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Soular was formed in 2002 when longtime friends Marsh Shamburger (keys, guitar, tambourine, vocals) and Jared Ashcraft (bass, vocals) began a musical collaboration. Adding versatile drummer Ian Byrd in 2003 and releasing their first album, Time and Space, the band reached a new level of creativity and exposure. Around this time, guitarist Brian Lee joined the band.
3 May 2007
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14 Oct 2010
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Watch the AlternativeEnergy.Com/edy Show! Stand-up comedians tackle the tough topic of alternative energy. Hosted by Chuck Roy, regular cast includes Hippieman, Matt Need, Jeff Wozer, Vic Alejandro and Eugene Kenny – he’s got SOULar Power!!! See more comedy clips at www.AlernativeEnergy.Com/edy.
8 May 2008
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www.theburquegrid**** is a new medium in media that is going to change how we advertise, promote and network using the internet. By becoming the ultimate source for the city of Albuquerque while debuting as the only website of its kind, The Burque Grid is the arch-type of what complete demographics can be. Special Thanks To DJ Morningstarr for the background music... burque artists [ in no particular order ]> studios> Bleeding Eardrum Sight 16 Shepherd Third Eye slam > Hakim Bellamy labels > DSBP Socyer Mom Records Mixed Breed Hound Kitchen Sink Studios Skull Control New Earth Records Mysteria Records Native Soul Recordings Salty Attic Records producers > Adrack Open Circuit Recordings Physics Truth505 Merjeh Lady Processor TuMan Productions Bareskin Productions Da Illest Beat ear nest MousyLocoBeats Technoid G Loc Bitrate vocalists > April Zamora Say Wut Soaked In Soul Elisen Graham Gilbert Sanchez Zack Freeman Shantal Music Lucy Lane ABQ Entertainment Groups > Xicano Music Distribution Crazy Entertainment Redrock Promotions Get Dwn Entertainment Code Red Entertainment Groups > 2bers Element37 Ridic Iron Chiwawa Blaxicans Burque Style Black Guys Mantis Fist Young Edward Garry BlackChild & The Kung Fu Grip Emanuel Judah Steff Chanat & Friends Phocus Mile High Yoga Masters Jimmy & Friends Zoology Cultura Fuerte John Thayer & Hungry Mungry Get Dwn Entertainment Manchromatic Old Lady Puttin Headz Out KEEPS 5 pantaloof Gogh Da Bruddah Project Full(y)blown Peoples Republic Inner City Circle Crew The Headlights emcees > Cas Uno Verse Speed One Perish One Tuscanooga AKA Grim Bleeding Eardrum Reno Brown Lil Rich Yoruba AKA Dr. Moreu Casual One Ill-a-str8ed EmergeX Joey B Dahhm Life Estilo Nick Fury The Lyrical Gunslinger Akward Actwrite Nate Nuke-em Safari Zanabarr Yung Bizzle Lumpz One Mateo Music Prestige Big J Illist KevLee ShubRock Snooks Young Unique Essex Model Citizens Creep Krazy Tunez Wake Self DiVerse deejays > Denise Rev Mitten De Rok Records DJ Seismic DJ Noble Beufie Zaint Justin George Kairo Sun tha Outaspace 1 Lank Morningstar DJ Audiyo Mr. Mittens Jimi B DJ Wataso J Bowra DJ Roc DJ Chopped Mr Marvel DJ Flo-Fader Dee Jay Clout Wae Fonkey DJ Quico Justin Obrien DJ B12 Shebby Frescoe DJ Kayote Crystalynn DJ Sez DJ Justin Credible musicians > Aaron Hamre Aaron Stuedi Aimee Hoyt Alan George Ledergerber Alana Grier Anton Chico Asimo Banu Noor Brain Botkiller Cole Mitchell Corey Allison Music Cynical Bird Danny The Harp David Wheeler Dominic Cagliostro Eva Ave Fast Heart Mart Hot Rod Rodriquez Jenny Gamble Music Joe Mancuso Joy Harjo Kimo Leah Black Mark E Moon Megan White Rich Krueger Richard DeMello Ryan McGarvey Shane Wallin The Real Matt Jones Veery bands > Left Unsaid The Dirty Novels The Foxx Deadmary Hit By A Bus The Kroniic Obsession Feels Like Sunday Simple Below The Sound The Giranimals Your Name In Lights Soular The Oktober People The Hollis Wake Weapons Of Mass Destruction Elu Old Man Shattered The Build Mystic Vision Nosotros Diverje Torture Victim The Big Spank Requim Mas Caustic Lye The Ground Beneath Holiday Sail Vertigo Venus The Legend 0f Old Beans Dead On Point Five Sabertooth Cavity Ya Ya Boom Five Minute Sin The Saltine Ramblers The Fire Season A Man About A Horse Frostbite Alchemical Burn FGF Cherry Tempo La Junta Potty Mouth Sherrys Anesthesia Of God and Science Concepto Tambor ColdSnap Excruciation The World On Fyre Pan!c Rivet Gang Left Brain Sleestaks Crazyfool Winterlock PurpleTraitor Pontius Violet Tijerina Trilobite Eric Mcfadden Green Street Elit TwoThirtySeven Black Tie Canyonlands 2.0 Easier Sais Than Done Open Day Mammel Eggs We Were Born As Ghost The Rudy Boy Experiment Back By October Ends In Tragedy Coke Is Better With Bourbon One Foundation The Old Main The Fertile Crescent Shadowsreach The Kingdom Scream Machine Scendence The Porter Draw Blinddryve Slik 50 Naked Otis Eve Of An End Leeches of Lore Scarless Bellemah Transfiction The Hammocks Blackwater Draw Zoltan Orkester The Unborn Soul Griffs Vault Juntos Unidos Hustlers Native Roots Distances Mucho Buddha Braillist Saving Damsels The Memphis P. Tails Laughing Dog Man Born Blind Missing Stateside Grupo La Zorra The Athelights Marsupious Civitas Unknown Stimulus Catfish Hunter Animals In The Dark Some Peoples Children The Plastic Indians Jeff Commissaris Mesa Suns Calle 66 Grand Canyon Undiscovered Severkill Ambryzette The Desert Thrash Brothers Cryptik Tonsils Beer Joint Baritones The Bosque Kings Bat Wings For Lab Rats Whispers of October Full Speed Veronica CLICKCLICKBANG Stereogeist Dust City Opera Tarsier Dread 80 Proof Piss The Gatheres Look Mom No Hands Shot By The Breeze Contortion Of Reality entertainment groups > Xicano Music Distribution Crazy Entertainment Redrock Promotions Get Dwn Entertainment Code Red Entertainment
29 Apr 2010
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DISCLAIMER: FANMADE **I Do Not Own Any Of This Music!!** ___________________________ Soular Flares By The Ready Set (Aka Jordan Witzigreuter) Check His New Album on myspace & More Info *******www.myspace****/thereadyset *******www.myspace****/thereadyset *******www.myspace****/thereadyset _________________________ Lyrics To Soular Flares : i've been thinking that the stars are all aligned, im young but i am bright enough to read solar signs. so, is it cool if i call you around 8 or 9? we'll talk a real long time about the days when we were young, we're still young. (we're still young, we're still) i told you that your heart's quite big and i like it, but you were skeptical. oh, can you feel me in the sunrise, or in the daytime? i like your night eyes. and you are beautiful in every single way, i would like to see your shining face every day. if i'm lying may the lightning strike me down to the ground, 'cause i don't need electric currents when you're around. i'll contrive a way to buy you diamond rings, i'll sell all of my things or rob a jewelry store, but what good could that do? 'cause love is something that just cant be bought or sold, it wont come when it's told it only comes from the soul. so do you got soul? because you've got me so wrapped up in you. so darling do you know how you got so lovely? was it self-taught, learned from life? you've got skills making boys go crazy, and i've been running down the stairs again, i think you're in my head girl, i think i'm freaking out girl. sometimes i wonder if you're even real, if not it's cool, i don't wanna go back to the way that it was, i don't wanna go back 'cause i think i may be (in love) your relationships come and go, but what makes a difference is how you take advantage of the flirting eyes, lips and thighs, romance and regrets, this is a ship wreck. i'm the one who fell in love and stayed that way. so take my advice, love with your head love with your heart, love with all you have.
23 Nov 2010
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I am proud and grateful to have the right to be outspoken. I wanted to express how I feel about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, but I am not very good at writing political blogs or particularly fond of debating. So I figured, how better to express my opinion than to write a song. And I hope I leave you singing "I don't want an Abomination! er..I mean Obamanation".
24 May 2009
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*******www.facebook****/pages/HEARTLESSLINK7-IS-AMAZING/249575304285 Love. :] *******www.myspace****/thereadysetmusic
12 Nov 2011
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Ash Soular plays a little piece from Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover.
21 Dec 2008
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ASH SOULAR, female guitarist, solos to Samba Pa Ti
21 Dec 2008
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SpiralBoy invites You to: "(L)ets(S)ee(D)ragon" 18 april 2008, Sanrell (Gdynia) Live act: Deeper In Zen (Soular Records, San Francisco USA) Artha (Stay Psychedelic, Malbork) Magnatec (Stellar Magnitude, Warszawa) Multi Evil (No Comment Records / Digital Disorder, Gdynia) Alien Bug (Stay Psychedelic, Bydgoszcz) Seismic Activity (Stay Psychedelic, Zamość) dj: Gagarin (Jagodziani, Gdańsk) Ukain (Digital Disorder, Gdynia) Hardy (Stay Psychedelic, Gdańsk) Wyrzyk (Stay Psychedelic, Gdańsk) i przyjaciele vj: Insidelamp (Stay Psychedelic, Divine Music Tribe) Gdynia Spiralboy (Stay Psychedelic) Gdańsk deko: Manuela, Amalthea, Przemek Kryszk, Spiralboy (Stay Psychedelic) i przyjaciele. laser show i dodatkowe nagłośnienie: .
29 Oct 2008
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You are my Valentine! So heres some words from me to you, so you can feel loved the way you should! Sorry I was LATE!! Destery Myspace: *******www.myspace****/destery Nathan Myspace: *******www.myspace****/entao643 Send Us something? DesandNate P.O. Box 293 Sandpoint, ID 83864 Ringtones? (AND VAGINA SONG) *******www.myxer****/artist/17265700/ Donate to get our shirts started? *******blogs.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=42909025&blogID=466688386 -------------------------------------- Track Listing: Soular Flares- The Ready Set Hot In Here- Nelly (Some song from a Myspace Video) Vagtastic- I made this song. Happy Valentines Day- Outkast
14 Sep 2009
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A one hour of relaxing and soft music! Please Share it with your friends :) Subscribe, comment or like will keep me motivated! Thanks! Enjoy! Means alot if you share this to your friends ;) Thanks^^ --- Like i said, i don't really have the project on my computer anymore soo.. I kinda lost the song list :(, I will keep trying find all the songs and paste them below including the time in the video. Doing this for you guys! Thanks! --- 00:00 Blackmill - Fortune Soul (Full Version) 03:07 ? 07:42 ? 11:41 Essay & Stumbleine - Rhiannon 14:55 Feint - And I Knew 18:56 Feint - One Thousand Dreams [Free EP] 24:08 Feint - Sleepless 28:28 Clear light by Geotic 30:49 Hans Zimmer - Time (Soular Order Remix) 35:30 Rameses B - Memoirs (Fracx Remix) 39:21 ? 41:15 Bon Iver - Perth (Paper Tigers Remix) 46:15 ? 49:04 Sia - Breathe Me (Widdler Remix) 54:28 Tolerance - Dejection
11 Oct 2012
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Timestamped Tracklist & Download inside, scroll down......... If you want to hear more from me, Stalk me via these social media site: FB - ********www.facebook****/pages/D-Star/295963183859364?sk=info YT - ***********/user/DazDStar?feature=mhee SC - ********soundcloud****/daz-d-star MC - *******www.mixcloud****/d-star/ Download the MIX here: *******www.mediafire****/?52epifsz912waxt Download WALLPAPER here: *******www.mrwallpaper****/Fire-Ice-Fist-wallpaper/ 1 00:00 Occam - I Was a Dervish (Gábor Deutsch Mantramix) Buy From *******www.beatport****/track/i-was-a-dervish-g-bor-deutsch-mantramix/3187910 2 02:40 Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Airwalker Remix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/relaqzhd/lisa-miskovsky-still-alive-1 3 07:15 Gemini - Graduation. Buy From ************/gb/album/graduation-ep/id457950432 4 09:35 Shorterz & Enigma ft. Little Palm - Rag Doll (Original Mix) 5 12:25 Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (High Rankin Remix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/high-rankin/motorcycle-as-the-rush-comes-high-rankin-remix-free-dl 6 13:30 Jean Jacques - Two People (Ochtone Remix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/ochtone/two-people-jean-jacques 7 16:05 Charlotte Rawling, Soular Order - Skinny Love (3am Edit) Free DL *******soundcloud****/soularorder/skinny-love-3am-edit 8 17:30 Chase & Status - Time feat. Delilah [Exal Remix] Free DL *******soundcloud****/exalbeats/chase-and-status-time-feat 9 19:25 Alto - Sweet Disposition Alto Remix Free DL *******soundcloud****/alto93/sweet-disposition-remix 10 24:20 Mt Eden - Archangel 11 25:40 Blame - On My Own (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) To Buy *******www.beatport****/track/on-my-own-drumsound-and-bassline-smith-dub/2734559 12 27:05 Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (Fuxwitit Dubstep remix) Free DL *******www7.zippyshare****/v/45619071/file.html 13 27:55 Emalkay - When I look at you To buy *******www.beatport****/track/when-i-look-at-you-original-mix/1824602 14 30:00 The XX - Shelter (Lil Woody remix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/jude-woodhead/the-xx-shelter-lil-woody-remix 15 32:35 Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/adventureclubdubstep/flight-facilities-crave-you 16 33:30 Gemini - Rise & Fall To buy ************/gb/album/blue-ep-ep/id457883328 17 35:35 Goyte - Some Body That I Use To Know (Sidewayz Remix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/sidewayz/goyte-somebody-that-i-use-to 18 38:15 Katy B - On a Mission (Tom Parkes Ambient dubstep remix) 19 40:10 SMASHING PUMPKINS - TONIGHT (Spin Kidd Remix) 20 42:45 Emily Denton - Patiently (Hollis Remix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/hollismusic/patientlyfin 21 44:40 [Keeno] - Sunshine 22 46:15 Eye Depth - Sunday Morning 23 49:35 Sweetheart of Kairi / CoMa - Last Summer Song Free DL *******soundcloud****/dirtyoysterpearl/sweetheart-of-kairi-coma-last 24 51:10 Nicki Minaj - Go Hard (Sakura Remix) 25 53:20 M.I.A. - Bad Girls (Evac Protocol Mashup Mix) Free DL *******soundcloud****/evacprotocol/m-i-a-bad-girls-evac-protocol If you want to hear Vol.1 ***********/watch?v=5DCvOvD2WlY If you want to hear Vol. 2 ***********/watch?v=P1g8BH471_A
17 Feb 2013
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This one means a lot to me. Taking you to the next level of 'Emotional Awareness'. Tracks chosen by myself and mixed by Rameses B. Give him your love. *******soundcloud****/ramesesb *******www.facebook****/RamesesB.official ***********/ramesesb Tracklist: 00:00 Stumbleine - Cassette 03:05 Clams Casino - I'm God 05:48 ID3 - Hummingbird (feat. Soundmouse) 07:34 Kaiori Breath - I Have Ruined Everything I Cared About 09:57 Module Module - An Interlude 13:30 MitiS - Brings Renewal 17:18 Blackmill - Love At Heart 20:12 Lightronix - Reach 22:20 Above & Beyond - Small Moments 25:21 Clubroot - Faith In Her 28:05 Jakwob - Stay 30:05 The Flashbulb - Warm Hands In Cold Fog 32:05 Rameses B - Lone Wanderer 35:54 Sorrow - 1988 39:36 Sean Mackey - Nowhere Near 43:16 Nesta Rae - Stay (Soular Order Remix) 47:17 Daughter - Love (Synkro Remix) 51:05 U.T.R.B - Pressure (LuQus Remix) 55:11 Phaeleh - Nothing's Wrong 58:07 IDrM - Broken Me 1:00:58 Anneka - Shut Her Down (Mario M Remix) 1:04:30 Rameses B - Memoirs (Cinematic Version) Download mix: *******soundcloud****/ramesesb/waiting-for-an-angel-mix Picture: The image is a screenshot (with some added effects) from the movie Thor. If you guys want it just let me know. Faceboob: *******www.facebook****/MrSuicideSheep
4 Mar 2013
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