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The clip Uniting the slaves Part 2 from Spartacus (1960) What else can we be? Gladiators. An army of gladiators. There's never been an army like that. One gladiator's worth any two Roman soldiers. We beat the Roman guards here, but a Roman army's different. They fight different. We can beat anything they send against us if we want to. It takes a big army. We'll have a big army. Once we're on the march, we'll free every slave in every town and village. Can anybody get a bigger army? Once we cross the Alps, we're safe. Nobody can cross the Alps. Every pass is defended by its own legion. There's only one way to get out of this country. The sea. What good is the sea if you have no ships? The Cilician pirates have ships. They're at war with Rome. Every Roman galley that sails out of Brundusium pays tribute. They've got the biggest fleet in the world. I was a galley slave with them. Give them enough gold, they'll take you anywhere. We haven't got enough gold. Take every Roman we capture and warm his back a little. We'll have gold all right. Spartacus is right! Let's hire these pirates and march straight to Brundusium!
30 Nov 2011
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