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The clip speaking french from House of 9 (2005) Has someone turned the heat up in here? There is no control. I've looked all over. Great! None of us understand what's happening. None of us know why we're here or what for... but we have to accept we're all reluctant neighbors. I don't think it's fair we don't know what you're talking about! Yeah, what are you plotting? Listen, I said to you speak English! What did he say? What are you so paranoid about? Just let him speak French. What do you mean what am I paranoid about? I got good reason. Now you see, this is what I'm talking about. You need to learn to do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. Look Father, no offence, right... but the second you start quoting the Bible at me I switch off. Amen. Speak for yourselves! No, no, no, no, she's right. I need to learn to be in touch with each one of you differently. The only thing I need to get through this is in the drinks cabinet. And some more food. You know, that's it! I told you already, speak English! What's wrong with you? Speak English, man! What's up, home boy? What? Home boy? What are you talking about? Hey, wait! What was that?
29 Nov 2011
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Some videos of Justin Bieber speaking french! ENJOY! LIKE THE BEST JUSTIN BIEBER PAGE EVR: ********www.facebook****/WeAreBeliebers6 (Do not own any of the videos)
15 Dec 2011
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Orlando speaks french
3 Nov 2012
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Speaking French & Picking Up Girls / France Pickup Lines SUBSCRIBE: *******youtube****/subscription_center?add_user=whatever FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/whateverYT TWITTER: *******twitter****/whateverYT ►NORWEGIAN VERSION: ******* ►EXTRAS / OUTTAKES: ******* Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? They say that French is the language of love. Well, Marc (a fluent french speaker) put that to the test. Watch Marc score phone numbers and dates, all the while confusing the heck out of everyone. 2ND CHANNEL: *******youtube****/whatever2ND I actually met Marc while filming another video (******* and after I asked him if he wanted to do this video since I had been wanting to do this speaking French video for a while (I speak some French, but after trying it out realized I wasn't competent enough to improvise). Want to know how to speak fluent French like a true Parisian? Want to seduce ANY girl? Well look no further, this instructional video will teach you everything that it takes to seduce using the French language. Amaze friends with your understanding of pop culture from France. Accents are cool, speaking a romance language is coolerested. Thanks to Marc for being in the video: *******facebook****/marcou0883 *******instagram****/marcbrochu Speaking French & Picking Up Girls / France Pickup Lines
24 Sep 2013
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We interviewed Robert Pattinson! Watch the entire interview in HQ video on our website *******teemix.aufeminin****/mag/cine-tv/d5549.html
25 Apr 2009
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Hugh Laurie speaks excellent French parle Français
6 Sep 2009
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Copyright to Universal Music Group
6 Sep 2009
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Third single from the album Tangled Up
9 Mar 2010
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From the Tangled Up Tour DVD
1 Jun 2010
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montage inédit friends
13 Jul 2011
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the japs subtitles...i can only read her name cuz i only know katakana ;D lol
8 Nov 2011
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Johnny Depp on Cesar Awards ;)
14 Nov 2011
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8 Dec 2011
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FACEBOOK : *******www.facebook****/LearnLanguages1 TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/Robert_Wilcock This uses basic vocabulary to say ask how somebody is. It includes a mini test at the end Visit the official website from the creators of this video at *******learnlanguages1.googlepages**** FREE VIDEOS, LESSONS, ONLINE RESOURCES for you to use!
1 May 2012
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This show is spent in 2008 on NBC! The presenter is known in America under the name of Conan!
3 Jan 2013
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The Ellen Show Season: 11 Episode: 27 She's raising two children who speak a totally different language than she does. Watch this hilarious story from Wanda's adventures with her kids.
15 Oct 2013
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