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A Phishing email is circulating claiming to be anti-SOPA. This is a HACKING email do NOT Click on the link in the email. The email sates:- YOUR NAME have you heard the sad story about MEGAUPLOAD com? Those evil masterminds are willing to shut down: myspace******** ebay**** paypal**** hotmail**** Please read and sign petition here: : / / s w e b c o. DOT COM whatever here THIS LINK IS PHISHING Dont let PIPA and SOPA kill the internet. Become Anonymous! Tony Scalise ....... SOPA/PIPA Links and information *******www.acomputerportal****/webmaster_law.html
25 Jan 2012
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Operation: Protect Justice - engaged EMERGENCY ACTION AUTHORIZED! *Spread this video to every social media available* Transcript of the audio: Greetings citizens of the world. This is a short message to the corrupt elite in The United States of America. As some of you may or may not know, the (in) justice department have taken down Megaupload. Seven employees faces a charge that will most likely give them 55 years in prison. Here is a quote from the feds: "Today's action by the Department of Justice against the leaders of MegaUpload**** shows what law enforcement can do to protect American intellectual property that is stolen through domestic websites. " For too long you have abused the people. For too long have your masters ruled from the shadows. For too long have we watched and accepted this. Not anymore. Did you really think the people of the world would simply accept that their rights were being taken away by your newest invention, Sopa/pipa? If you did, you were wrong. The people of America and the world will not surrender and obey this easily. As you have witnessed, the solidarity and the will to resist, have been rising among the people. You know how powerfull we are when we mobilize. Look at Wall Street, The october 15th demonstrations and the arab spring. You fear us. You are desperatly trying to figure out new ways to keep us silenced. But unlike the people in your senate, our voices and minds cannot be bought nor silenced with threats. We will settle for freedom, and freedom only, and when we achieve it, not even then will we rest. We are one idea, the collective mind of humans all over the earth, we are the voice of the supressed, when your corporate media light shines elsewhere, we are the protectors of our own rights, the defenders of faith in dark times like these, brought upon us by you, the elite. We are anonymous. We do not forgive, nor do we forget. You should have expected us. We can not be stopped. Also you can Follow ME on FACEBOOK ******* or Follow me on Twitter ******* Don't Forget Rate, Comment, Share and if you enjoyed the video, Subscribe!
23 Jan 2012
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Where to buy the first Optimus Pad LTEs, decorations for Lego projects, the web goes dark over SOPA/PIPA legislation, and a tasty combination of Nutella and bacon!
19 Jan 2012
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Good Mythical Morning Episode 7! Rhett & Link discuss their experience with "Miss Perfect." Comment below and tell us what makes talking to girls so intimidating. SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: ******* This episode of GMM is brought to you by Kotulas. ******* Get the Cooper Cooler here! ******* For more on SOPA & PIPA, go to *******americancensorship****/ MAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL: *******youtube****/rhettandlink FACEBOOK: ‪*******‬ TWITTER: ‪*******‬ Good Mythical Morning is available for download on iTunes! Video Podcast: ******* Audio Podcast: ******* Rhett and Link are Internetainers dedicated to giving you a daily dose of casual comedy every Monday-Friday on our show "Good Mythical Morning" only on youtube****/rhettandlink2. JOIN the RhettandLinKommunity! ******* CREDITS: Camera, PA, Editing: Jason Inman Intro/Outro music: RoyaltyFreeMusicLibrary****‪‪*******www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary****/‬‬  Microphone: The Mouse from Blue Microphones: *******www.bluemic****/mouse/ ------------------ Subscribe if you like what you see! ------------------ TAGS: how to talk to girls, how to, girls, dating, Good Mythical Morning, rhettandlink, Wipeout, Jill Wagner, ABC, kissing, guys, single guys, comedy, daily show, morning show, humor, talk show, rhett, link, GMM
16 Jan 2014
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Get this track alongside 19 others from your favourite Monstercat artists for only $10 on iTunes/Bandcamp/Amazon (Prices may change) iTunes - ******* Bandcamp - ******* Amazon - ******* Question: "but Monstercat, you are a record label, don't you want SOPA/PIPA/ACTA to be passed?" Answer: Monstercat, as a company, launched only 6 months ago. Our growth and our success can only be contributed to the community we have helped foster and develop through the use of social networking sites. Websites like YouTube and Reddit help spread our music to people who would otherwise never have a chance to hear it. We understand that sometimes our fans can't afford to purchase a track and take to alternative means to hear it. Just remember, Monstercat unlike most labels takes a very small % of sales, revenue goes directly to the young artists. The Internet made Monstercat and without it would also destroy us. SOPA/PIPA may currently be on benched for the time being, but ACTA is global and far worse. -ACTA is global -ACTA not only blocks websites but can lead to full surveillance of your online activities -ACTA does not have the campaigning against it that SOPA/PIPA did. We need to STAND UP now more than ever. -ACTA not only affects the internet but healthcare, tourism, and trade. -ACTA must be stopped. Information on ACTA: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement Information on SOPA: ********en.wikipedia****/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act Information on PIPA: ********en.wikipedia****/wiki/PROTECT_IP_Act Information on PCIP: ********en.wikipedia****/wiki/Protecting_Children_from_Internet_Pornographers_Act_of_2011 New videos every Monday/Wednesday/Friday! Don't forget to subscribe! Follow Monstercat Media: Facebook: *******www.facebook****/MonstercatMedia Twitter: *******www.twitter****/Monstercat Follow Arion: Facebook: *******www.facebook****/arionmusic Twitter: *******twitter****/officialarion Youtube: ***********/OfficialArionTV ***********/OfficialArionTV ______________ **Written by Arion** S.O.P.A isn't dead... yet "Aren't SOPA and PIPA already dead? No. Both acts still have substantial congressional backing and financial support from the MPAA, RIAA, and other supporters. Although the opposition has increased, there is still a possibility that either Act will be become law. Even if both Acts fail, there is a high probability that future legislation closely resembling those acts will appear before congress again—after all, they themselves are reincarnations of an earlier bill, the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act" (COICA)." More S.O.P.A info here: *******www.gamasutra****/view/news/39775/SOPAs_not_dead_yet_the_6_things_every_game_developer_needs_to_know.php I stand for what I believe in because I believe in what I stand for. The internet belongs to us so help spread the word by re-posting, re-tweeting & re-blogging this to all your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.) Download Song Here: *******officialarion.bandcamp****/track/dubstep-arion-internet-rebellion-fuck-s-o-p-a
1 Aug 2013
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Anonymous Live On CNN JOIN US: *******facebook****/ArmyAnonymous Against New World Order *********** sopa pipa "sopa pipa" "sopa bill" cnn live "cnn live "cnn 2012" "cnn debate" "cnn debate today" "fox news" "anonymous interview" "anonymous hackers" "anonymous 2012" occupy "occupy wall street" music "music 2012" "mega upload" megaupload" "megaupload down" "megaupload is down" "mega upload down" "mega upload is down" "music video" "lady gaga" trailer trailers 2012 movie bbc cnn nbc fbi cia nsa "us goverment" usa america obama bush news Abc Fox "cnn news" "cnn news today" nachrichten
24 Jun 2013
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1 Jun 2012
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New Japan Tsunami Video - See The power !! ........................................................................ IF YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL I NEED A FAVOUR Please Go To here ***********/watch?v=tg-etM63ksM Thank You And May Your Angels Keep you Well ................................................................................................................... For more Breaking News Plse Subscribe here ***********/subscription_center?add_user=pokertron My Channel Link ***********/user/pokertron My Breaking News Playlist Link ***********/playlist?list=PL32B8973772DB74DF ................................................................................ Got $250 A Computer and some spare time, go to *******www.themathmachine**** Talk Fusion has made me wealthy with no effort at all. ..................................................................................... FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (©) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. "Breaking News" pbn2012 and more Breaking News in London at the Olympics 2012. Latest in, Pokertron, with h.a.a.r.p., yes with HAARP and coast to am. "coast to coast am" with George Noory, Project Camelot, David Icke, news anchor Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura's 9/11 story. If conspiracy, truth, or "conspiracy theories", SOPA, PIPA, no matter what they all just a theory. Area 51 with Gordon Freeman, Richard Hoagland, Joe Rogan, Anonymous, The New World Order, the illuminati, the NWO, Alien, Aliens, UFO, UFOs, no matter what it will be posted to all interested. CNN, abc, fox, espn, skynews, bbc, pokertron, today, everyday try to bring you the breaking news on, earthquake, earthquakes, volcano, tsunami, Niburu, PlanetX, sitchin, the annunaki, GOD, solar, flares, sun and lots more "project camelot" UFO "Unidentified Flying Object" Aliens ET 666 9-11 "Extraterrestrial Life" "David Icke" Nwo Bilderberg illuminati "Anti Christ" "Alex Jones" "Conspiracy Theory" "Red Ice Radio" "Area 51" "Jesse Ventura" NASA 2012 "Solar Flare" haarp EBE earthquake Roswell "Ancient Astronauts" Extraterrestrials Annunaki Occult "Crop Circles" "Remote Viewing" Cryptozoology Atlantis Reptilians Grays Nazi Phobos "Planet X" Nibiru Mayan Space Ghosts Mars Moon "Zeta Reticuli" "Zecharia Sitchin" EMP
11 Mar 2012
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DEVIDO A SOPA PIPA Y ACTA POR EL MOMENTO ESTE ES MI ULTIMO VIDEO EN 3 DIAS MAS APARTIR DE HOY COMIENZO A BORRARLOS PERO SI ESTO SE CALMA LOS SUBIRE DENUEVO Y TAMBIEN LOS NUEVOS El presidente de EUA (barack obama) ha negado la ley S.O.P.A (stop online piracy act) GRACIAS PRESIDENTE :D Google, Yahoo, Facebook y Wikipedia son los únicos que estan en contra de S.O.P.A & TWITTER esta a favor,que pena u__u La TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL sera DIGITAL ;) Defendamos Facebook,Youtube, MediaFire, Wikipedia, Google, Taringa, y exigamos el regreso de Megaupload.este video lo subo a causa de que televisa esta reclamando los derechos de autor y si los esta quitando esta quitando derecho de expresion y si los va a quitar minimo que pongan los programas de las lavanderas en tvolucion arriva las lavanderas SOBRES !!!!!
14 Feb 2012
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Info: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act *******money.cnn****/2012/01/17/technology/sopa_explained/?iid=HP_Highlight&hpt=us_c1 *******www.pcworld****/article/248298/sopa_and_pipa_just_the_facts.html Petitions: ********donate.mozilla****/page/s/sopa-pipa-petition ************/landing/takeaction/ *******americancensorship****/ *******blacklists.eff****/
6 Feb 2012
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Join the SOPA/PIPA Protest: *******americancensorship****/ *******www.dontcensorthenet****/ *******voteforthenet****/ *******sopastrike****/strike *******demandprogress****/ Billy Madison's (Adam Sandler) reply to Jim Downey at the academic decathlon in the movie "Billy Madison." OK, a simple wrong would've done just fine, but ah... [HD] [CC] Available I've had a few requests for this video so I decided to make a video response to my own video, haha, enjoy. I planned to upload the Prior Q & A that led to the Ultimate Insult, but Youtube added a Content ID system (due to a lawsuit), that won't allow any more video clips from Billy Madison.
6 Feb 2012
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SOPA and PIPA are two examples of recent legislation that is lethal to the internet as we know it. The internet rose up and is on its way to successfully fighting them off, but we need to stay vigilant. The only way to prevent legislation like this from being passed in the future is to call your Congressmen and tell them. Make it clear that you don't support SOPA, you don't support PIPA, and that you won't support future legislation that damages the stability of the internet. For more information, visit: *******www.SeattleAgainstSOPA**** ******* *******stopcensorship****/ Follow Us on Twitter: Forest Gibson: ForestGibson Zachary Cohn: ZacharyCohn Ben Huh: benhuh Rob Whitehead RobCWhitehead Alexander JL Theoharis: Satire David Zimmermann: davidzimm Molly McIsaac MollyMcIsaac Gabe Conroy: Gabrobot Lyrics: A long, long time ago On the world's largest network of interconnected computers, Those lolcats used to make me laugh. And I knew I could make a joke And not be sued by nasty folk On the RIAA's behalf Then along came SOPA/PIPA The internet's very own grim reaper users could not edit Ars Technica and Reddit Tumblr, Gawker, Hacker News, and Something Awful sang the blues, Every login was refused, The day the lolcats died Why, why are laws a thing you can buy? They got paid off, should be laid off, re-election denied Our web means more than lawyers, lobbies and lies So speak up before the internet dies Speak up before the internet dies Can you write a decent law Do you care 'bout copyright at all? Or just winning back your seat Content will begin to ebb You'll watch the slow death of the web You'll be left with nothing more to tweet Well, I know it's looking pretty grim Cuz' they'll tear our culture limb from limb There's too much damn support Oh this law we must abort Oh-oh we can't let lobbies run amok With our series of tubes and that big dump truck I know some folks who oughta give a fuck The day the lolcats die I hear you singin', Why, why are laws a thing you can buy? They got paid off, should be laid off, re-election denied Our web means more than lawyers, lobbies and lies So speak up before the internet dies Speak up before the internet dies
23 Jan 2012
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Watch the Vloggity!! ***********/watch?v=jyvMMNj8Abw&list=UUcV40gnTH9-T8yw3FHjzWZQ Get Some Defranco Gear: *******forhumanpeoples**** FACEBOOK: ******* TWITTER: *******Twitter****/PhillyD Philly D OFFICIAL APP: ******* ---------------------------- ALL of today's Stories: Mark Wahlberg on 9/11: ******* Newt Gingrich Endorsement & Interview: ******* NASA Africa Thunderstorms: ******* Stacey Dash makes Twitter better: ******* I Am Alive- Trailer: ******* iPad 3 Rumor: ******* Apple iBooks/Textbooks? ******* SOPA & PIPA Losing Support: ******* ---------------------------- music by: Ronald Jenkees: ******* hagemeister urbandelights
21 Jan 2012
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Get some DeFranco Gear: *******forhumanpeoples**** FACEBOOK: ******* TWITTER: *******Twitter****/PhillyD Philly D OFFICIAL APP: ******* ---------------------------- ALL of today's Stories: Kelly Brook.. yes please!! ******* George Lucas Gives Up: ******* Chicago Teens Charged with Assault: ******* Cruise Ship Captain Busted by Coast Guard: ******* Websites on Strike against SOPA/PIPA: ******* ---------------------------- music by: Ronald Jenkees: ******* hagemeister urbandelights
20 Jan 2012
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Que quiere decirnos esto que toda la musica, series, vídeos y libros que descargamos diariamente en nuestro computador o escuchamos, vemos a través de un sitio en Internet , serán expulsados de la red junto con un bloqueo a la pagina que las aloja si piensas que esta ley solo aplica en los estados unidos, pues si y no, ya que gran parte de los sitios web en Internet están alojados en Estados Unidos y cuentan con dominios allí, lo cual los hace sujetos de esta ley. Hoy durante 24 horas varias paginas web de información y entretenimiento estan en protesta por la ley SOPA, PIPA y otras leyes que atentan contra la libertad en la red en países hispanohablantes como la ley Sinde-Wert (España), Doring (México) o Lleras (Colombia). Se está a punto de CENSURAR INTERNET A NIVEL INTERNACIONAL, a pesar de que la gran mayoría de los ciudadanos se oponen. Para los que quieran estar más informados sobre estas jodidas leyes, hoy me voy a dedicar a buscar información. Twitter ulisespalencia sígueme y te sigo. *******internetinedito.blogspot****/
19 Jan 2012
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