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Rupert Stroud – a unique British singer/songwriter whose outstanding beat-driven sound has seen him share a live stage with the likes of Texas, James Blunt, JP Cooper, Little Comets, garner radio claim from names including Dermot O’Leary, Alex Lester and Janice Forsyth and shoot to No11 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart with his last EP. Now the Yorkshire boy is back with probably his best work to date as he releases his new Single/EP ‘Heart & Soul’ on 28 July. As an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Research UK, Rupert is also a well-known media campaigning voice, appearing to over 200 million people through an Al Jazeera International News broadcast on ‘Inside Story’, as well as featuring in The Guardian. A voice of campaigning substance, a heart that shines with hope and a lyrical and vocal ability that’s so unique it moves mountains – Rupert Stroud is back with his best sound ever! The EP ‘Heart and Soul’ is a generous 6-track mini offering, born from Rupert’s newly created DIY studio in Leeds, a freshly built space which gave him a creative awakening and full control and liberation of his own music, on his own label, Xidus Music. The EP is a musical canvass, with Rupert’s life-experiences soaking into the very fabric of his creative process as he draws influences from his day-to-day life. It exposes how main stream media, and humans in general, focus on the bad in life – cutting out the good. ‘Heart & Soul’ is a tempting-taster of what we can expect from the forthcoming album from this UK artist. Bolder, more aware and seeing life through wiser eyes, this sound takes on a mature perspective and observation from Mr Stroud.
19 Jul 2017
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A bird is beautiful. But these ones here are funnier than they are beautiful. This collection of funniest bird vines will tickle your soul for sure.
24 Jul 2017
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20 Jul 2017
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Black is the Soul Subtitulada en español.
1 Jul 2017
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Envy Day Spa is the place for them. Specially shaped, it is designed to give its customers the ultimate relaxing and light experience. It provides a plethora of services which will energise your body, mind and soul.
21 Jul 2017
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Acoustic ballad starring model/actress, Geeta Vij.
8 Jul 2017
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It's time for GTA V and this turns to be hilarious. Watch this glitched player turns into a horrible monster and scare the other player's soul.
6 Jul 2017
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Contemporary worship dance
30 Jun 2017
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14 Jul 2017
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Music Video by Uria Simango performing "One 4 You". Directed by Hayru
15 Jul 2017
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25 Jul 2017
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27 Jun 2017
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