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Ali Nadem - Electro Champion (V1) Download The Song 4 Free - *******www.vstheaven**** Subscribe 2 My Channel - ***********/subscription_center?add_user=toxikmuzik Download Any Ali Nadem Song -:*******www.vstheaven****/?p=46 TheDJList - *******www.thedjlist****/djs/ALI_NADEM Facebook - *******www.facebook****/alexandernadem Myspace - *******www.myspace****/alinadem Twitter - *******www.twitter****/alinadem SoundCloud - *******www.soundcloud****/ali-nadem Subscribe To My Second Channel! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=vstheaven Thanks for listening! Remember to rate, comment, share, and subscribe!
1 May 2010
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*******soundcloud****/underground-preservation/the-louis-riddim-mix-dj-seko FREE DOWNLOAD ABOVE: From "Project Crunk The Waters" by Seko's Sound System here is the Louis Riddim Mix/ Available on I-Tunes & Amazon**** !
2 Jun 2010
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Svenson & Gielen vs Reaky - Twisted Storm (F1D0 & George Crusher Mashup) *******www.myspace****/djf1d0 *******soundcloud****/george-crusher
10 Jun 2010
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This legendary montage contains images from "苏乞儿", namely the main character's imaginary training sessions against the God of Wushu. "苏乞儿" or "True legend" is a 2010 Chinese-Hong Kong martial arts film. The soundtrack is a reprise-type mix, made out of an instrumental produced by me in 2010 for the Romanian hip-hop/neo-soul artist Praetor. It will be featured as a full song (with lyrics) on his upcoming album Nomad > *******www.hadesrecords****/praetor Here's a snippet of Praetor's track :> *******soundcloud****/dribbler To those concerned, this video montage contains small scarce sections of the original movie soundtrack, on top of which i have added many powerful sound effects and my instrumental. It has received the best reviews up to date. Romanian sound that is. Enjoy this Dailymotion exclusive & feedback *******www.facebook****/DribblerHD That's it, thank you, have a nice day. Drib.
26 Jun 2010
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Trance from Sydney, Australia. For HQ MP3 - *******soundcloud****/e-d-d
4 Jul 2010
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Dj Iban Reus & Rad Damon spinin back to back at Space Ibiza Opening Party. For all the session: *******soundcloud****/djibanreus/ djiban-reus-rad-damon-space-ibiza-opening-party-2010 Sesión mano a mano DJ Iban Reus & Rad Damon en Space Ibiza.
14 Jul 2010
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Cockneynortherner Mixtape Series Presents: Aggi Dukes -On This ting Mixed By Dj Lemmi free download links: mixtape with no stops: *******soundcloud****/lemdog/aggi-dukes-on-this-ting-mixtape mixtape with individual mp3s *******www.limelinx****/files/34cd5b7ced527dede02deaf5412c511a *******www.megaupload****/?d=XP51CAI2
15 Jul 2010
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written & produced by dj sanuk *******soundcloud****/sanuk
11 Aug 2010
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u want psychedelic sounds ? here is my statement... enjoy w&p by dj sanuk *******soundcloud****/sanuk www.psychonauticmindlab****
11 Aug 2010
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Guillaume Néry (born 11 July 1982) is a French free-diver specialised in Constant Weight free-diving. He broke the world record in 2002 at -87 meters in the Villefranche-sur-Mer harbour, in Alpes-Maritimes, France. Then, in 2004, he pushed the record to -96 meters in Saint-Leu, la Réunion. On September 6, 2006, he broke the record again at -109 meters in Nice. The tune is "Dribbler - Valurile Albastre [Twenty Te-n Mix:)]" and can be downloaded from my Soundcloud > *******soundcloud****/dribbler This is a remix to the original track from Veritasaga which i also produced. The original version is featured on "Cu alti ochi", a Romanian Hip-Hop album released in November 2007 at Indie Romanian label Hades Records) Enjoy & feedback *******www.facebook****/DribblerHD For the true HD version of this video (and for more EXCLUSIVE montages) check my Vimeo channel. That's it, thank you, have a nice day. Drib.
12 Sep 2010
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Marshall McLuhan (July 21, 1911 -- December 31, 1980) Was a Canadian educator, philosopher & scholar— A professor of English literature, a literary critic, a rhetorician & a communications theorist, He was also considered The Herald & Prophet of The Electronic Age. McLuhan is widely known for his expression "the medium is the message" and for coining the term of "global village" to describe modern society in the Electronic Age, he continues to be an influential and controversial figure. McLuhan's The Mechanical Bride:Folklore of Industrial Man (1951) is a pioneering study in the field now known as popular culture. His Book The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects (1967) was McLuhan's best seller, selling nearly a million copies worldwide. More than ten years after his death he was named the "patron saint" of Wired magazine. *******www.wired****/ As Marshall McLuhan, the Alien, the Mechanical Bride & the Angel, FreeSky Republic. Alien Avatar = Greenie c/o Rezzable productions Ltd UFO c/o Zed Redgrave Marshall McLuhan suit = Lizard suit c/o Mako Magellan, The Mechanical Bride = Retro Robot Avatar c/o Dura Juuran Steampunk Brain c/o Dixit Writer. Grateful Thanks to Marshall McLuhan for thinking Clearly. Dehlia Steinhardt for use of New York/Brooklyn, BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands for use of Blade Runner City, Bubba Biberman for use of the Silver King Grill 50's Diner, Balpien Hammerer for use of the Pinball at Southaven, RodneyLee Jessop for use of The Lightcycle Arena, Chantalia Carter for use of Little Kasioaya, Earth Primbee for use of Inspire Space Park, Cracker Taggart for use of The Druids Grove, Maya. Music Courtesy of; FreeSky Republic for Tai Chi Sky Test *******soundcloud****/celestialelff/t... The Internet Archive for Marshall McLuhan clips *******creativecommons****/licenses/publicdomain/ & Incompetech**** *******incompetech****/m/c/royalty-free/
15 Sep 2010
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Pleasure Centre's take on wonderful tune by Röyksopp. Genre: disco. Vocals: Karin Dreijer Andersson (also known as Fever Ray) Video taken from various Soviet animation films. Music with better quality full length can be found at: *******soundcloud****/justifiedmusic/royksopp-tricky-tricky-pleasure-centre-remix More Pleasure Centre *******www.justifiedmusic****
19 Sep 2010
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T.H.E. Marta Session (The Herminio Experience Video Megamix) (Mega Edit) FOR ARTIST AND LABEL REVISION ONLY - NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION The Herminio Experience presents Marta Sánchez in T.H.E. Marta Session (The Herminio Experience Video Megamix) (Mega Edit) The Herminio Experience presents Marta Sanchez in T.H.E. Marta Session (The Herminio Experience Megamix) Description: This video megamix contains samples and sounds that belong to other artist, producers, remixers, record labels, etc. No copyright infringement is at all intended. Please kindly keep in mind: REINVENTION IS THE MOST SINCERE EXPRESSION OF FLATTERY. So, with all intention of being flirtatious with your senses, The Herminio Experience presents Marta Sánchez in T.H.E. Marta Session (The Hermnio Experience Megamix) (Mega Edit) (for label revision) This megamix showcases selections of hits from my favorite Spanish diva Marta Sánchez's successful career. Tracks and Remixes: 1. Desesperada (2009 Remix) 2. Arena y sol (Club Mix) 3. Quiero más de ti (Sweet Briz Extended Version) 4. Soy yo (Pumpin' Dolls New Diva Club Mix) 5. Desconocida (Fun Mix Extended) 6. Obsession (Tony Moran's Club Anthem) 7. No te quiero más (Pumpin' Dolls Timeless club Mix) 8. Superstar (Wally López Remix) The Videos: 1. Desesperada 2. De Mujer A Mujer/Arena y Sol (T.H.E. Manipulation) 3. Quiero Mas De Ti 4. Soy Yo (T.H.E. New Diva Fabulous Video Re-edit) 5. Desconocida 6. Obsession (T.H.E. Spanish to English and the other way around Manipulation) (featuring the following videos: Desconocida, Sigo Intentando, Quiero Mas De Ti, Moja Mi Corazón, Dime La Verdad, Desperate Lovers, Perfect Stranger, Soy Yo) 7. No Te Quiero Mas (T.H.E. Manipulation) (featuring the following videos: Desconocida, Sigo Intentando, Quiero Mas De Ti, Moja Mi Corazón, Dime La Verdad, Desperate Lovers, Perfect Stranger, Soy Yo) 8. Superstar 2010 *******www.facebook****/herminio.the.fourth Fan Page: *******www.facebook****/pages/The-Herminio-Experience/277660337043 Audio: Mega Edit: *******soundcloud****/theherminioexperience/t-h-e-marta-session-the-herminio-experience-megamix-mega-edit Full Session: *******soundcloud****/theherminioexperience/t-h-e-marta-session-the-herminio-experience-megamix
25 Sep 2010
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*******bertonastik****uv**** *******www.myspace****/bertonastik *******www.facebook****/people/Berto-Nastik/1144962023 *******www.facebook****/pages/Berto-Nastik/128779700964 *******twitter****/bertonastik *******soundcloud****/berto-nastik
25 Sep 2010
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Music by MegaStrom, Video by Mahnfeld, Berlin 2010 myspace****/​stromonline soundcloud****/​stromonline
27 Sep 2010
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New remix from oGc together with some other great global DJ's like Oliver Lieb and John Digweed. For more special music videos & remixes, interviews, games and documentations visit dj oGcis channel! Please comment and rate the work. download-link: *******soundcloud****/ogcis/a-new-song-for-a-new-world-remix-by-dj-ogc-oliver-lieb-2010
1 Oct 2010
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