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A video tribute I made for my father, Brooks H. Grimme, who died of mucosal melanoma cancer on January 2, 2009. This is his story, from his childhood, the US Navy during WWII, and his professional career as a NASA engineer and scientist, working as part of Werner von Braun's team of rocket scientists at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. There, my father devoped and desinged the guidance systems used by the missiles & rockets for both the manned and unmanned space flights, for which he still owns 4 patents.
19 Aug 2010
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BY LIZ REED You're watching multisource science video news analysis from Newsy Discovery just blasted off on its final space voyage and while you'd expect everyone to be talking about the end of an era, people can’t stop buzzing about the robotic future. Accompanying six human astronauts is Robonaut 2, or R2, the first robot in space. General Motors co-developed the 330 pound man of steel, who will help the crew at the International Space Station. SCIENTIST: “The goal here is that there are many tasks that can be more efficiently off loaded to robots. For example in space, when astronauts perform tasks there are a lot of set up before the task is started and a lot of tear after the task is done particularly on space stations.” After the mission, R2 will be left behind at the International Space Station as a caretaker and experiment tender. While it’s uncertain how he will hold up by himself, NASA scientist Rob Ambrose tells the Los Angeles Times he’s pumped about the possibilities. "So in a sense, while it [the testing phase] may be a single step for this robot, it's really a giant leap forward for tin mankind.” R2 is one of many prototypes NASA hopes to send to all corners of the galaxy. But Fox News points out - the increased interest in robots leaves little room for future human space travel. REPORTER: “This will be one of NASA’s final shuttle missions as the program looks to Mars and beyond. But for now, the future of US Man space flight is uncertain. Scientist: “Times of transition are always difficult, but we're looking at where we’re going to go with our next vehicle and also developing the commercialization of space.” But for now, a writer for CNET is curious to see R2’s progress and what it could mean for the future of robotics. “Before the macho droid lifted off in the Space Shuttle Discovery... it tweeted innocently, "Excited to be a part of our nation's current & future space technology. Investments are critical to both our future in space and life on Earth." Notice how it didn't say "humanity's future." That's a dead giveaway. It's clearly referring to the Robopocalypse.” NASA hopes to one day launch a joint Mars mission between Robonauts and human astronauts. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook to receive updates throughout the day. Get more multisource science video news analysis from Newsy.. Transcript by Newsy.
26 Feb 2011
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BY MATTHEW HIBBARD You're watching multisource science news analysis from Newsy Space shuttle Discovery touched down for the last time Wednesday, wrapping up another chapter of U.S. space travel. NASA’s oldest and most-flown spacecraft ends its career with 148 million miles and 365 days spent in space. As the shuttles start to roll into retirement, it’s hard for astronauts to keep back the emotions. Current astronauts of STS-133 mission tell Orlando’s WFTV, the Discovery will be hard to leave behind. “After we land, that will be the time where we’ll reflect. I suspect, seated on the runway, I’ll be sitting in my seat when we do the last switch throw and it’s time for me to get out and I don’t think I’m going to want leave my seat.” With the Discovery heading for retirement, NASA’s future plans for space exploration are still up in the air. Former NASA Astronaut Bob Springer, who flew on the shuttle in 1989, tells CNN how NASA needs to rediscover its identity before it can move forward. BOB SPRINGER: “This is a difficult time, you know, and it’s still a little bit incomprehensible to me that we’re shutting down one program before we have another viable program online. Where of course, NASA is struggling to reidentify itself and find out exactly where NASA want to go in the future.” The future of where the shuttles will go is also in the dark. A widespread assumption is they’ll end up in the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum near Virginia, but museum spokesperson Brian Mulen told MSNBC, NASA has yet to make a decision. And while the shuttle may be best known for its space flights, it also provided paychecks. A writer for The New York Times says the end of the shuttle program is stirring up mixed feelings. “[This] a bitter pill for the thousands of men and women who have worked on the shuttle fleet over the past three decades, who now face layoffs and the prospect of seeing Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis — the world’s most sophisticated spacecraft — turned into museum displays. After the next two space shuttles are flown, American astronauts will have to hitch rides to the space station on Russian Soyuz capsules. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
12 Mar 2011
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August 1, 2011 (1:35) To celebrate Seattle's Space Needle turning 50, a contest winner will get a free space flight.
2 Aug 2011
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Whatever you do in this space flight simulator, don't ask anyone named Porkins to cover you.
31 Aug 2011
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BY STEVEN SPARKMAN NASA, the organization that pioneered space flight, is now hitching a ride from Richard Branson. Branson’s private space flight company Virgin Galactic put the space agency on its client list this week. Here’s WBBH with the details. “NASA just booked its first flight on a private space line, announcing a deal with Virgin Galactic. It is the first flight, and if it’s successful there will be two options for more. The deal is worth an estimated $4.5 million. The flights will transport up to 1300 pounds of scientific equipment from Virgin’s spaceport in New Mexico.” In Virgin Galactic flights, passengers will load onto a smaller, rocket equipped plane, which will itself be carried to 50,000 feet by a larger craft. Then it will disengage, angle upward, and -- blastoff! The trip will give passengers a view of the curvature of the Earth, and several minutes of weightlessness. (Video source: Airboyd) A ticket to space will cost around $200,000. According to Wired UK, plenty of customers other than NASA people are lining up for a ride. “Giving researchers easy access to space for experiments is another string on Virgin's bow. The company has already collected more than $58 million in deposits from 455 future tourists, but researchers like Nasa offer another business opportunity.” Another big get for Virgin Galactic this week -- they managed to nab some top NASA talent from the new-retired space shuttle program. Space**** explains. “...Virgin Galactic announced that Mike Moses, NASA's former deputy space shuttle program chief, had joined the company's ranks as vice president of operations. … Moses has considerable experience overseeing human spaceflight operations... He provided ultimate launch decision authority for the final 12 missions of the now-retired shuttle program...” NASA itself is currently grounded, and is working with private companies to meet its space-faring needs. But a writer for Mashable says, don’t look at these contracts as NASA giving up -- they’re more like a stopgap. “Does this mean NASA is getting desperate? Not necessarily. While the space agency regroups with hopes to get humans into space again in a few years, NASA can still perform suborbital experiments that require human interaction. At the same time, it continues to send robotic probes throughout the solar system and beyond.”
18 Oct 2011
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NASA and the FAA will be creating standards for the safety and efficiency of all future commercial space flights.
20 Jun 2012
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Download: ******* Release Information Genre: Simulation , Action Publisher: TopWare Interactive Developer: Reality Pump Released: November 22, 2012 Description In the near future, mankind faces the greatest threat to its posterity ever in recorded history: an invading Nazi horde, reborn in the depths of space! An armada of Fourth Reich ships, built in secret at a hidden base on the moon, descends upon the Earth to rain terror and destruction. But this is not done without resistance. A cadre of crack space pilots have stepped forth to defend our Mother Earth from becoming the new Fatherland of this twisted regime. A lone pilot, entering the hangar to see three state-of-the-art, prototypes ships awaiting him, knows he is the only one who can save Planet Earth. It is up to him and his brothers in arms alone to ensure that humanity stays free of the yolk of Nazism for good and all... Set during the main conflict of the movie, "Iron Sky: Invasion" puts players in the cockpit of an advanced new starfighter, to test his or her might, flight and dogfighting skills against the forthcoming Blitzkrieg-on-high. The main objectives are to defend Earth and its space installations from enemy attacks, blast as many Nazi ships into oblivion as humanly possible, collect and skillfully manage necessary resources, and make it alive to the final confrontation... where the ultimate secret weapon of the Fourth Reich awaits those foolishly brave enough to take up the hammer and chisel of heroism and attempt to carve their names onto the tablets of history. Features -Unique, genre-busting gameplay -- space flight and combat simulation, with elements of real-time strategy -Breathtaking 3-D universe filled with awe-inspiring effects to match those of the film, courtesy of the powerful GRACE2 engine -Avant-garde game structure: with no division into single missions, "Iron Sky: Invasion" is one giant, open-world battle -Protect the Earth's satellites & bases while repelling the Fourth Reich's fleet -Real-time map of outer space -Innovative energy management: players can transfer the ship's power between engines, shields and weapons, depending on the needs of the moment -High replayability: many side missions and a challenging scoring system -Non-stop action of spectacular ship-to-ship dogfights to rival even the greatest space battles of science fiction lore -Resource management: players can scavenge parts from destroyed spaceships, collecting precious elements for enhancements -Multiple weapons: lasers, homing missiles, and even tactical nukes are just a few examples of the vast arsenal at players' disposal -Enhanced combat technology allows players to deploy satellites and drones for offense, and equally, to defend themselves with flares and anti-missile arrays -Advanced Artificial Intelligence to challenge even the most crackshot pilot -Multiple classes of ships: Fighter, Heavy Bomber, and Gunboat -Massive upgrades: home station docking opens a user-friendly game economy allowing players to access hundreds of ship upgrades -Many classes of allied ships can help players out in a pinch -Numerous enemy ship classes, from Valkyrie to the fearful Götterdämmerung -Diverse enemy attack fleets demand adaptable, dynamic strategies *Tags*: Iron Sky Invasion, Iron Sky: Invasion download, Iron Sky: Invasion skidrow, Iron Sky: Invasion crack, Iron Sky: Invasion keygen, Iron Sky: Invasion key, Iron Sky: Invasion torrent, Iron Sky: Invasion trailer, Iron Sky: Invasion gameplay, Iron Sky: Invasion tutorial, Iron Sky: Invasion hack, Iron Sky: Invasion trainer, Iron Sky: Invasion cheat, Iron Sky: Invasion multiplayer, Iron Sky: Invasion online, Iron Sky: Invasion review, Iron Sky: Invasion crack download, Iron Sky: Invasion game, Iron Sky: Invasion game download, Iron Sky: Invasion hack download, Iron Sky: Invasion keygen download, Iron Sky: Invasion beta, Iron Sky: Invasion demo, Iron Sky: Invasion pirate, Iron Sky: Invasion free download, Iron Sky: Invasion how to download, Iron Sky: Invasion skidrow download, Iron Sky: Invasion no survey, Iron Sky: Invasion forum, Iron Sky: Invasion pastebin, Iron Sky: Invasion video, Iron Sky: Invasion game pc, Iron Sky: Invasion pc, Iron Sky: Invasion ps3, Iron Sky: Invasion x360, Iron Sky: Invasion playstation 3, Iron Sky: Invasion xbox360, Iron Sky: Invasion computer, Iron Sky: Invasion computer game
20 Nov 2012
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Click Here: *******memory-foam-buyers-guide****/memory-foam-mattress-history.html Call for Information: 888-822-3410 Toll Free Memory Foam Mattress History, Where Did It Come From? Memory Foam Mattress History...Astronauts, Racehorses and Bed Sores With the little that's known about memory foam mattress history these days, it's hard to imagine that this material has only been in existence for a little over 30 years. It's difficult to find an exact date when this foam first came into being, but memory foam mattress history is known to have been formulated during the early days of manned space flight. Most likely, memory foam mattress history began in the mid to late 1960's. Memory Foam Mattress History -- The Beginning I've read lots of other memory foam mattress history but I found them somewhat lacking so I did my own research and created my own memory foam mattress history review. Memory foam mattress history began when the National Aeronautics & Space Administration, NASA, needed a material that would cushion the astronauts from the unparalleled g-forces of launch and re-entry during space missions. In response to their request, a material was produced, that was called visco-elastic memory foam. I've seen dozens of articles explaining what this means and not one of them has the same explanation. The online dictionary gives no definition for the word visco, but the word is derived from viscous, which means gummy or pasty. I think we all know what elastic means, but, again, the definition is, being able to return to its original shape after being deformed. Well, enough of the grammar lesson. The point is that this material hadn't existed's unique. The whole idea of showing a picture with a hand print is that, if the material was pushing up against your body, it would immediately spring back when your hand was removed. The other quality, of visco foam, is that it's temperature reactive. When it is heated, it becomes softer and when it is cooled, it becomes firmer. A body lying on the material will heat it, making it softer under that heated area. Again, it's unclear in the memory foam mattress history whether this material was ever actually used in any space missions. In the memory foam mattress history, there was some claims that the material off-gassed, producing an odor that couldn't be tolerated in the small quarters of a spacecraft. Memory Foam Mattress History - Race Horses Whatever the reason, this material was too expensive to be used in the form of a memory foam mattress or pillow for the average consumer. Memory foam mattress history shows though that it was not, however, too expensive for use as an aid to recovery for multi-million dollar racehorses who had been injured or were recovering from surgery. When horses are recovering, they need to be in the upright position, so that their blood circulation isn't restricted. This can be very difficult or impossible, because if the injury is to a limb, the horse's massive weight is too much for the limb to support. Laying the horse on a large, thick slab of memory foam solved this problem. Memory foam mattress history therefore shows that horses are the first users of memory foam products. Memory Foam Mattress History - Bed Sores Because the memory foam melts away from where pressure is placed on it, the body of a horse or human can lay on it without restricting the blood flow. Blood flow is critical, to healing and recovery from surgery, so it makes sense that recovery is greatly enhanced by using a memory foam mattress. Memory foam was, then, discovered to be a great inhibitor to bedsores. Bedsores occur when the blood supply to the capillaries is restricted over a period of time. Bedsores are also called pressure ulcers. Since the unique character of the foam is its ability to melt away from anywhere that pressure is applied, pressure points are diminished or eliminated. Memory foam mattress history shows that its broad use, in the medical field, finally led to the cost effective use of memory foam for consumer mattresses. Memory Foam Mattress History -- Modern Pricing Memory foam mattress pricing, for a quality product, in queen size, is usually about $2,000 to $2,500 which is in line with most of the high quality innerspring products. To watch more videos like this, visit: ***********/watch?v=G2_06Ib-s2s&
4 Jan 2013
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David Haslam is not only the author of "The Twitter Workbook" but is also an active member of The Mars Society. We have an incredible interview about all things human space flight.
13 May 2013
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Cariann and Benjamin get in to a bit of a debate about the need for NASA to have a T- and L- clock, we chat about the (hopefully) upcoming STS-128 launch and using that launch as a way to evangelize human space flight to others
13 May 2013
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Robert Godwin the author of "The NASA Mission Reports" joins us to talk about an upcoming release from Apogee Books. On the cusp of the Apollo 12 40th anniversary we look at the past, present and future of human space flight. Apollo 12 40th Anniversary DVD - *******www.cgpublishing****/Books/9781897421048.html Apollo 12 NASA Mission Reports Vol 1 - *******www.apogeespacebooks****/Books/Apollo12.html Apollo 12 NASA Mission Reports Vol 2 - *******www.apogeespacebooks****/Books/Apollo12b.html
13 May 2013
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