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Trina hot new release single song writer Miami native Katrina Taylor better known as Trina debuted in 1998 on Slip N Slide label mate Trick Daddys Nann and quickly became a household name in Hip Hop With female rappers from the South not making much noise back then Trina earned national attention Adding a Southern twist to the explicit style that rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown had blown up off Trina easily became the queen of the South But her first two albums Platinum selling debut album Da Baddest Bh 2000 and Gold album Diamond Princess 2002 focused on the raw and raunchy style that made her famous followed by another Gold album entitled Glamorest Life in 2005
1 Aug 2008
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Song Writer and Producer J30
12 Jan 2009
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Real Men of Genius • 31 - Mr. Sad Country Song Song Writer
16 Jul 2009
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Song writer Song Writers Song Writing Song Contest
4 Aug 2009
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this week we are taking absolutely no sh1t offa nobody. from the riot police in the nation of georgia to the writer's guild strike in hollywood, we have a lot to say about taking your destiny into your own hands. in fact, it's the FU of the week. plus, an awesome internet love song with a free mp3 and an amazing music video with a deep political statement. for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
14 Nov 2007
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httpL//www.Myspace****/KDSFRIEND How To Utilize Software to Get Your Message Out Whether You're a Musician, Network Marketer, Song Writer, Movie Producer, Or Just Plain YOU. YOU Need to Expose yourself To Targeted People. HereS How YOu CAN!
7 May 2007
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A home made music video for singer song writer James Blunt's beautiful hit song "High"
9 Jul 2007
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superstar & star singers and songs writers
23 Jul 2007
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Acclaimed Irish singer, song writer and storyteller, Tommy Makem was laid to rest August 9 after a year long battle with lung cancer. For more info see www.seacoastonline**** --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Aug 2007
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Song Writer Mg Thit Min, Poem Mg Pyet Min and Accountant Thant Zin Mon at Yangon in April 2006
25 Sep 2007
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8 Oct 2007
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Hello, I'm a song writer yet not a good singer so plz use or try my lyrics! Lyrics: Sole Barriers , Meteors , Glaciers of pain. Inside My sole. Hes gone for ever. Hes Never Skulded People. Ive trusted so much, that i must give in to give out! Out Of the lines, Taken away now. Chorus: If I could Take Him back I would do so much Its Love!!!!!!!!! I wouldnt let you take him away God oh god the reasons God if you would realise , that i love him so much Theres so much to hide Theres so much to know I know theres no body but chew!("chew means you") In My life. Mid Section: And Every Person left with 1 decision Would you give in? Its only a a asking for love inside... That you givien me oh.... AND PEOPLE SAY THAT GOT IT TO CHOOOSE OHHHHHHHH! and too loose! if you knew how much I care.... and I try.... When comes out all the pain and causes me to say: im numb inside. and I don't give a hydes ass worth of what you say. my whole life oh....... I want him back and nothing else..... nothing else to choose or loose oh..... get rid of the wounds....
7 Nov 2007
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(I'm a song writer yet not a good singer)You can use my lyrics)Lyrics: Un forgetting Mistakes Of Love Remembering Everything they said and everything they had inside your head Chorus: The Mistakes Of..... The People On the Table Mistakeing Labels..... Labels Of mistakes.... yet you can survive today.... i know theres plenty of love in the world today Hey Oh....
7 Nov 2007
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Missionary and song-writer Brother Micah performs his masterpiece live in front of a college audience.
11 Nov 2007
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Verbs really admires have the writers of the Bible were honest in their emotions. They were bold to say how they really felt. He appreciates the example that sets for song writers and rappers to write honestly and well.
23 Jan 2008
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Miley's blows up at the box office, and Linsdays new dude! All this and more on the Hollywood hotties & notties edition of BSW. Hey everyone! I’m Amy Paffrath your host for bswchannel**** your celebrity video news source. We report only the best celebrity gossip minus the fluff. Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria couldn't keep 15 year cutie Miley Ray Cyrus from the #1 spot at the box office this weekend. The tween crooner took in 29 million for her Best of Both Worlds concert. I wonder if those racey myspace pics that were leaked has anyone wondering if she’ll morph into the next Lindsay. The former Disney queen has got a new man and you'll have to watch Linds new reality show to get the dish. Apparently La Lohan is calling Jeremy Green her bf. At least this second. Who knows with this girl. We though she'd be clearheaded after 3 months in rehab but Linds has reportedly been spotted drinking and smoking all over town. Maybe the 21 year old singer song writer will have good influence on Lindsay. Yeah right. And before we go in the “for dudes only” segment we have super hottie Lucy Pinder. Oh la la! Next time on BSW we will be reporting on Lindsay Lohan: where it all went wrong! Until then I’m Amy Paffrath stay safe and stay tuned to BSWChannel****
2 Jul 2008
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