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*******tinyurl****/7ms6t9h Make your own techno beats with Dr. Drum! Along with a beat kit that includes multiple kits each with 12-pad sound production, it also has a 4-octave keyboard that can produce dozens of instruments and special effects to make music really sing. *******tinyurl****/7ms6t9h
14 May 2012
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Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production. Examples of electromechanical sound producing devices include the telharmonium, Hammond organ, and the electric guitar. Purely electronic sound production can be achieved using devices such as the Theremin, sound synthesizer, and computer. How to follow Electronic artist on Soundcloud**** by Free Soundcloud Downloader? *******www.freesoundclouddownloader****
25 Jun 2013
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Agency: McCann-Erickson Philippines Advertiser: Modess Creative Director: George Belardo Copywriter: Ronald Marcelo Art Director: Flem Anonuevo Director: Sid Maderaso Production House: 88 Storey Films Producer: Jho Moya Post Production: Digit Digit Hong Kong Sound Production: Hit Productions
8 Jul 2008
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With all this interest in Duffy at the moment its forced me to dig out some of my Bernard Butler videos . Duffy related as ex Suede guitarist Bernard Butler is her song writer and producer as well as being a fantastic guitarist . His songs always managed to bring out the best in Mc Almonts voice in thier partnership after he left Suede and they do the same for Duffy . Im also a great lover of Phil Spector and Roy Wood style of "wall of Sound" productions and Bernard Butler seems to be able to always pull it off and remind me of that stuff.
18 Feb 2009
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With all this interest in Duffy at the moment its forced me to dig out some of my Bernard Butler videos . Duffy related as ex Suede guitarist Bernard Butler is her song writer and producer as well as being a fantastic guitarist . His songs always managed to bring out the best in Mc Almonts voice in thier partnership and they do the same for Duffy . Im also a great lover of Phil Spector and Roy Wood style of "wall of Sound" productions and Bernard Butler seems to be able to always pull it off and remind me of that stuff.
11 Jul 2010
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ex boomshaka member now at Four Sounds Productions
19 Jul 2010
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more ads: ******* Agency: DDB, Paris Production Company: La Pac, paris Creative Directors: Alexandre Hervé, Sylvain Thirache Copywriter: Fabien Teichner Art Director: Faustin Claverie Agency Producers: Sophie Megrous, Julie Mathiot Prod Compagny: La Pac Director: Les Minis Vegas (Minivegas) Music: Billy Idol "Eyes without a face" Sound Production: THE
2 Aug 2010
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Visite a nossa pagina web www.cartadaterrabrasil**** These 10 TV spots are part of the Earth Charter's 10th anniversary campaign: It Starts With One. The campaign will be launched worldwide on Earth Day - April 22nd 2010 and will run all year long. The TV spots were produced on a pro-bono basis in São Paulo, Brazil by the following volunteers that we would like to deeply thank: -EC Comunicação from the Creative Director Valdir Bianchi -Santo Forte Digital video production from Ale e Lipe Lepiane - Sonido sound production from Lucas Duque Fernanda Baumhardt and Cristina Moreno, both volunteers of Earth Charter Brazil are now working with the international media for donation of spaces around the world. If you have any contacts or would like to run any of these spots, please contact: fernanda.baumhardtmac**** or crismorenouol****.br Please note these digital files are very compressed therefore are not at broadcast quality. If you need it in better quality contact us by email.
2 Aug 2010
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DJ Ivee (Belgrade, Serbia) She was born in 1984. She started playing violin when she was 6 years old in a specialized school for musical talents. At this moment she is on master studies of violin. Boundaries of classical music didnt satisfy her adrenaline needs and she turned to the electronic form of music. She is a violin professor at day and a techno professor at night. Techno is her spirit, techno is her voice, techno moves her body. When electronic music harshly stepped into Serbian music scene she repeatedly followed continuous events. Ivee was amazed with energy and atmosphere that was manifested by masses of people that were poisoned with electronic sounds. At that time she decided to start her own project. She began with her first electronic sound productions in 1997 with few ambient and break beat songs. Soon, she also made some trance tunes in cooperation with friend from her born place. Definition of her style is: sprint lines, tension energy, intelligent,noise,dancing sounds,no rools,no plague,no claptrap. Last year was a breakout year for her, with releases and performances alongside some of the biggest names in the techno scene to confirm that. During 2006 she carried her sound to many EU countries and received excellent feedback for her music.
3 Sep 2010
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ATTENTION Producers!!! Want To Learn How To Produce Better Professional Quality Hip Hop Production Online? I have ALL THE INFORMATION thats been preventing you from SUCCEEDING!!! "Are You Sick and Tired Of Making Wack Beats?" "Discover Secrets Top Producers Will Never Ever Reveal!..." "Of course you've already run across many new knock-off sites popping up claims to educate you in authentic Hip Hop production and beat making. Well there's a few things you should know." Why can some producers sit down at any music workstation and pump out hits like magical wizards in minutes -- while you work pain staking hours just to come up with some old mediocre amateur sounding production? Imagine what it would be like if you knew the exact formulas that Dre, Scott Storch, Kanye, Pharrell and other professional producers use? What if you could take an inferior audio program like Fruity Loops or Reason and make your production sound like it came from a $100,000 state of the art recording studio? What would you do with your new found talent and skill? Most producers will only "show" you how "they" make beats, via Youtube, MySpace etc. but will never really teach or reveal the deep seated secrets of the style, where they get the good quality drum samples, the perfect soulful loops or reveal the software virtual instruments used to create the track. They will withhold the actual craft of making good beats. If you want to know more about the secrets of what they know, then continue reading! ... you are about to learn the most often overlooked truth about how to create professional quality Hip Hop and R&B Production like a Beat Guru. If you've ever wondered what the single most important skill is in producing, that when mastered, would single-handedly account for more success than any other skill, I would tell you, without a doubt -- it's the ability to produce compelling Hip Hop production . That's because the single most important secret formula is the ability to produce relevant and current hip hop and R&B production. Pay very close attention. You can spend over $50,000 on all the state of the art and up to date software and studio equipment, optimize your computer to the maximum and watch Youtube beatmakers 24 hours a day -- but all of this effort is in vain, a total waist if you have absolutely no clue or idea on the most important things you need to know as a producer. Your production will always still have that "something is missing feel" and your unprogressive efforts will discourage you and ultimately make you give up your beloved beatmaking craft. In the next few minutes, I'll show you how to easily master the skill of Hip Hop production, avoid the headache of not knowing what to do when you get that missing element feel in your music and show you how to go from amatuer to pro in just a few sessions, and reap immeasurable rewards in all your beat making efforts. Here are just a few of the secrets I reveal in my course (I'll tell you later how *you* can get your hands on the DVD edition at a new discounted price.): Learn the single most important thing that each and every producer in the music industry know. Learn how to master all genre's from East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Underground and many more. Pick up on drum pattern variations and master that subtle popular head banging offset style heard in todays music. Develope much needed ear training skills through homework assignments and workshop classes. Discover why the drum pattern is the very most important part of your Hip Hop production. Learn the difference between choosing good drum samples over bad ones. Learn how to produce sensual ethnic arabian and asian hip hop tracks without knowing anything about music theory. Discover why your mixes sound inferior to the masters you hear on the radio, and learn how you can mimick that polished sound without going to the studio for mastering. Learn the hidden secret of vocals, and how to make it sound full, thick and flush in a mix. Learn what temples are the absolute best tempos and which ones to avoid at all cost! Master the art of mixing, truncating and editing sounds for a pro quality mix. Unearth the hidden secrets of compression and what it could do for your mixes Learn through exercises how to develope stylistic hypnotizing and mesmorizing drum patterns and swings. Tired of your old drum samples and stock sounds? Learn where to search and how to find professional one shot samples. And most important, who to get them from. You'll learn these secrets and many many more. [I Swear it!!!]
20 Oct 2010
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Formed in 1992 under Valentine Sound Production (VSP) they release Day Of Darkness full-length album..Day Of Darkness is 1st Death Metal album in MALAYSIA..
19 Apr 2011
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Agency: JimenezBasic Brand/Advertiser: Diatabs/Unilab Creative Director: Noel San Juan Art Director: Joey Ong Copywriter: Noel San Juan Director: Gus Cruz Production House: GiantSponge Producer: Paul Suarez Post Production: Giant Sponge Sound Production: Sound Design
17 May 2011
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Taken from the album "Superangelic Hate Bringers" Dragonheart Records / SPV GmbH 2007 PURCHASE ALBUM AT: ::: AUDIOGLOBE ::: ******* ::: iTUNES ::: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=265788278&s=143441 ::: eMUSIC ::: *******www.emusic****/album/Macbeth-Superangelic-Hate-Bringers-MP3-Download/11100324.html ::: RHAPSODY ::: *******www.rhapsody****/macbeth/superangelic-hate-bringers ::: NAPSTER ::: *******free.napster****/view/album/index.html?id=12635680 ________________________________ "Superangelic Hate Bringers" is the brilliant new and ambitious album by MACBETH. Morena, Andreas, Fabrizio, Max and Sem have produced their best work ever : ten pieces which go well beyond the confines of pure GOTHIC METAL. A more aggressive sound, production with a modern edge and a splendid performance by the band make this fourth MACBETH album the most precious work in their career. The trademark which has been refined through time, featuring solid rhythms and irresistible melodies, is taken to an excess here, and together with the excellent interpretations by the singers Andreas and Morena makes "Superangelic Hate Bringers" personal and fascinating. "Without You", which is the source of the first video of the band, and "To My Falling Star" offer a new interpretation of GOTHIC METAL and pieces like "Watch Us Die" or "H.A.T.E." are evidence of how much more aggressive the new sound is. After the promotion of the previous "Malae Artes", which had brought MACBETH in tour from Europe to South America and even in the Middle East, the band is ready to handle a new challenge, launching on the market the much expected new album, produced between Italy and Iceland. The luxurious digipack gives further value to "Superangelic Hate Bringers".
2 Nov 2011
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GAGI BEND & DZEJ / ZEK ZEK (SPOT) ²º¹¹ Aranzman:Senad Bislimi Hit Music, Mix i mastering - Stefan Cvijovic Hit Music FM sound Production
15 Jan 2012
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Housexy - Sexy Funky House Music From Ibiza. Ministry of sound Production 1.Kloud 9 - So Many Reasons(Reel People Reprise Mix) 2.Denis The Menis & Jerry Ropero - Time 2 Turn Around (Denis The Menace & Jerry Ropero Club Dub) 3.Southpaw Feat. Emma Ellis - Ain't Nobody 4.Haji & Emanuel - Take Me Away (StoneBridge Remix)
2 Feb 2012
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Magic Sound Production SRL Titular de drepturi
13 Jul 2012
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