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Solfeggio frequency 528 HZ accompanying, a multidimensional sound-scape of healing frequencies and symbols. Audio downloads are available for purchase at: www.sourcevibrations**** Please visit premieres**** for powerful transformational media produced by Rysa5 and the Gold Ring Media Group. ... solfeggio sound frequency 528 HZ reiki healing music sonic alchemy vibratory tuning DNA bible code sacred geometry
3 May 2009
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soul, electro rock and a slower paced drum and bass are the sound categories that carry this tune through. With interesting sound scapes and atmospheric backgrounds, along with tight drum snaps and thuds, the continuous groove of this track is never over stated. Along with the beat happenings of this ambient techno video a viewer will find themselves becoming lost in all the eye candy that have been designed as the backdrop for this new refreshing glance by the artist known as Ubie. Get ready for a psychedelic road trip through technology and anything else that your mind may deem important enough to define
19 Feb 2011
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A psychedelic Kaleidoscope music video for the Ubie Dropout tracks "magic Waves" and "What's To be Fixed". A colourful wheel of inner changing designs create the visual focus for the sound scape direction that moves the listener through an experimental, ambient techno creation. You will be sent through a journey of sound that brings out pieces of inspiration from many music genres such as Drum and bass, breakbeat, house, IDM, funk, soul, down tempo,and jazz.
19 Feb 2011
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Make sure you are 18+ before watching this film. A suspense thriller narrated in a different style. The story deals with the life of a youngster, an engineering student who is having many supply and enjoying life with his friends who are also travelling in the same path. Their life deals with Fun, Love, Enjoyment, Lust, Sex etc. Film changes to a different mood after meeting a man from the street and the suspense begins.......!! Watch and share your valuable responses. Thank You :) Director : Aneesh P Nair ********www.facebook****/aneesh.pnair.96 Cast (in order of importance): Amal Davis ********www.facebook****/amaldavis123 Avi Nash (Auto Driver) ********www.facebook****/avinash.avi29 Gokul R Nath (Friend 1) ********www.facebook****/gokul.nathr.14 Arjun Anil Nair (Friend 2) ********www.facebook****/arjun.a.nair.7 Rahul R Nair (Friend 3) Jizan kamarudheen (street man) ********www.facebook****/jizan.kamarudheen Sona (street girl) Technical Crew Details: Release through : Awsome Motion Pictures ********www.facebook****/anAwSOMEcreations DOP : Sibu V Sam ********www.facebook****/sibu.v.sam Editor : Aswin Krishna ********www.facebook****/aswinkrishnavisualeditor Music : Albin Andrew Correyya ********www.facebook****/albin.a***rreya SFX : Harry Correyya ********www.facebook****/harrycorreya Sound Studio : Harry's Sound Scape Studio, Kochi ********www.facebook****/soundscape.kochi Sound Mixing : Sibu Sukumaran ********www.facebook****/sibusukumaran Stills : Neeraj Ravi ********www.facebook****/neeraj.mundakkavila
28 Oct 2014
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