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3 Jan 2018
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invites you to watch Marie from Naturalba, an organic coffee grower, and small cooperative in Costa Rica, share how coffee leaf rust (a fungus named "roya" in Spanish) is impacting coffee farmers.
4 Jan 2018
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A Spanish student answers some questions about why it is important to learn a new language and how is his experience in IFLAC.
4 Jan 2018
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I wanted to prank my wife's side of the family, so I spent a week creating an elaborate backstory and fake newspaper articles indicating that there was a Spanish conquistador a few hundred years ago that buried a chest near Burley, Idaho. I created a map with local Indian words on it that if googled could point them to caves just outside of town. I got replicas of gold, weapons and pottery from the time period so when they opened it, they would really think it was real.
16 Jan 2018
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Little Red Hen needs help planting her grains of wheat. But when she asks the dog, the cat and the goose, they are all too busy to help her. So Little Red Hen does it all herself: she grows the wheat, harvests it, turns it into flour, and bakes it into bread. Suddenly, the others are ready and willing to help her eat it... but will she let them? This story, part of our collection of folk tales and fables from around the world, is also a winner of the UK NATIONAL LITERACY ASSOCIATION'S WOW! AWARD 2006. The sumptuous illustrations bring the classic fable to life, and is sure to be a favorite in the classroom. The helpful list of keywords in translation is especially great for multilingual classrooms. Available in English with: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Chinese-Simplified, Croatian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latvian, Malay, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Shona, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Yoruba.
16 Jan 2018
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Online translations sites don't always work perfectly, especially if you run the result back through a second time. Here are three funny examples on Babel fish. English to Spanish and then back to English.
17 Dec 2006
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Spanish guitar, if you guys want, i can post up lessons on how to play.
3 Jan 2007
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something i made up of my own, still spanish with new taste at the end
30 Jan 2007
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All got to know a bit of 'what is Naruto' to find this funny...or maybe if you can understand Spanish... But have no fear...there's subtitles (English) provided...hee...
11 Feb 2007
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The song "Spanish Dancer" performed by me on my Baby Grand Baldwin piano.
12 Feb 2007
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Hilarious Spanish video project. Takes the best moments of Anchorman, throws in a little Spanish and a lot of laughs. Watch for "when in Rome"...ohh an check for the outtakes at the end.
4 Mar 2007
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Would you like to learn spanish? Well here is some simple spanish words you could learn.
9 Mar 2007
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