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Sajadah Batik 0852-2765-5050
14 Jun 2019
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Samedi 8 juin, Amel Bent, Bilal Hassani, Kenn'V, Boulevard des Airs, Dante ou encore Claudio Capeo... les artistes gonflés à bloc du NRJ Music Tour ont fait brillé les yeux de quelque 15 000 spectateurs sur la Grand'Place, transformée pour l'occasion en salle de concert à ciel ouvert. Un événement gratuit, dont les jeunes fans notamment garderont un souvenir impérissable.
12 Jun 2019
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Petite randonnée en Suisse (Switzerland) à Kienthal (Kiental), avec Véronique (Véro), Josi, Jean-Philippe, Timothy et Kevin. Vidéo familiale avec fond musical. famille voiture Kiental Josi Véronique Véro Suisse Schweiz Switzerland duchesse périple piscine petit enfant petits enfants petite fille mère Timothy Kevin Jean-Philippe familial Reginata von Hochschnetz bambin femme famille kryk maillot de bain coup de soleil montagne chat chien aube chalet souvenir souvenirs émouvant émouvants émouvante émouvantes touchant touchants touchante touchantes duchesse ans an année années parcours bébé bébés bambin bambines bambina bambine enfant enfants enfance enfances adolescence famille familles familial familiaux mère père adolescent adolescents touchant touchants touchante touchantes émotion émotions mémorable mémorables inoubliable inoubliables berceuse berceuses nostalgie nostalgies nostalgique nostalgiques maman papa mamans papas family families year years time times child children childhood childish baby babies parent parents mother mothers father fathers dad mum dads life birth naissance bébé bambin gamin gamine enfance enfants enfant innocence pureté parent parents papa maman progéniture progénitures famille family famiglia mère père mamma padre piscine piscina baignade baignades swimming pool promenade promenades cat dog chat chien gatto cane
26 Jun 2007
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Wedding Souvenirs video shows some unique souvenirs that perfect to your wedding. There are so many different types of wedding souvenirs, so you need to discuss it with your fiancee and come up with something that you both can agree on and think that everyone will love. Before you decide on the proper wedding souvenirs for your guests, consider the long term of the souvenir and if you want your guests to truly keep these items or toss them out after a month or two. If you really want your guests to have a souvenir that they will keep and enjoy for years, you need to do a little more than a bag of rice with your name tag on it. Video show some great wedding souvenirs your guests are sure to love and enjoy for years to come. Visit www.weddinginthesky**** for more wedding guides and tips
6 Aug 2009
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Une petit video souvenir de la 4émeE et un big bisoux a toi Fiona
25 Jun 2009
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Island Souvenirs - I Love Cebu - y101fm****
2 Apr 2010
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Island Souvenir - I Love Cebu - Y101fm****
2 Apr 2010
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Island Souvenir - I Love Cebu - Y101fm****
31 May 2010
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Find the most authentic Australian gifts and corporate souvenirs available at AustraliaSouvenir****. We have a huge range of souvenirs like handmade boomerangs to clip on koalas, plush toys kangaroos, plus many more aboriginal art gifts with Symbols of Australia. We also offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Come visit us today at *******www.australiasouvenir****
26 Jun 2010
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*******www.universocristal3d****/ fotografia 3d , laser grabado , regalos souvenirs
14 Jan 2011
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Limmat-Quai 34, 8001 Zürich - Tel.: +41 44 2612289 - E-Mail: - ******* Vom traditionellen Schweizer Taschenmesser bis hin zu Fahnen, Pins und Kleidern finden Sie hier bei Teddy's Souvenir Shop am Limmatquai alles, was das Touristenherz begehrt. sackmesser, taschenmesser, armeemesser, schweizer, victorinox, swiss, army, knife, souvenirs, geschenke, grossmünster, boutique, geschenkideen, zurich, kuhglocken, glocken, stofftiere, berhardinerhund, servietten, halstücher, halstuch, uhren, swatch, kuckucksuhren, kuckuck, alphorn, masskrüge, bedruckte, t-shirts, portemonnaies, schlüsselanhänger, besteck, essbesteck, geschirr, porzellan, keramik, hut, hüte, mützen, schal
23 May 2011
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Die Medea GmbH ist der führende Souvenir- und Geschenkartikelhändler in Berlin. „I love Berlin“ heißt First-Class-Shopping in unseren Filialen in den Toplagen Berlins - unter anderem am Brandenburger Tor, Unter den Linden oder auf dem Kurfürstendamm. Das hochwertige Sortiment mit rund 3.000 Artikeln begeistert Jung und Alt. Souvenirs, Fashion-Berlin Produkte sowie stylische Trendartikel, das ist unsere Leidenschaft für Berlin. Über zwei Millionen zufriedener Kunden im Jahr aus aller Welt sind sich einig: „I love Berlin“! Kontakt: Ringbahnstraße 38, 12099 Berlin (Tempelhof), Tel.: 030 / 7501098 – 0,,
23 Feb 2012
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Kolaj görüntülerden Oluşan Bir Asi&Demir Klibi. Lyrics: a lonely room and empty chair another day so hard to bear the things around me that i see remind me of the past and how it all used to be from souvenirs to more souvenirs i live with days gone by when our hearts had all to give from souvenirs to more souvenirs i live with dreams you left behind i'll keep on turning in my mind there'll never be another you no one will share the worlds we knew and now that loneliness has come to take your place i close my eyes and see your face from souvenirs to more souvenirs i live with days gone by when our hearts had all to give from souvenirs to more souvenirs i live with dreams you left behind i'll keep on turning in my mind..
4 Jun 2012
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*******danielmasson**** "Les Souvenirs" by Daniel Masson. From the album "A Tiny Kick In The Brain". Music video written & directed by Reed Rickert.
2 Oct 2013
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At Skye Mountain Co. we know hats. From beanies and snapbacks to trucker hats and baseball caps hats are our true passion, second only to exploring the great outdoors. Unfortunately every time we stopped for a souvenir we could only find boring designs and lame hats. So we decided to create our own. From Yellowstone to Arches our hats highlight the best parts of living in Utah. Getting to be outside! Whether its hiking up a mountain or dropping into a cave our stylish hats are perfect for your next Utah adventure.
16 Jan 2019
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