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Sony's newest Android tablet has more features positioning it as a killer TV remote, and clever accessories like a wafer-thin keyboard case.
29 Aug 2012
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This's FULL WORKING [un]official version ROM of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.1) for Xperia™ arc S, Xperia™ neo V and Xperia™ available for download here! Links: *******hotfile****/dl/137614805/0d68e73/AndroidsRoms-Android40_SonyXperia.rar.rar.html Or Mirror: ******* ROM includes a number of new features: New "Roboto" font. New "Holo" theme is supported (you are able to test apps written to make use of the Holo theme). Music player control from lock screen. Updated UI in the Settings menu. Updated UI in the web browser. Updated UI and interaction with the new messaging action bar. Updated UI for improved multitasking. Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks and browser tabs in the Notification menu. Check out the video in the beginning to see a demo of some of these features! Download and install Follow the instructions below to download and install the ROM. Please note that it only works with Xperia™ arc S, Xperia™ neo V and Xperia™ ray. Make sure your phone is running the latest software release, which is build number 4.0.2.A.0.42. If not, upgrade your phone through PC Companion. If you can't upgrade to this build number, it is not possible to try the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Xperia™ phones. Go to unlockbootloader.sonyericsson**** and unlock the boot loader of your phone. To do this, you must read through and agree to all the legal and warranty conditions that apply. Download the Ice Cream Sandwich *******hotfile****/dl/137614805/0d68e73/AndroidsRoms-Android40_SonyXperia.rar.rar.html or ******* Extract the downloaded zip file to your Android Fastboot directory. For example: ..\android-sdk\fastboot\AndroidsRoms-Android40_SonyXperia.rar. Open a command prompt and go to your Fastboot directory: ..\android-sdk\fastboot\ Flash the threeROM files one at a time using Fastboot. Use these three commands (replace the folder name if you are using Xperia™ neo V or Xperia™ ray:( fastboot flash boot ..\Fastboot\AndroidsRoms-Android40_SonyXperia\boot.img fastboot flash userdata ..\Fastboot\AndroidsRoms-Android40_SonyXperia\userdata.img fastboot flash system ..\Fastboot\AndroidsRoms-Android40_SonyXperia\system.img Once done, please reboot your phone. Important information Since this is far from the final software upgrade roll out, there are a few things to pay close attention to before you download and install the ROM: You should be an advanced developer with extensive knowledge in how to install, and switch between different ROMs. If you are a consumer without these developer skills, then we strongly recommend you not do try this as you may damage your phone. You must be using Xperia™ arc S, Xperia™ neo V or Xperia™ ray, running the latest Sony Ericsson software release (which is 4.0.2.A.0.42). Please note that you can't use the original Xperia™ arc or Xperia™ neo, as they have different partition layouts. You must unlock your phone using Sony Ericsson's Unlock boot loader service, and agree to all the legal and warranty conditions that apply. Please note that you may void the warranty of your phone and/or any warranty from your operator if you unlock the boot loader of your phone. Sony Ericsson can then no longer guarantee the full functionality of your phone, and will not be responsible for any unusable functions or loss of personal data associated to the ROM being flashed to the phone.
18 Sep 2012
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4 Nov 2012
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*******www.tracyandmatt****** One of the first to get his hands on the Xpera S in the UK, James takes us through some of the key features of the phone after unboxing.
18 Nov 2012
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12:22 на выставке Cebit 2012 знакомится с новым флагманом Sony после развода с Ericsson. Чем готовы удивить нас японцы в новом Xperia S, и насколько интересной окажется новинка, чтобы стать настоящим флагманом на рынке смартфонов...
25 Dec 2012
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Sony unveiled its newest flagship Android device at CES 2013, and thanks to a helpful Sony representative with a soft spot for patchy beards, we were there to get our hands all over an untethered model. From its 13-megapixel camera to its 5-inch 1080p display to its tempered-glass finish, this Jelly Bean-rocking smartphone has a lot to offer -- but does it pack enough to "wow" the tough-to-impress? Watch our video to find out. Visit us: *******pocketnow**** Follow us: *******twitter****/pocketnowtweets *******facebook****/pocketnow *******google****/+pocketnow Follow the guys on the ground: *******twitter****/BrandonMiniman *******twitter****/Jaime_Rivera *******twitter****/Captain2Phones
4 Feb 2013
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Jason Jenkins takes a deeper dive into the music, photo, battery and TV functions of Sony's new tablet.
25 Feb 2013
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Molly Wood and Jeff Cannata reveal the thin and lightweight Android phone that has impressive features, including a pretty awesome camera.
19 Mar 2013
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Arguably the hottest Android smartphone of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S III, goes toe to toe with one of the hottest gadget from CES, the Xperia Z by Sony. Although approaching 10-months-old, the Galaxy S III still features what many would consider high-end specifications: 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos chip (or 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 in U.S. variants), 8-megapixel camera, between 16 and 64GB of built-in storage, 1GB RAM (2GB for U.S. models) and a 2,100mAh battery. The Xperia Z, however, offers bleeding edge technology in the form of a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset, 5-inch 1080p display, 13.1-megapixel camera, 2GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage and a 2,330mAh battery. The true differences come down to design, build quality and software features. Which one comes out on top? Subscribe: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=Pocketnowvideo About us: PocketnowVideo is the official YouTube channel of Pocketnow****. We feature Android, iOS, and Windows Phone news, reviews, unboxings, opinion pieces, and tons of awesome comparisons. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe! Follow us: *******twitter****/pocketnowtweets *******facebook****/pocketnow *******google****/+pocketnow Also, if you want an Xperia Z unlocked, you can get one now from clove******.
24 Apr 2013
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We got some hardcore hands-on time with it, and then we compared it with the Samsung Galaxy S III. The next step was obvious: comparing Sony's new Xperia Z superphone with Apple's crown jewel, the iPhone 5. Watch our video to see how Sony's device stacks up, then stay tuned for much more device coverage from CES 2013 as Pocketnow's epic week of awesome continues! Visit us: *******pocketnow**** Follow us: *******twitter****/pocketnowtweets *******facebook****/pocketnow *******google****/+pocketnow Follow the guys on the ground: *******twitter****/BrandonMiniman *******twitter****/Jaime_Rivera *******twitter****/Captain2Phones
14 May 2013
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Although Apple's iPhone 5 is approaching six-months-old, it is still one of the higher-end smartphones on the market. Its display is regarded as the most accurate in the mobile industry, and its camera is among the best, too. The Xperia Z by Sony carries its weight as well. The iPhone 5 packs a 4-inch (1,364 by 640 pixel resolution) IPS LCD display, 1.2GHz dual-core A6 chip, 8-megapixel camera, 16, 32 or 64GB of storage, 1GB RAM and approximately a 1,440mAh battery. The Xperia Z comes with a 5-inch 1080p display, 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset, 16GB built-in storage, 2GB RAM, a 2,330mAh battery and a 13.1-megapixel camera. How do these two premium smartphones compare? Check out the video to find out! Subscribe: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=Pocketnowvideo About us: PocketnowVideo is the official YouTube channel of Pocketnow****. We feature Android, iOS, and Windows Phone news, reviews, unboxings, opinion pieces, and tons of awesome comparisons. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe! Follow us: *******twitter****/pocketnowtweets *******facebook****/pocketnow *******google****/+pocketnow
1 Jun 2013
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Five hundred dollars for a tablet with only 16GB of storage isn't the best deal, on paper or otherwise. However, Sony makes a strong case by packing in the features.
3 Jun 2013
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Sony's newest smart phone packs a 6.4-inch display, waterproof casing and a 2.2GHz quad-core processor. Oh, and it's eerily thin too! Check out our hands-on video.
26 Jun 2013
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13 Jul 2013
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Sony might be on the right track back to greatness in the Android smartphone space, but now that Samsung has come out with the Galaxy S4, is the Xperia Z in trouble? Subscribe to our YouTube channel: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - *******www.androidauthority**** - ************/u/0/+AndroidAuthority/posts - *******www.facebook****/androidauthority/ - *******www.twitter****/androidauth/
11 Aug 2013
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Sony CEO, Kaz Hirai covers the highlights of the Xperia Z1.
4 Sep 2013
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