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Illstrator performs "South South Bronx" live at the NYC Overtime Concert
2 Sep 2007
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Just something i put together
12 Aug 2010
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*******www.SmokinOrJokin**** Check out our FREE sister site at ******* Breakdance breaking b-boying or b-girling is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement among African American and Puerto Rican youths in the South Bronx of New York City during the early 1970s. It is normally danced to funk or hip hop music often remixed to prolong the breaks and is arguably the best known of all hip hop dance styles.
12 Dec 2007
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This passionate documentary follows a troubled teen living the street life of the South Bronx as he takes a chance on changing his path. As Andres faces the challenges of proving he can be a ballet dancer and earning the acceptance of his choice by his friends and family he learns there's never just one position in life. Official Selection for: The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2005. Bend Film Festival 2005. Arlene's Grocery Picture Show 2005. Director: Richard Calvache Music created by Richard Calvache using Soundtrack.
24 Jul 2008
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BUY IT: *******www.caachi****/Members/vngrdcinema/something_within_me/view - Winner of multiple awards at Sundance, "Something Within Me" takes us into St. Augustine where music transforms the school despite being in one of the poorest sections of the South Bronx.
26 Sep 2008
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Prior to 2008, I had never ventured outside of the medium of oil paint. Life got HECTIC and I was forced to reconsider my approach. Here (below) is the story. For the past eight years, I have taught art in schools in Harlem and the South Bronx and my technique was created out of a need that arose in my classroom. Forty five minute periods is not enough time to teach painting. So I switched my painting supplies from traditional supplies, to paint markers to eliminate the set up and clean up. After witnessing the success that my students were having, I decided to push the technique even further, while working in my studio. I learned that mixing color pencils with a "blender" (on top of the opaque layers of the paint markers) marker allows an artist to mimic the effects of glazed oil paint. I incorporated media "cut outs" and printed images in my work. And I found that paint markers were ideal to tie everything together. Finally I learned that scanning my images on to a computer will allow me to edit my "characters" and add crazy effects such as juxtaposing images on top of my creations. The computer also enables me to use the medium that I am most familiar with; oil paint. I usually print my compositions on canvas ( I order an non varnished giclee print) and lay down the finishing touches in oil paint.
1 Dec 2009
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Watch this premier episode of Soul of Green for an exclusive interview with environmental justice pioneer Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx, who we caught up with in New York on the cleaned-up shores of the Bronx River. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Jul 2009
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Canoeing and the South Bronx don't seem to go together...but this summer they do! Check out the ride...
29 Aug 2009
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5 Oct 2009
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Autobiography by Gumersindo Vidot about growing up in Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx having to deal with poverty, racism, gangs, alcohol and drugs among many other things. He details his journey through many incredible stories about the obstacles he faced and the life he lived. Becoming an 8 year old alcoholic, a 13 year old Heroine addict and Gang member. Through it all he survived and now is on a Mission to help other youth survive. As part of his effort with the book "You Only Live Twice", Gumersindo has teamed up with Emmitt Thrower and Wabi sabi Productions to develop a youth Educational and Life skills training program called "Youth Survival Project". He says "it is urgent we help them before the streets claim them like it did him." He was given a 2nd Chance by GOD to get it right. And he refuses to waste it this time. He has other reasons to be "Urgent" about things. Gumersindo has been diagnosed with a Terminal Illness. He needs a Liver transplant or a miracle by GOD or his time is very short. But he has only ONE focus and that is saving even one young person from a fate such as his. His past mistakes shooting heroin has caused his present day challenge. For more info visit *******www.yoltbooks**** or *******www.wabisabiproductions****/yo... Video created and edited by Emmitt Thrower for Wabi sabi Productions Inc Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Feb 2010
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Gumersindo vidot the author of YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE the Puerto Rican Born business owner who grew up in Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx NY. The book details his experiences as a 8th year old alcoholic, 13 year old heroin addict and a Gang member. Through it all he managed to survive. Now he wants to help other Youth Survive. Interview on TeleMundo TV in Spanish Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 Mar 2010
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He faced it all, he stood tall and did it his way.....The Autobiography of Gumersindo Vidot. From the mean, bad, ghetto streets of Spanish Harlem, and The South Bronx of the 60s, and 70s comes a remarkable, and true story of survival that took much more then just determination, and courage. The book will shock you no doubt. You will laugh, and you will cry. You will see life in a different perspective as you gain knowledge through his experiences, and his pain. The book will have you saying WOW. OMG many times over. There is a reason why the book is an award winner, and the author the recipient of The Four Chaplains prestigious award, and for that same reason a production company is making a documentary.. ts a must read!! One of those rare book you have to get two copies of. One to give to someone else that can benefit from it, and one for you to treasure. MUSIC, AND SONG FROM MC MAGIC
30 Jun 2011
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This spine-tingling fantasy is sure to take you on a supernatural ride. Meet Stuart Duffelmeyer, a soon-to-be top graduate of NYU’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Stuart is targeted by eight of his egomaniacal college classmates once they learn he’s desperate to break his virginity. His classmates lure him to a sleazy motel in the South Bronx where they play out a heinous prank. His night ends in utter disappointment after learning that his date was just a beautiful mechanical doll. He suffered severely as a result of their callous behavior and feels he must get even with his tormentors. A chance encounter allows him to come across a magical Hebrew talisman with indescribable powers. Once the talisman is consecrated, Stuart is granted miraculous powers over the creatures and elements of the Earth. Little do those who’ve wronged Stuart know that his absolute domination over the creatures and elements of the Earth will bring plagues of unspeakable horrors into their lives. This will teach the eight of them that asking for his forgiveness is the only way to terminate the plagues inflicted upon them. This stirring tale of adventure, intrigue, redemption and mystical powers will get the adrenalin pumped.
12 Jan 2012
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You only live twice is a real no punches pull story of the struggles of one young man from Spanish Harlem, and the South Bronx. At the age of seven he was already a gang member, and alcoholic at eight, a drug addict at thirteen. He endured racism, police brutality, and witness more in his first seventeen years then most of us have seen in a life time. The book has won two awards, and now comes the film..
19 Apr 2012
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