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the score was 78-78 and the last moment "Vasilis Spanoulis" did this great move and his team won the game...
10 Sep 2007
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Olympiakos beats Panathinaikos and wins the greek cup in season 2009-2010.........................................................................................................................Guard Milos Teodosic scored 22 points to help Olympiakos beat defending European champion Panathinaikos 68-64 to win the Greek Cup on Saturday. Former NBA forward Linas Kleiza added 12 points for Olympiakos. Guard Dimitris Diamantidis and center Nikola Pekovic led Panathinaikos with 12 points each. "We finally did it. I am really excited. We got two more (titles) to go, but I am happy," Olympiakos forward Josh Childress said, after he was limited to 7 points on 2-for-10 shooting. Olympiakos is after Panathinaikos' domestic and European titles and, at least in the European competition which is down to the final 16, seems to have a better chance than its rival. It was the first title for Olympiakos since it won the cup in 2002. Panathinaikos has dominated its main rival in recent years, winning six of the last seven cups and 11 of the last 12 league titles along with four European championships since 2000. In a defensive-minded game, Olympiakos took a 37-31 lead at halftime thanks to second chances from offensive rebounds. Defenses tightened even more in the second half with Olympiakos leading throughout. Two consecutive three-pointers by Teodosic and Kleiza opened a 61-50 gap with just over three minutes to go. Panathinaikos tried a last-gasp comeback, coming within 66-64 when Diamantidis banked a three-pointer with 5.1 seconds to go. But Teodosic, who was fouled immediately afterward, calmly sank both free throws for the final score. Fear of violence led authorities to issue just 860 tickets to each team's fans, who were seated on opposite sides of the 8,000-seat Hellinikon Arena, which can expand to 14,500, and with dozens of riot police poised to intervene. In league games, visiting fans are not allowed to prevent violent incidents.
6 Mar 2010
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proud to be greek sorry pou mou bgike megalo to video alla auti i ethniki mas exei dosei toses megales xares thanks to anoiothosl2 and arianos15 Olympiakos Thrylos Panathinaikos PAO AEK PAOK Aris Maroussi Makedonikos Efes Tofas Bursa Euroleague Korac Tomic Bodiroga Paspalj Ivkovic Vrankovic Volkov Dominique Wilkins Ioannidis Politis Subotic Obradovic Siskauskas Javtokas Delk Hatzivrettas Shortsianitis Sxortsianitis Sofo Baby Shaq Vassilopoulos Dikoudis Tomasevic Eddie Johnson Prelevic Stojakovic Kokkalis Giannakopoulos Filippou Barlow Levingston Ortiz Liadelis Aggelidis Sioutis Vourtzoumis Welp Retzias Giannoulis Kalaitzis Rebraca Katash Gershon Sigalas Alvertis Vujanic Batiste Fasoulas Hristodoulou Tarlac Tarpley Boni Korfas Tsakalidis Kakiouzis Bakatsia Hatzis Srbija Aleksandar Djordjevic Milicic Croatia Hrvatska Slovenia 2007 Madrid 2005 Belgrade Worldchampionship Mundobasket 2006 Tokyo buzzer beaters champions sex Lakovic Markovic Bogut Tony Parker France Hrvatska Ukic Popovic Prkacin Planinic Kasun Radja Drazen Petrovic France Tony Parker Boris Diaw Turiaf Femerling Dirk Nowitzki Jagla Papaloukas Zisis Spanoulis Vasilopoulos Diamantidis Shortsianitis Galis Giannakis Halperin Eliyahu Pniny Zvi Sherf Belinelli Bargnani Lithuania Siskauskas Songaila Macijauskas Kleiza Jasikevicius Kurtinaitis Marculionis Sabonis Russia Holden Andrei Kirilenko Khryapa David Blatt Serbia Milos Teodosic Jaric Darko Milicic Gurovic Djordjevic Paspalj Divac Bodiroga Stojakovic Pavlovic Lakovic Nesterovic Smodis Gasol Rudy Fernandez Navarro Calderon Reyes Garbajosa sex anal Ilyasova Okur Türkoglu Aris PAOK Olympiakos Panathinaikos Real Tau Barcelona
24 Jul 2008
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6 Sep 2009
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A perfect video from his perfect movie P.S. I love you... GorgeouS...! "You were my life but i am a chapter in yours" P.S. I will always love you Gerry!
7 Sep 2009
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*******greekhoopz.blogspot****/2009/04/how-can-greeks-do-that-authentic.html Olympiakos Thrylos Panathinaikos PAO AEK PAOK Aris Maroussi Efes Tofas Bursa Euroleague Korac Tomic Bodiroga Paspalj Ivkovic Vrankovic Volkov Dominique Wilkins Ioannidis Politis Subotic Obradovic Siskauskas Shortsianitis Sofo Baby Shaq Vassilopoulos Dikoudis Tomasevic Eddie Johnson Prelevic Stojakovic Kokkalis Giannakopoulos Filippou Barlow Levingston Ortiz Liadelis Aggelidis Retzias Giannoulis Rebraca Katash Gershon Sigalas Alvertis Vujanic Batiste Fasoulas Hristodoulou Tarlac Tarpley Boni Korfas Tsakalidis Kakiouzis Bakatsia Hatzis Srbija Aleksandar Djordjevic Milicic Croatia Hrvatska Slovenia 2005 Belgrade Worldchampionship Mundobasket buzzer beaters champions Lakovic Tony Parker
13 Feb 2012
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Panathinaikos Athlitikos Omilos (Greek: Παναθηναϊκός Αθλητικός Όμιλος, widely known both as Panathinaikos or PAO, is a Greek multisport club based in Athens, Greece. Panathinaikos has been largely successful throughout its history, as its teams and individual athletes have won a total of 493 officially acknowledged titles (as of June 2007) in both national and international competitions. Furthermore, it is also one of the largest sport clubs in Greece and also on an international scale, as measured by the number of different sports departments it maintains [1]. In English the club's name would be Pan-Athenian Athletic Club. According to the official history of the club, Panathinaikos was founded by George Kalafatis in 1908, when he and forty other athletes decided to break away from Panellinios Gymnastikos Syllogos following the club's refusal to form a football team. Today, three professional teams use the Panathinaikos name — the football team, P.A.E. Panathinaikos; the basketball team, K.A.E. Panathinaikos; and the volleyball team, T.A.P. Panathinaikos. These three teams operate independently. The club also features an amateur section whose chairman and board members are elected on a regular basis by members of the club. The current chairman is Thanasis Giannakopoulos. During its history the club has established teams in 24 different sports. In the past the club has also included teams in Field hockey, Handball, Waterskiing and Judo. Among the more recent additions has been a Synchronized swimming team, established in 1992. In 2006, the club reached a final agreement with the Municipality of Athens and the Greek Government, to build a new comprehensive sports complex to house all of the clubs sports teams. This is intended as a replacement for the Apostolos Nikolaidis stadium and it will be built in Votanikos area, about 3km west of Athens city centre. Even though detailed plans and timetables have not yet been unveiled, construction is expected to start by the end of 2007. While it was originally expected for the complex to be ready by the end of 2008, in time to host celebrations for the club's 100th birthday, Panathinaikos officials stated their intention to host the centennial celebration at the Apostolos Nikolaidis stadium, team's historical home venue.Panathinaikos has always been the most popular Greek team with a varying 40 - 45% among the fans which corresponds to around three millions of supporters in Greece. The basketball department is called Panathinaikos Basketball Club (Greek name, transliterated into English: K.A.E. Panathinaikos A.O.), currently owned by two pharmaceutical magnates, the brothers Pavlos and Thanasis Giannakopoulos. It was founded They have won 28 national championships, 10 Greek Cups, 4 European Championships and 1 Inter-continental Cup. Legends of world basketball have played with the club (Dominique Wilkins, Byron Scott, Dino Radja, Dejan Bodiroga, Nikos Galis, Panagiotis Giannakis, Stojan Vrankovic, Fanis Christodoulou, Antonio Davis, Zeljko Rebraca, Dimitris Diamantidis, Vasileios Spanoulis, Šarūnas Jasikevičius among others). Those players, along with the successful management of Pavlos and Thanassis Giannakopoulos, have made Panathinaikos one of the most successful and well-known teams in the continent, having won four Euroleague titles. On April 1996 in Paris final-four (F4), Panathinaikos was the first Greek team to win the European Championships (now Euroleague), beating FC Barcelona in a unique final tournament, by 67-66. In September of the same year the team also won the Intercontinental cup, prevailing by 2-1 wins over Olympia of Argentina (83-89, 83-78, 101-76). In 2000 in Thessaloniki F4, Panathinaikos were the Champions of Europe for the second time, beating Maccabi 73-67 in the final. In 2002 in Bologna F4, Panathinaikos brought to Athens the most prestigious European trophy for the third time, beating hosts Kinder Bologna 89-83 in the final. In 2007 in Athens F4, Panathinaikos were crowned Champions of Europe for the fourth time, beating CSKA Moscow 93-91 in what was probably the best Euroleague final ever. Panathinaikos participated in the F4 of the Euroleague another four times: Tel Aviv in 1994 (3rd), Zaragoza in 1995 (3rd), Paris in 2001 (2nd) and Moscow in 2005 (3rd). Other significant successes are: the two participations in the semifinals of the Cup Winners Cup (1969, 1998), the course up to the semi-finals of the Champions Cup for the season 1971-72 (eliminated by Ignis Varese (78-70, 55-69). In the season of 1981-82, Panathinaikos participated in the finals of the Cup Champions Cup of that time, eliminating consecutively CSKA Moscow and Levski Sofia teams. Fragiskos Alvertis, Stratos Perperoglou, Kennedy Winston, Aris Tatarounis, Andrija Zizic, Nikola Prkacin, Dejan Tomasevic, Mike Batiste, Dimos Dikoudis, Costas Tsartsaris, Sani Becirovic, Nikos Chatzivrettas.
22 Nov 2009
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Olympiakos Fans (gate7) singing in Paris,Euroleague Final 4 2010 against Partizan Belgrade....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................GATE13 HOOLIGANS gate 13 Russian football hooligans GATE 13 ULTRAS - 5.000 fans of "greens" make party in piraues Spartak vs. Zenit part2 Gate13 in Turkey...RIOTS Greek hooligans on Turkish territory !!! hooligansgate13 hooligans panathinaikos fc soccer fans GATE13 FANS patissia athens fans PANATHINAIKOS GATE 13 ULTRAS - 5.000 fans of "greens" make party in piraues panathinaikos-olympiakos basketball final Panathinaikos fans - horto magiko Fluminense Horto Mágico Maracanã - Gracias PANATHINAIKOS! derby olympiakos7 aek athens original 21 ultras eisai sto mualo kati magiko thryle paikse gera poutanas gioi panathinaikoi mpaok kathe pateras paoktzis exei poutana kori se vlepw kai trelenomai h gh poli mikri gia na se afhsw always dangerous thyra13 thyra7 giovanni rivaldo detari giannakopoulos ntou ntoy ksilo paiania hlioupoli pagrati gate 7 vs gate 13 psilos apo xolargo upallhloi kai guftoi panathinaikos vs olympiakos olibiakos vs paok mad ολυμπιακός παναθηναικός θύρα 13 θύρα 7 παγκράτι παιανία ηλιούπολη καβάλα επεισόδια epeisodia άρης θύρα 4 παοκ gia sena exw kanei kratitirio paokara paixe gera pio dunata trelenomai den stamataw oute lepto oi goneis mou me hthelan trelo giatro sti leoforo panatha se gnorisa to sima sthn kardia einai o psolaras me shma stin kardia enan poustara trouba pagkrati sxizofreneia aek ole ole mi stamatas dikefale opou ki an paizeis erxomai gia sena uparxw opou pas egw tha rthw sithimata olympiakos world's best hooligans ultras fans alamana kokkinoi lagoi prasinoi lagoi prasinanea takis tsoukalas georgiou raptopoulos albert riera ariel ibagaza fouster maccabi roma dudu cearense rommedahl dennis metagrafes nemeth greek31 diarkeias mpougatsotoumpa kautatzogleio DEATHMETALGR gay13 georgepps6 kosmasj vasilis spanoulis millwall hooligans Glasgow Rangers "ICF" V Hibs "CCS" Hooligans Green Street Hooligans BRITISH FOOTBALL HOOLIGANS Manchester United foootball factory soutia areianos paokia xilo delije idemo zajedno uros chelsea liverpool arsenal milan inter juventus lazio roma bayern munchen munich schalke Werder Real Madrid Barcelona Boca Juniors hooligans dale boo boca greek fans singing oaka burn oaka Russia
6 Feb 2013
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