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*******www.romanlife-romeitaly****/ The Spanish Steps (once residence to the Spanish ambassador in the 1600s)is known in Italian as Piazza di Spagna (Spanish square). They lead up to the Trinita dei Monti, where the views over Rome Italy are spectacular.
5 Dec 2008
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Travel Italy:Travel Rome, Italy-Travel Video WebVisionItaly. Italy Video. Rome located in central Italy in the region of Lazio, Italy stretches from Tuscany to its North to Campania in the South and touches Umbria, the only region not on the coast. Most people visit Lazio to see Rome and its famous sights like the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti, a street whose history begins in Ancient Rome when the famous location was built by the Ancient Romans. Rome, like many places in Italy, is a wonder of spirit, imagination and ingenuity. Rome has been a mecca for tourists extending to Ancient Egypt when Cleopatra visited Ancient Rome and by boat up the Tiber River she landed in what is today the Rome's Centro Storico. The Pope and the Catholic Church city-state of the Vatican is land inside Rome. Travel Rome through the ancient Roman cobblestone streets, stroll along and feel the past come alive in the Eternal City that stands the test of time. Rome is a fascinating city and when traveling to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, The Pantheon and the famous Piazzas then you will know walking on the modern Romans streets built during Ancient Rome is one of travels great moments when travel in Rome, Italy. When you are ready to travel to Italy click [******* '''Italian Tourism'''] and for a cruise around Italy click [******* '''Italy Cruise'''] your Italy travel agents for '''Italy travel'''.
1 Sep 2007
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I listened to Nicholas Lens on my Ipod. Used my Nokia N95 to get around and take pictures. Used my Macbook to edit the photos and make them into a film with a soundtrack. For more music like this check out: *******www.nicholaslens****/ For more Rome, book a trip.
24 Aug 2009
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Greg's Top 5 favorite things to do in one of his favorite cities in the world -- Rome!
26 Apr 2010
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While in Rome, Joe’s aim is to learn about Italian fashion. But first, he’s off to meet his co-host, Lucilla. Joe buys some bread and fruit at the Campo de Fiori Market and tries to learn some basic Italian before heading to Lucilla’s house for breakfast. Feeling a little full, Joe and Lucilla run up the Spanish Steps for exercise, then walk to the Trevi Fountain to throw the traditional three coins in. In a luxury store on Via Condotti, Joe gets a preview of Italian haute couture before he and Lucilla learn to make Italian gelato at the Cremeria Monteforte. Now it’s time to get down to business. Joe accompanies Lucilla to a fashion design class at the School of Design and, later, they have their pictures taken at the famous Colosseum with a character who’s really dressed to the nines – a gladiator! Joe marvels at an equally impressive building – the Pantheon – over dinner at Piazza della Rotonda. Finally, Lucilla takes Joe on a hot-air balloon ride, to see Rome by night all lit up.
28 Jan 2007
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Luxury Travel Rome:Most famous shopping street in the world-Via Condotti, Rome, at the base of the Spanish Steps is a luxury Italy traveler shopping paradise. Enjoy the famous Italian fashion designers, stop at Cafe Greco, the oldest cafe in the world, for a nourishing meal of fine fresh food ingredients and then get back out and shop Via Condotti to your heart's content. Luxury travel Italy must include fine shopping in Rome. The base of the Spanish Steps, Rome Italy, is the place to begin you travel in Rome.
3 Nov 2007
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Victor Rallo, owner of Undici 11 Italian restaurant in Rumson, New Jersey, highly recommends anyone traveling to Rome to take a short walk from the Spanish Steps to dine at Hosteria Da Pietro. While at this Roman restaurant Victor expresses that the food is fantastic, they provide a great wine list and the service they provide reminds him of the service he would give at his Rumson Italian restaurant.
13 Sep 2009
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Salvatore Ferragamo has finally exported his exquisite model of hospitality, Lugarno Hotels, beyond the walls of Florence and into the Eternal City, Rome. Portrait Suites, located on Via Condotti in the heart of the Italian capital, boasts unparalleled views of the Spanish Steps, the Quirinale, the Pincio and Monte Mario. DESIGN HOTELS: Finest luxury hotels for your unique journey! Find your luxury hotel now and enjoy :-) Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 May 2010
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