3 hours with the communication facilities of our day. Actually I gave this Sufi group's address to some therapy institutions in Europe before but because you pay a lot of money to your doctors I guess they do not have time to cure your patients from travelling around the world. Another thing is that if something bad happens to you or someone you love you make researches and after a time you have more knowledge than the doctors. Here , I am giving their contact addresses to your esteemed side now hoping for any person you save I will gain God's big love. Unfortunately they are all Turkish and God speed you! *******www.menzil****/ semerkanddergisisemerkanddergisi**** Tel :90/216/3111335, dergimostar****.tr Tel:9 0216 561 45 51 Now let's talk about some more other miracles .Would you believe me if I say there are doctor fish on the world that cures Skin diseases such as acne, eczema psoriases?Yes,since early 1800s. 2 species Cyprinion macrostomus (fish) and Garra rufa do in Sıvas /Turkiye . If you simply google "doctor fish" you will have a lot of info. *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Doctor_fish The reason I gave u this example that years ago people did not believe this ,then they thought this was a miracle and came to be cured , then it was understood that scientifically these fish t only consume the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow, with the outdoor location of the treatment beneficial effects and they cure. So also may be a time comes why these 1,5 million people quitted alcohol,drugs and gambling here. May be ,psychologically as a placebo or by believing strongly , mass hypnosis, or some other reason or really as a gift and miracle from God. Best Regards
15 May 2007
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me and my friend swing something funny happens at the end that is fun look look
21 May 2007
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Traveling In Mototaxi By Pachacutec City. "Mototaxi" is the popular transport in the young - towns of peru. Arriving at my destiny something unexpected happens..
13 Jun 2007
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something funny happened around me
7 Aug 2007
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Something strange happened in California...
1 Oct 2007
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something's happening in the house where some friends live together....
16 Oct 2007
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What do you do when something negative happens to you? What about when you have to do something you don't want to? In this video I introduce my life coach and friend Lou De Lorca. This is the first in a series of videos. I also talk a little bit about "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. Your thoughts! Where are your thoughts? Are you constantly thinking negative or positive thoughts? Lou has been an asset in my life and I have learned so much from him. He is genuinely caring and understanding.
26 Oct 2007
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