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hi, i have some soul calibur characters created by me. If u need a request on how to do some, just comment below. 1:Strify 2:Bill Kaulitz 3:Reynart(own creation) 4:Sasuke 5:Genesis 6:Scorpion 7:Cloud 8:Snake 9:Zack 10:Raiden 11:Ichigo 12:Bruce Lee 13:Squall 14:Vincent 15:Sephiroth 16:Liu Kang Any battle request and character request, just request me :D some more new updates chars Dante of Devil May Cry Vergil of Devil May Cry Hwoarang of Tekken Jin Kazama of Tekken Sakura of Street Fighter Marshall Law of Tekken updates: ***********/watch?v=8401E1QOa74
31 Mar 2010
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